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When you first installed it, your WMS system worked well, supporting all your business requirements. But, at a point sometime after the implementation, that system could no longer keep up with rapidly changing requirements. Today, your operation may find itself becoming constrained by what the software can’t support. Who do you turn to?

At DMLogic, we want to give you the power to rely on YOU. With our new stepLogic Scripting product, users can expand their ability to do their own custom work. By using stepLogic's programming template, even users with little technical expertise can build their own "Apps," without changing a single line of code. Read below to see how DMLogic clients are making stepLogic work for them:

Managing Clinical Trials. A global pharmaceutical company used stepLogic to build a decision-tree process on top of its WMS, enabling users to pick and choose functions needed for a trial. stepLogic now gives our client the ability to adapt quickly to each new trial, enabling our client to meet the unique challenge of tracking products with pinpoint accuracy while maintaining the requirements of the experimental design.

Managing Exports. One of the USA's largest 3PLs was searching for a way to automate the capture of export information required by U.S. Customs. Their original plan was to modify an existing WMS. They opted instead to use stepLogic because it proved to be a faster, more efficient solution. The stepLogic App was implemented in less than half the time it would have taken to modify the WMS, and gave the operation the ability to insert discipline and validation into the process, making it more accurate.

Handling Temperature Sensitive Products. Maintaining a proper temperature range when shipping drugs to their destination is a challenging task. In order to protect their drugs, pharmaceutical companies are using expensive ECO cooler packaging. The coolers are not only energy efficient, but are a much greener alternative than using Styrofoam. Because ECO coolers are so expensive, another pharamaceutical giant relies on a stepLogic App that gives them the capability to track and record each cooler through all points in the supply chain and reduce losses and misplacements.

Other DMLogic clients use stepLogic to build a variety of Apps such as capturing country of origin, managing SKU data, building test plans and custom screens. For companies using stepLogic, everybody wins. Your operation gains the tools to continuously improve and adapt, and your IT staff is unburdened from day-today base support - freeing them to work on more strategic initiatives. Additionally, the user experience is enhanced, resulting in better performance and happier customers.

Solving Challenges Inside the Four Walls DMLogic designs, installs and supports systems to manage what you do inside your four walls. The DMLogic team of senior consultants excels at process and system design of WMS and MHE systems in virtually every industry, and for companies large and small.
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