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Oct. 22, 2009
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Track Your Stats

Over the years, WERC’s annual report on DC Measures has become recognized as the definitive report on warehousing performance measures. Now you can compare your operations against the stats in this respected report.

Track Your Stats is an online benchmarking tool where you can input your facility’s metrics and see how they compare to those reported in DC Measures. Developed by WERC, Supply Chain Visions and Karl B. Manrodt, Ph.D., the tool allows for comparing performance to several groups based on size of firm (revenue), type of operation, industry type and strategy.

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In the News

Will the Supply Chain Industry Now See “Collaborative Purchasing?”
from Supply Chain Digest
Is an innovative procurement deal between Anheuser-Busch and PepsiCo likely to be repeated elsewhere? The two companies announced that they have signed an agreement by which they will jointly combine their purchasing efforts and volumes over many “indirect” categories of goods, meaning those not directly associated with manufacturing processes. The list of potentially jointly procured items is broad, and includes many categories that might be expected, such as office supplier and maintenance, repair and operations materials. Perhaps surprisingly, the deal may extend to other areas as well, such as computer hardware and logistics services. Key to the deal, of course, is the perceived opportunity to increase leverage -- that even these two giants have room to drive down supplier prices by combining their purchasing power. More

Rubin Advisors

Truckload Demand Picks Up in September
from Purchasing
There are some clear indications that demand for truckload services is increasing heading into the fourth quarter and freight buyers should take note. "The month of September ended stronger than it began as truckload demand increased in the weeks before shippers were to close their books on the third quarter," says the monthly report from Longbow Research. The report also said fewer market participants noted "more aggressive pricing" in truckload than in recent months. More

Machine Tool Consumption Declines in August
from Modern Distribution Management
August U.S. manufacturing technology consumption totaled $129.16 million, according to AMT -- The Association for Manufacturing Technology, and AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association. This total, as reported by companies participating in the USMTC program, was down 14.8 percent from July and down 63.3 percent from the total of $351.66 million reported for August 2008. With a year-to-date total of $1,041.57 million, 2009 is down 67.7 percent compared with 2008. These numbers and all data in this report are based on the totals of actual data reported by companies participating in the USMTC program. "We are cautiously optimistic that manufacturing has hit bottom and will begin to move forward," said Douglas K. Woods, AMT president. "But it's going to take time before technology providers feel the impact in their backlogs." More

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Happy Holidays…That Is, If Your Supply Chain's Well Trimmed
from Supply Chain Brain
The holiday season is fast approaching, and while this has always meant heightened anxiety for manufacturers and retailers, this year promises to be particularly tumultuous. Following record low holiday sales in 2008, manufacturers and retailers are no doubt bracing themselves for the worst -- particularly given that unemployment continues to rise and money is tight. And with many companies already severely hobbled by the downturn, this holiday season could be do-or-die not only for retailers, but for the manufacturers, suppliers, and logistics providers that support them. More

Warehousing Applications: The Next Thing from Open Source
from DC Velocity
As the open source movement sweeps through the world of software development, business applications based on open code are popping up everywhere. So it comes as no surprise that open source versions of specialized apps like warehouse management software and enterprise resource planning systems are starting to show up. But as appealing as the low price points of these new systems may be, the open source route is not for everyone. More

Vocollect, #1 in the Business of Voice
Vocollect, Inc. is the number one provider of voice solutions for mobile associates worldwide, helping customers achieve a higher level of business performance through voice. Every day Vocollect enables over 250,000 associates worldwide to distribute more than $2 billion dollars worth of goods from distribution centers and warehouses to customer locations. Learn more

Aligning Finance and Procurement to Strengthen Corporate Financial Health
from Supply Chain Management Review
The recession is causing many firms to rethink their business processes. One area that is getting a closer look is the connection between finance and procurement. In too many organizations they work independently, resulting in missed opportunities as well as potential problems. The recent Cost of Control study that Basware conducted in collaboration with Mark Frohlich, associate professor of operations management at the Kelley School of Business, found that only 46 percent of CFOs see real integration between purchasing and finance processes, and less than half see any level of integration between the procurement and finance teams. More

Pushing the Demand Curve Forward for Reusable Packaging
from Modern Materials Handling
National industry and professional associations, along with packaging and pooling companies, are striving to increase awareness and promote the use of reusable packaging through educational seminars. The 2009 RPA Choose Reusables conference, held October 5th-7th in Las Vegas, gathered over 70 participants from national companies interested in learning how to cost effectively implement reusable packaging as part of the initiative to green their supply chains, while increasing operational efficiency. The panel discussions and seminars focused on the four stages involved in implementing reusable packaging, including awareness, acceptance, implementation and optimization. More

UPS Offers Shippers Green Option to Offset Carbon Dioxide
from Parcel
UPS has become the first small package carrier to offer its customers the ability to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of their packages within the United States. Under the UPS carbon neutral program, UPS will offer U.S. shippers the option of paying a small fee to calculate and offset the climate impact of the shipment of each of their packages. More

Happy 25th Birthday DCA!!
Team DCA -- the Distribution Centers of America (DCA) celebrates 25 years of regional service excellence throughout its national network of distribution/warehouse companies.

DCA members comprise more than 20 million square feet [25Mil?] of warehouse space. Individually owned and operated, each member of TeamDCA is a leader in its regional market, providing value-added warehousing and third party logistics services responsive to the needs of domestic and global companies. TeamDCA members are committed to customer success in that region. For more information, or to request a quote for service visit

Lydall Transport is now Cross Globe
For over 50 years CrossGlobe has provided fast, efficient, trusted transportation services to producers of specialized products that need expert care and handling.

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