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Advanced Blending Solutions - SMART Systems

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The International Plastics Showcase

SMART Systems reduce required piping and ensure that the right material is connected to the right destination. This revolutionary development is geared to complex multi-layer co-extrusion systems and centralized large-scale plant material handling systems.

Variable Frequency Drives control the speed of the vacuum pump based on the inlet pressure at the pump, allowing material to be conveyed at a determined velocity. Controlling the velocity of material flow through a material transport system significantly reduces energy consumption and angel hair creation.

ABS VFD and MobiHopper

  ABS SMART Stand, Angel Hair Trap

Angel Hair Traps can remove angel hair before it becomes a problem in a system. They can also be used as a tool to pinpoint where angel hair is being created. Install several or move them around the system to find problem areas.

MobiHoppers provides flexibility and customization for the specific storage needs of any application. Stackable units save space, up to three high. Optional casters allow the unit to be moved without the use of a forklift.


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Advanced Blending

ABS Golf Outing ABS will be sponsoring a golf event at AMI Polyethylene Films, February 3-5, 2015, Daytona Beach, FL.


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