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SECOND EDITION of Warehouse Manager's Guide for Benchmarking
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WERCouncil events
Check out local events in Columbus, Ohio; North Carolina; New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut; Cincinatti, Ohio; Northern Calif., and the annual North Texas WERCcouncil Warehousing Resource Convention on September 23 at the Grapevine Convention Center.

People, People, People - LMS to the Rescue

People are vital to making daily decisions and performing activities within a warehouse. Highly automated facilities with advanced technologies still require people to get the work done. The key to harnessing the best out of your workforce is to fairly measure, manage and reward performance. Click here to learn how LMS and Standards can lead you there. Contact Li Carson for more information.

Visual Logistics
DSC Logistics turns to RedPrairie for workforce management tool
Supply Chain Brain    Share   Share
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Fairly or not, the use of engineered labor standards in the warehouse is often viewed solely as a means of squeezing more productivity out of a workforce. But DSC Logistics doesn't see it that way. The third-party logistics provider has embraced the sometimes controversial tool as a key to ensuring competitive advantage. The food and grocery sector, with its razor-thin margins, was among the earliest adopters of the concept. More

How to write a vested outsourcing contract
DC Velocity    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Vested Outsourcing is a new methodology that allows companies to work more effectively with their outsource service providers. Under this approach, they develop service agreements that are based on outcomes, not processes, with added incentives to improve results across a broad spectrum of business metrics. Because the two parties typically share both risks and rewards, they each have a stake in finding opportunities for improvement. Or to put it another way, they become vested in one another's success. More

Biotec launches primary packing service
Logistics Manager    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
UK based Biotec Services International has introduced a MHRA approved primary packing service to meet growing demands from pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. The new primary packing suite will enable the company, which specializes in the supply, storage and distribution of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and biotech products, to fill tablets and capsules into pots and bottles. More

Whitepaper-AS/RS for Dynamic Order Picking

Automated goods-to-person picking systems reduce order fulfillment times, improve order accuracy, minimize labor, and optimize space...with a rapid return on investment.

Trucking may benefit from more 3PL collaboration
Fleet Owner    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
As shippers continue to search for ways to consolidate global supply chain spending, more opportunities are arising for motor carriers to form partnerships with third party logistics companies in order to win more business. "Shippers are finding value and comfort working with fewer partners more capable of providing a broader scope of services than several different partners," Leslie Ajlouny, vice president-business development for Evans Distribution Systems, told FleetOwner. "As many shippers expand their reach globally, working with a 'one-stop shop' becomes increasingly valuable." More

RFID boosts profit margin, safety for Axxa Pharma
RFID Journal    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail
Argentine pharmaceutical distribution company Axxa Pharma reports that it has seen a 40 percent rise in its profit margins since it began using RFID technology at its Buenos Aires warehouse 18 months ago. The company attributes the bulk of this increase to the addition of its RFID system. Axxa's revenue has grown 250 percent since it opened three years ago, the firm indicates, and RFID has helped the firm cope with this rapid expansion by enabling it to track each container of medicine from the time it arrives at the warehouse until the drug is sold and shipped to a customer. More

Need to increase responsiveness in your warehouse operations?

It’s time to automate. Learn what automation capabilities and technologies best-in-class companies like Belkin International are investing in to improve operations.

Congress considers new legislation to increase the interstate truck weight allowance
@Risk    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
The U.S. Congress is considering new legislation that would allow states to increase the Interstate truck weight allowance from 80,000 to 97,000 pounds, provided that trucks operating above 80,000 pounds add a sixth axle. Current law limits the weight of five-axle trucks traveling on the interstate system to 80,000 pounds, and interestingly, these US weight limits are the lowest in the developed world. More
Everyone's a Winner with Vocollect Voice.
Voice-enable your warehouse or distribution center with Vocollect. You can improve productivity and achieve accuracy up to 99.995% - making your business a winner. How else can we make you a winner? Get two free professional baseball tickets just for talking with us. MORE
Breakthrough Technology for Optimizing Warehouse Management
Learn how Visual Logistics will empower you to significantly streamline your logistics operations, drive unequivocal order accuracy, reduce cost and do more with less across your day-to-day warehouse operations; from receiving through to shipping. Substantially improve service to your customers and drive up customer satisfaction above all of your competitors! Get the white paper
Convert Pallet Rack to a Carton Flow Picking System
Span-Track full width roller carton flow by UNEX'drops-in' any new or existing pallet rack converting static storage to a dynamic carton flow picking system. Condense & organize SKU's for ergonomic picking and increase pick rates by 30%. Maximize space utilization by 50%. Reduce travel time by 40-80%. 

