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WERCouncils host special events
  • June 21: Utah WERCouncil Sephora Facility Tour
  • June 29: Chicagoland WERCouncil encore presentation of 3rd Party Costs and Charges

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    Talent gap: Both challenge and business model
    Material Flows    Share   Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Material handling isn't the good old boy business it used to be. Whether you're a third-party logistics service provider dealing with constant regime change on the client side or a shipper who's answerable to a sea of faceless e-commerce clients, doing business is less personal and driven more by the terms of a contract or agreement rather than a handshake. And it's more metrics driven. Maybe that's a good thing. As I found out in writing a piece on 3PL/client relationships for MH&L's upcoming June issue, 3PL contracts are more often three-year terms with a 30-day-out provision. That’s why 3PLs are focusing on hiring sales people who are more knowledgeable about their clients' businesses and the numbers that drive them. More

    PRESS RELEASE: AVNET selects Swisslog

    Swisslog will implement its AutoStore system - a high density storage/piece picking solution. Stacked bins and series of robots. For more information, visit

    Can shrinking warehouse space caused by rapidly increasing inventory levels put the squeeze on productivity?
    Distribution Digest    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    According to reader comments, inventory levels continue to increase in most DCs regardless of market sector. In fact, many retailers are "overstocked" forcing them to move merchandise at discounted pricing in order to make space for new merchandise. But the problem is much bigger than just the excessive amount of inventory. Because the impact overcrowding has on DC operations, Distribution Digest felt that the following article (originally posted March 9, 2009), which explains the relationship between productivity and space utilization, is important to understand and currently of high interest. More

    6 low-tech ways to increase productivity
    BNET    Share    Share on
FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    The single gating factor to your businesses and careers is time; it is the one thing money can't buy. Sure, you can spend a fortune on apps that promise to make you smarter, more efficient and profitable. You can buy a stack of hardware, too. But the secret of productivity really lies in how you manage your mind. More

    Tips to beat the truckload capacity crunch
    DC Velocity    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    For the thousands of companies that rely on the nation's trucking network to get their goods to market, perhaps no issue in the past five years has become more critical than capacity. Available truckload capacity is dearer than at any time since the middle of the last decade, experts say. While the reasons for the shortfall are manifold — a weak economy that forced truckers to sideline rigs, a shortage of available drivers, rising operating costs, and a lack of adequate credit for carriers to replace aging equipment or expand their fleets — the fact is, rig counts are down by as much as 15 to 20 percent from their 2006 peaks. More

    Interlink Technologies is consistently ranked in the Top 100 WMS technology providers.

    Interlink provides reliable WMS technology, accurate information, dependable partnership and peace of mind! THINK INTERLINK! Celebrating 25 Years of WMS Experience in 2011.

    Dan Gilmore: A little supply chain finance 101
    Supply Chain Digest    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Things really do come in threes, don't they? Over the past month or so, I have been involved in three separate conversations relative to the inter-related topics of inventory, cash flow, working capital, etc. One was with with a 3PL provider, one with a manufacturer, and most recently with a software provider. These led me to two observations. First, even though most of us are today about generally aware of these supply chain finance matters than we were say 10 years ago, I would say most supply chain professionals are only modestly knowledgeable at best in terms of the details. More

    Why Make TopVOX Your Choice for Voice:

    Proven flexibility and reliability have made TopVOX a market leader in voice technology. Rapid payback, absolutely NO training, easy integration and excellent recognition are key reasons why our customers have selected topVOX as Their Choice for Voice.
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    Click here for FoodLogistic Article “Netto Keeps It Simple With Voice”

    Sustainability in the supply chain: It's more than just 'being green'
    IndustryWeek    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    In today's business environment, companies are being held accountable to a growing list of stakeholders who assess company performance against a variety of criteria, from financial and operational performance to labor practices and environmental issues. The pressure for greater transparency in all areas of performance is increasing — not only for consumer-facing companies, but for all business entities throughout the supply chain — including manufacturers who are several steps removed from the ultimate consumer. To be effective, a supplier risk-assessment program must address sustainability issues in the broadest sense, assessing vendors' financial and economic viability as well as social responsibility and environmental sustainability. More

    Selecting Mobile Computing Solutions with Confidence

    Learn how to increase your ROI on your mobile computing purchase by downloading this complimentary white paper "Top 5 Tips for Choosing Mobile Computers."

