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CMT Materials, Inc

Innovative Tooling Materials for Thermoforming

Regardless of your level of past experience with syntactic foam tooling materials, there is always something new to keep your operation competitive in the market. Check out the new ideas below:

Cut Plastic Costs, Increase Output

Syntactic foams are not created equal. Making the correct choice of syntactic foams for plug assist use allows a user to increase cavities/mold, decrease starting gauge thickness, speed startup time, reduce downtime, increase output, improve transparency and cut overall process costs. Want a helpful HYTAC® Selector Guide with properties and recommendations? Click Here

Cut Plug Material Costs

Regardless of the grade of HYTAC material that is best suited for your job, why buy more than you need? CMT Materials supplies custom cut pieces ready to go straight into your machining center. Read on...

Cut Tool Costs

Using an end mill or turning insert designed to cut metal when machining syntactic foam typically results in rapid tool wear and poor plug surface quality. The unique properties of syntactic foam with its high loading levels of hollow microspheres often create machining dust, shorten tool life or producing plugs that require extensive polishing to remove pits/smooth rough surfaces. For best results, Read on...

Syntactic Foam Offers Cost Savings for Heavy Gauge Thermoforming

Common problems encountered in the cut sheet thermoforming process include thin spots, webbing, crowning and plug/pusher mark off. Syntactic foam can be used in various ways with both positive and negative tooling to alleviate these issues. Syntactic plugs result in improved material distribution leading to opportunities for down-gauging. Compared to other common plug/pusher materials such as wood and felt-covered wood, syntactic foam results in minimal plug mark-off and improved plug durability. Click here for the full article as published in The Thermoforming Quarterly provides details.

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