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Voice-Enabled Companies
are More Satisfied

with their Warehouse Operations

Do You Know What the "Power of Voice" can Deliver?
Voice-enabling your warehouse or distribution center with Vocollect Voice has enabled thousands of Vocollect customers to run a better business with voice.
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Why are 34% of non-voice users
not satisfied?

In a Supply Chain Insights report, The Power of Voice,
respondents are more satisfied with voice than barcode or
paper solutions because of benefits like:
• Better Accuracy
• Increased Productivity
• Higher Efficiency
• Improved Usability
With the growing complexity of the warehouse, the
combination of voice and RF barcode scanning creates a
highly accurate, efficient system that can span all of the
critical workflows of your operations.
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Vocollect Voice in Action
Vocollect Voice has transformed
organizations like Pep Boys and Fox
Racing who previously relied on RF
scanning solutions. Vocollect Voice has
delivered results including:
• Improved Accuracy from 82% to 99.99%
• 50% Productivity Improvement in Picking
• Reduced Number of Workers Needed
  by 50%
• 50% Decrease in Training Time
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