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Webinar - Analytical Techniques to Ensure Product Quality in the Polymer Industry

Effective analysis by thermal and spectroscopic techniques can help you save money, ensure effective quality control and streamline your processes for outstanding operational efficiency. Additionally, they can implement cost effective solutions by reverse engineering and even ensure your products meet national standard requirements. Key Learning Objectives: Techniques for routine QA/QC of polymers, Problem solving in the manufacturing process used, Reverse engineering of polymer products, Characterizing polymers for recycling, Obtaining more information from samples by hyphenating analytical techniques.

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Webinar - Advanced Nanomaterials Characterization with Thermal Analysis and Hyphenated Techniques

With the rapid growth of the nanotechnology market, the need for modern characterization techniques for nanomaterial analysis is increasing. This webinar illustrates some typical applications of thermal analysis and its coupling with FT-IR and GC/MS, along with various examples. Thermal analysis is a group of analytical techniques that measure the physical properties of a material (i.e. heat flow, mass, dimension) as a function of temperature. The evolved gases from a TGA experiment can be analyzed by FT-IR and GC/MS for identification and quantification, which allows more comprehensive characterization of the nanomaterials. These state-of-the-art interfacing techniques will be discussed.

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Your Guide to Achieve High Product Quality and Reduce Costs

The Polymer Market consists of a huge diversity of industrial manufacturers who run many different processes and face the same overall challenge - to achieve high product quality and reduce costs in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. PerkinElmer's comprehensive portfolio of thermal analysis, molecular spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, atomic spectroscopy, hyphenated techniques and polymer expertise can help you save money, ensure effective quality control and streamline your processes for outstanding operational efficiency.

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Your Guide to Simplifying Material Characterization Analysis

Today's advanced and increasingly diverse Advanced Materials laboratories are facing new challenges on a daily basis - starting from raw materials right up to the finished product. Developed by our team of global experts in Infrared-, UV/VIS - and Thermal Analysis, this materials testing reference guide includes the critical knowledge you need to support your everyday challenges and meeting the stringent requirements.

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