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Clean Plast™ Purge Compound

Is a newly developed ready-to-use purging compound in pellet form that will minimize your purging problems!


Energy-Saving, High-Tech Plastics Applications in Green Building
By Don Rosato
In the U.S., the demand for green building materials — products that contribute to LEED credits — is expanding 13 percent annually and is currently generating sales of more than $70 billion per year. Let's start by taking a look at nanotech optical window films. Nanotechnology is being applied to multilayer optical films — made of polyester, acrylic and polyethylene naphthalate — to develop a new generation of light management.
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Feather-Inspired Strong, Light Layered Composites
SPE Plastics Research Online
Over millions of years birds have evolved feathers with self-similar geometric order across multiple dimensional scales. The innate harmony and visual appeal of such natural fractals is attributable to their elegant mathematical form. Their angled linear branching tree structure comprises a fractal iterated function system. The fractal architecture makes feathers uniquely able to transfer mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical loads within the structure. It also minimizes weight with its large surface-to-volume ratio and hollow elements.
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Date Event More Information
January 14 Single-Screw Extruder Analysis and Troubleshooting Information
February 22-25 2015 SPE International Polyolefins Conference Information
February 23-25 SPE ACE Conference 2015 Information
March 23-25 ANTEC Orlando at NPE2015 Information
May 5 Auto EPCON 2015 Information
May 14 Extrusion Minitech Information


Top 5 Trends for Plastic Manufacturers in 2015
It's been a solid year for U.S. manufacturing. For the first time in decades, we have seen a swing in our direction as jobs have returned and customers have made their preference for American-made goods known. Manufacturing technology is improving, methods are becoming more refined and efficient, and plastics are as strong as ever.
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Study on Ocean Plastics Turns Up Some Surprises
Plastics News
An estimated 269,000 tons of plastic trash is churning around in the world's oceans, most of it in pieces no bigger than a grain of rice, according to a new study from the 5 Gyres Institute. The non-profit environmental advocacy group's study, published in the PLOS ONE scientific journal, was six years in the making. And while the estimated 5.25 trillion floating plastic particles sounds like a huge number, it's actually less plastic than the researchers expected to find in the seas.
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3-D-Printed Implant Infused with Human Growth Factors Regenerates Meniscus
A 3-D-printed scaffold infused with growth factors has been shown to help regenerate knee joint linings in sheep. The method developed by Dr. Mao involves taking MRI scans of the meniscus in its intact form in the undamaged knee. A 3-D image is derived from these MRI scans. This data is then used with a 3-D printer to produce a scaffold with a 10μm resolution. The scaffold is printed using polycaprolactone material that is used for producing surgical sutures. A scaffold matching the shape of the meniscus can be printed in about 30 minutes.
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Choose Virtual Molding Not Simulation

Accurately develop your part, mold and process in a virtual environment before the first real trial.

Virtually mold using various mold materials and polymers; thermoplastic, elastomer, PIM, and multi-shot combinations with a high degree of accuracy.

Plastics Revolutionize Medical Implants
Globe Newswire via Nasdaq
From hygienic syringes to IV tubes to sterile exam gloves, plastics have played an integral role in the safety and effectiveness of modern medicine for the past several decades. And plastics continue to enable new advances — including medical implants — that deliver more benefits to patients than ever before. Here are some examples of these emerging innovations.
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Stretchy, Artificial Skin Lets Prosthetic Hand Sense Heat, Humidity, and Pressure
Popular Science
Prosthetic limbs that can be controlled by an amputee’s thoughts or muscle movements already exist. But what if they could also sense the environment and then send that information back to the amputee’s nervous system? In order to create prosthetics that can function more like real body parts, scientists are designing artificial skins that pick up on tactile information. So far, these skins have gotten very good at sensing pressure — in fact, a skin designed by Stanford engineers is 1,000 times more sensitive than human skin. When the polymer surrounding a capacitor absorbs water, the moisture changes the polymer's ability to store a charge. The capacitors measure that storage change and use it to determine the moisture levels of the environment.
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Mazda Co-Develops Bio-Based Engineering Plastic; No Painting Required for Exterior Vehicle Parts
Plastics Today
Mazda Motor Corporation and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation have jointly developed a bio-based engineering plastic that can be used for exterior parts for automobiles without the need for painting. The material can be colored to reportedly produce a finish of higher-quality than can be achieved with traditional painted plastic. "The deep hue and smooth, mirror-like finish of the surface make the newly-developed plastic suitable for external vehicle parts with a 'high design factor,'" according to Mazda.
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iQ Series Servo Ultrasonic Press System

Dukane's patented iQ Advanced Servo Welder is the next step in the evolution of ultrasonic welding technology. Combining the efficiency and reliability of a 100% digitally controlled Multi-Core iQ Series power supply with the precision of an advanced servo press, the Dukane Advanced iQ Servo Welder delivers unprecedented repeatability, accuracy and reliability to your ultrasonic bonding process. MORE
SelfLube Parting Line Locks

Side Locks, Top Locks and Guide Locks provide precision alignment in plastic injection molds. Broad range of industry standard sizes. Made of oil-hardened tool steel and shock resistant S7 TIN coated to Rc 80, with gently radiused lead-ins to reduce galling and wear resulting in a long service life.
Seal Cut - High Quality and Versatility
The new high-speed Seal-Cut sealing system for plastic film offers an original, innovative solution for machine direction sealing. The Seal-Cut is capable of producing high quality, sealed edges in a wide variety of film applications. The stand-alone design allows it to be free standing or easily attached to winders, bag-making machines and rewinders. More info

That's a Bioplastic Wrap
Bioplastics take on traditional petrochemical plastics in food packaging, with some challenges. Producing food in a sustainable way is one thing. Making sure that the food is wrapped in a sustainable plastic is another issue that needs to be addressed. The trouble is that the plastic packaging protecting most of our food has been derived from petrochemicals.
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The Plastic-Eating Fungi That Could Solve Our Garbage Problem
The pesky polyurethane may have a natural combatant, found in the most unlikely of places: The Amazon rain forest. In 2011, 20 undergraduates from Yale University's Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry traveled to Ecuador with professor Scott Strobel for an annual research trip and discovered a fungus that eats only polyurethane. It's the first microbe found to survive exclusively on the plastic, and, most notably, it can do so in anaerobic (oxygen-free) environments, meaning it could potentially thrive at the bottom of landfills.
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Smart Fibers Can Turn Your Sweater into a Medical Monitoring Station
ZME Science
Typically, monitoring key life signs like heart rhythm, glucose levels or even brain activity, is only possible in a hospital setting, but what if you want to follow how a patient is doing in real time for long periods of time, months or even years? A non-invasive technique would be to embed both monitoring and signaling devices directly into the clothing. Canadian researchers have faith something like this is possible using so-called "smart textiles" which they developed. The fibers are made out of a polymer-clad silica with a hollow-core. The material can easily withstand high tensile and bending stresses, meaning it can easily twist and shrug as is often the case with clothing.
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    Disruptive plastic products rapidly emerging in green building field (By Don Rosato)
New plastic blend sheds heat 10 times better than conventional plastics (Science World Report)
New polymers set to revolutionize 3-D printed implants (
New wood waste to biofuel & plastics process developed at Dutch university (Waste Management World)
Researchers develop biodegradable plastics from biomass (AZoM)

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