Top 10 environmental initiatives for supply chain executives
The Green Supply Chain    Share    Share on
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Has your company adopted "green" or reduced environmental impact goals? Are you looking for ways to reduce your ongoing costs and meet "green" goals at the same time? Here are some initiatives to get you going. More

Supply chain news: Are manufacturers really bringing back work to US?
Supply Chain Digest    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
It remains mostly anecdotal, but a growing number of major US companies seem to be repatriating some work sent offshore in recent years back to America. Enough to signal a real trend? That is unclear at best. But rising labor costs in China, threats to intellectual property, concern about the future value of the U.S. currency, a desire for greater supply chain flexibility and other factors do seem to mean more than a few manufacturers are rethinking global production strategies. More

Christmas in August: The time is now to tune up your supply chain before the holiday rush
Parcel    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
It may be difficult, in the midst of one of the hottest summers on record, to think about the chilly upcoming months. But the reality is that much cooler weather is fast approaching, and with it comes the most critical time of year for many retailers — the holiday season that brings major sales increases and, if you are not prepared, supply chain and operational headaches. UPS, like many companies, has been focusing on what we call "peak Season" for months, analyzing lessons learned in 2009 and planning for an even more successful 2010. Hopefully, your company has been doing the same. More

National capabilities meet local attention.

IFCO is the nation’s leading provider of complete pallet management services. Our broad infrastructure allows us to supply customized pallet programs to meet your needs.

Garbage in, garbage out, garbage RFID
Material Handling Management    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Cleveland, Ohio may have lost out on the LeBron James sweepstakes, and it may have lost the NA trade show, but one thing they can't take away from Cleveland is garbage. When it comes to keeping track of its garbage, Cleveland is world class. The city plans to start tagging roll carts with RFID chips that will track if, when and how often residents are recycling their trash. Flagrant abusers of the recycling protocols — meaning those who put more than 10% of recyclable stuff in with their regular trash rather than segregating the cans, glass, paper, etc. — will get hit with a $100 fine. More

The brave new world of shipping
Bunker World    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Historically, the shipping industry has paid little attention to environmental issues due to the widespread belief that shipping is, relatively speaking, "one of the cleanest modes of transport in terms of emissions per ton of cargo carried". However, emissions from land based industrial activities have been steadily declining and shipping has come under growing pressure to improve its emissions scorecard and keep up with emissions reduction achievements ashore. More

PRESS RELEASE: AVNET selects Swisslog

Swisslog will implement its AutoStore system - a high density storage/piece picking solution. Stacked bins and series of robots. For more information, visit

Shipping lines profits and capacity utilization near all time high
Metal Miner    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Never mind what the economists tell you, what is the global economy really doing? Well look no further than the fortunes of the container shipping industry, what the Baltic Dry Index is to the bulk ore/coal/agricultural commodities markets what the container traffic industry is to manufacturers and the global consumer markets. Of course profitability can be distorted by too much or too little capacity so utilization rates make a better measure of activity than profitability. More

Freight rates rise to two month high
Financial Times    Share    Share on FacebookTwitterShare on LinkedinE-mail article
Freight rates surged to a two-month high as the global scramble for grain imports combined with resurgent demand from Chinese steelmakers. The Baltic Dry Index of shipping costs for dry bulk commodities — including iron ore, coal, grains and cement — has risen 67 percent in just over a month after it slid to its lowest since early 2009. Recently, it gained 3.1 percent to 2,841 points, the highest since mid-June. As uncertainty over the strength of the economic recovery is making investors wary, the BDI's rally will be seen as a bullish factor by some, who view it as a barometer for the health of the global economy. More

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