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How good is your master data?


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Master Data Management is Essential for Process Integrity

Master data management preserves the integrity of critical master data at the foundation of your automated business system, whether it is a WMS or any other transaction-centric application. Even though master data is established once and centrally maintained, it is constantly used by your system to validate many of the elements of a given transaction.

If one or more elements of master data are missing or incorrect, the business process that relies on that data might fail or produce unintended results. Either of these endings will slow your operation down and cause frustration, ultimately costing you money. The worst result would be for a process that ends poorly because of bad master data to become known to your customer, probably due to a quality of service failure. Can your business risk inefficiencies rooted in bad master data, or is it worth a proactive investment in better master data management?

Read our blog to learn some business risks involved with poor master data management and how improved master data management can help your business become more efficient helping you reduce risks and increase your bottom line.

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