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Mar. 13, 2013

Grow your own replacement tooth?
Growing a replacement tooth from your own cells may be a step closer, according to new research. It is still too early for use in people, but the technique involves taking stem cells and growing more of them to produce a very small, immature tooth, similar to what a tooth would look like when it starts to grow in an embryo.More

Do vegans get more cavities?
Care2 Healthy Living
By looking in your mouth, your dentist may find out more about you than you realize. A diet high in saturated fat, which can clog our arteries and to inflammation, also is considered a key underlying causal factor for periodontal diseases like gingivitis. So what is a safe intake for cholesterol and saturated fat?More

Worst foods for teeth: Make sure to brush after eating these 7 foods
The Huffington Post
By now, we all know the basic recipe for healthy pearly whites, including regular brushing and flossing, and a diet rich in teeth-healthy foods. What we might not realize is how some food choices can contribute to the wear and tear of teeth. So what makes a food bad for your smile? Dr. Matt Messina, consumer adviser for the American Dental Association and a dentist in private practice in Cleveland, Ohio, explains to The Huffington Post that bacteria living in the mouth burn sugars in order to live. The byproduct of this burning is acid — which dissolves tooth enamel and causes cavities. More

Immune system genes linked to gum disease
Genes responsible for nervous system development and immune function also play a role in the gum disease chronic periodontitis. The work is the first genome-wide association study of the disease, and offers new insight into its genetics and how it is affected by environmental factors such as smoking. "Periodontitis is a serious infection and inflammation of the gums that can progressively destroy the bone and tissues that support your teeth," says study leader Kimon Divaris of University of North Carolina School of Dentistry.More

Literature review shows inflammation links obesity, gum disease
Blood on your toothbrush can be a warning sign of gum disease. And, if you are overweight, it can indicate other serious health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Don't wait: Get to the dentist, advise two faculty members from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine's Department of Periodontics Drs. Charlene B. Krejci and Nabil F. Bissada. After reviewing previous research on gum disease and obesity, they found an association between both health problems, which they describe in the Journal of General Dentistry article "Obesity and periodontitis: a link."More

Tooth loss linked to higher risk for heart disease
HealthDay News via WebMD
For adults, losing teeth is bad enough, but tooth loss also is associated with several risk factors for heart disease, a large international study suggests. These heart disease-related risk factors include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and smoking. For the study, researchers analyzed data from nearly 16,000 people in 39 countries who provided information about their remaining number of teeth and the frequency of gum bleeds. About 40 percent of the participants had fewer than 15 teeth and 16 percent had no teeth, while 25 percent reported gum bleeds.More

North Carolina sues DentalWorks, alleges unnecessary treatments pushed, illegal ownership
The Fayetteville Observer
State officials allege in a lawsuit that the DentalWorks dentistry chain pressured dentists and dental workers at its North Carolina locations to give patients expensive, unnecessary treatments. The claim is part of a lawsuit the state Board of Dental Examiners filed in Wake County Superior Court. It says DentalWorks illegally owns dental practices in this state — by law, only a dentist licensed in North Carolina may own a dental practice here — and therefore is illegally practicing dentistry.More

Filling a need: Bill would let hygienists tend cavities
Worcester Telegram & Gazette
Improving access to public health, particularly for poor children, should be a priority in Massachusetts. Recently, the Legislature heard testimony on a bill that would do exactly that by permitting dental hygienists to fill cavities. The legislation, co-sponsored by state Sen. Harriette Chandler, D-Worcester, would expand upon a 2010 law that allowed hygienists to provide cleanings and checkups to children in schools and homeless shelters. This latest proposal would permit hygienists who have the necessary training and experience to do routine filling work.More

Clinton to speak at 2013 ADA annual session
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will speak at the ADA's 154th Annual Session and World Marketplace Exhibition during the 2013 Opening General Session and Distinguished Speaker Series on Oct. 31 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. (May require free registration to view article.)More

Underlying mechanisms behind chronic inflammation-associated diseases revealed
Inflammatory response plays a major role in both health protection and disease generation. While the symptoms of disease-related inflammatory response have been know, scientists have not understood the mechanisms that underlie it.More

Flossing faux pas
The Doctors
Can your dentist tell whether you floss regularly versus floss only before a dental appointment? Periodontist Dr. Sanda Moldovan reveals the answer and explains the ideal way to floss.More

UCLA Dentistry gets $5 million to establish clinical research center for patient care, education
UCLA Newsroom
Philanthropists Dr. Mick Dragoo and his wife, Mary, have pledged a landmark gift of $5 million to the UCLA School of Dentistry to establish the UCLA Mick and Mary Dragoo Periodontal and Implant Clinical Research and Patient Care Center. The Dragoos' gift, the largest single donation from an individual or couple the dental school has ever received, will create a leading site for clinical research, patient care and education in periodontology and implantology — specialized areas of dentistry related to tooth-supporting structures and tooth replacement.More