    Global witness sees opportunity to break conflict minerals supply chain
    @Risk    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    "Conflict minerals" — minerals that are sourced from unstable regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding countries — continue to threaten a variety of manufacturing supply chains. Over the past several years, mines and trading routes for tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold have become illegally controlled by rebel groups, which are profiting financially even as they inflict suffering on the local populations. However, recent shifts in the control of eastern DRC may represent opportunities to begin reversing that trend. More

    Set labor, human standards high
    Material Flows    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    In my recent blog post from the Warehousing Education and Research Council conference in Orlando, I may have left you with the impression that a theme seemed to be emerging — that successful material handling and logistics as practiced by warehousing professionals is based on people skills. As I conclude my WERC observations, I can't help but continue this theme. I attended several sessions on labor standards and training, and the clear message is that, even when adopting new technologies, the only way to achieve an ROI is by focusing on your human element. More
    Complimentary Distribution ERP Evaluation Kit

    Learn how today's distributors are using Epicor to solve their complex challenges for maximum ROI. This evaluation kit shows how ERP software can help you customize product features and options, create RFID labels and synchronize global distribution operations.
    End-to-End Fulfillment Systems
    Cornerstone Automation Systems offers order picking systems and a full line of technologies to automate order fulfillment requirements, ranging from operator assisted to fully automatic fulfillment. CASI builds turnkey systems to optimize end-to-end fulfillment including receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, and sortation.
    North America's leading transportation hub.
    The KC Region features 4 state-of-the-art intermodal logistics parks. Plus, access to 5 class one rail lines, 4 interstate highways, major regional air cargo and a national inland waterway… basically, it all adds up to centering your supply – chain needs. Visit to see how KC can benefit you.

    Changes in 'dim weight' formula proving a windfall for parcel carriers
    DC Velocity    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    FedEx Corp. appears to be generating a handsome revenue stream from its decision last September to change the way it calculates shipping charges for low-density packages. Last fall, FedEx and rival UPS Inc. announced a change in their dimensional weight (dim weight) pricing formula that reduced the "volumetric divisor" mechanism used to calculate the amount of space allocated to shipments hauled by each carrier. The result was that shippers would be permitted less cubic capacity for the same shipment weight at current prices. Shippers whose packages fell outside the new physical parameters imposed by FedEx and UPS faced three choices: shrink their shipment's cubic dimensions, find a way to increase the shipment's density, or swallow near 20 percent rate hikes on domestic and international services. More

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    See and compare solutions for your manufacturing, logistics and supply chain operations and network with your peers at MODEX 2012. Discover equipment and systems solutions and learn about the latest supply chain innovations and leading trends. Explore 500 exhibits and choose from a variety of educational sessions.

    ISM non-manufacturing data shows growth in May
    Modern Materials Handling    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Despite a backdrop of negative jobs reports, sluggish home sales, and cautious consumer spending, the non-manufacturing sector remains in decent shape based on the results of the Institute for Supply Management's Non-Manufacturing Report on Business, which showed growth for the 18th consecutive month in May. The ISM's index for measuring the sector's overall health — known as the NMI — was 54.6 in May, 1.8 percentage points higher than April's 52.8. A reading above 50 represents growth. The NMI's total reading is largely based on four core metrics. In May, 3 of the 4 were ahead of April's levels, with Business Activity/Production down 0.1 percent at 53.6, New Orders up 4.1 percent at 56.8, and Employment up 2.1 percent to 54.0. More

    Top priorities for consumer products chain
    Material Handling & Logistics    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    The consumer products industry will need more than supply chain processes to succeed in the coming year and beyond. They also will need the discipline to be flexible yet strategic, according to the supply chain consultants at Tompkins Associates. This firm also cites globalization in China, mergers and acquisitions, and taking inventory management to a new level. The firm recommends companies associated with the consumer products supply chain focus on dealing with the following 11 trends. More

