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Android in the Warehouse
Barcoding Geek Tank Program


5 Cities | 2 Countries | 1 Mission

Now is the time to act on enterprise mobility in the warehouse! Windows Embedded Handheld is going end of life in 2020 - don't miss your chance to workshop alongside the experts to prepare for this change.

Join Barcoding, Zebra Technologies, SOTI, and Ivanti for a deep dive into Android migration, modernization, and continuous improvement in mobile computing in the warehouse.

Event Dates

July 18 | Anaheim, CA
July 23 | Vancouver, BC 
August 1 | Houston, TX 
August 8 | Oak Brook, IL 
August 27 | Mississauga, ON

Ideal candidates to join us are Director and VP roles in Warehouse, IT, Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain.


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