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If you attended our session at the WERC Conference in Charlotte last May, you saw the significant reductions in back and shoulder injuries that a national beverage distributor achieved. Preventing sprain/strain injuries can make a huge difference in your bottom line, production, and morale, not to mention the time wasted filling out paperwork. When you eliminate $40K workers' comp claims, the ROI from this program can be significant.

Backsafe® is a highly effective on-site, hands-on practical training that gets associates to perform material handling and driving in much safer ways designed to stop their pain and discomfort. We have trainers throughout the US and Canada to help us serve your locations no matter where you are located.

Call us now and let us help you the same way we helped our co-presenter (SGWS) at the WERC Conference. We can help you to finally get control over your sprain/strain injuries!


The FIT Team
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