    Amy Gallo: Dealing with your incompetent boss
    Harvard Business Review    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    Everyone complains about his or her boss from time to time. In fact, some consider it a national workplace pastime. But there's a difference between everyday griping and stressful frustration, just as there is a clear distinction between a manager with a few flaws and one who is incompetent. Dealing with the latter can be anguishing and taxing. But with the right mindset and a few practical tools, you can not only survive but flourish. More

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    Call TeamDCA, 25Mil sqft of warehousing &
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    RFID watches over Tower of London, its artwork
    RFID Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    After completing a two-year project involving the use of an active RFID mesh network to track conditions that could degrade its stone walls and artwork, the Tower of London continues to utilize the technology to track the environmental cycles of ambient and surface temperatures, as well as humidity, at two towers. This information could then be compared against the conditions of the tower walls and a painting located within the stone structure. The system, provided by Senceive, was put into place in 2009 as part of a research project that the fortress' caretaker initiated, seeking wireless solutions for environmental monitoring in areas in which thick walls can obstruct transmissions. More

    Five Million Possible Configurations,
    One Solution

    Learn how the Jungheinrich EKX 513-515k Turret Truck and Order Picker can be easily customized for your application.

    Trevor Miles: 1 size does not fit all
    The 21st Century Supply Chain    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    For a while way back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, before supply chain management was a discipline, I worked for one for the management consulting companies doing business process re-engineering. These were the days when most companies still manufactured in the West and outsourcing was in its infancy, and I was flush with theoretical knowledge gained from doctoral research in industrial engineering and management science. As I have written in the past, I had an epiphany about the effect variability (called stochastic in the theoretical literature) has on operations in general, while much of the material being taught was based upon deterministic (non-variable) approaches because — my interpretation — they are much easier to analyze mathematically and to write computer programs to optimize. More

    Use of QR code is exploding, but fast and easy approach may lead to problems
    Supply Chain Digest    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
    QR code, a two-dimensional bar code symbology, is exploding in usage, driven by social media and smart phones. The QR code symbology is ideally suited to encoded Web URLs, triggering a wide variety of applications, from magazine ads containing the symbol for readers to link to more information or coupons, to in-store QR symbols that can allow cellphone users with scanners to access the same types of information, compare prices, and more. While some commercial/industrial applications for QR code already exist, Supply Chain Digest believes there is a lot of additional opportunity for QR code adoption to trigger URL access on the shop or DC floor. More

    Warehousing & Distribution Consulting

    Waller & Associates assists our clients in achieving world-class customer service and a least–cost operating position within their warehousing & distribution operations. Contact us

    Five Million Possible Configurations.
    One Solution.

    Learn how the EKX 513-515k Turret Truck can be easily customized for your application.

    KNAPP - Making Complexity Simple!

    From manual to fully automated goods-to-person picking and storage systems to intelligent warehouse control software, Knapp can make your complex operation simple!

    Assign Product to the Correct Storage Medium

    Using data from an operation’s inventory UNEX’s in-house slotting software (SKUBE) will analyze and assign product to the correct storage medium. This assures that the proper Carton Flow Solution & Investment is applied for any stand-alone or integrated Order Picking System.
    Weber Logistics
    - Delivering Value Through Innovation
    Weber Logistics is a nationwide provider of logistics and supply chain solutions. Weber's expertise encompasses contract and shared warehousing management, freight management, and LTL and TL transportation management. Specific value-added services include temperature-controlled environments, cross docking, transloading, pool distribution, network optimization modeling and analysis, retail compliance, and supply chain management.
    Interlake Mecalux models EasyWMS at WERC
    Interlake Mecalux will demonstrate the upgrades made to its innovative EasyWMS software at the Orlando conference. EasyWMS standardizes warehouse functionality while also allowing for customization among individual facilities. It is this customization on which Interlake Mecalux will look to shine the brightest light during the four-day conference.
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