This Week in Perio
March 31, 2010


Medical-perio: The golden age of dentistry as health, longevity service
Why should any dentist care about the oral-systemic connection and seek to work more closely with physicians? Simply put, major causes of death are eliminated, and as a result the potential for longevity increases. According to the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention records from 2006, the top 10 leading causes of death by disease were the following.More

Oral Health America applauds provisions in health care reform bill
Dental Office Magazine
The health care reform bill recently passed by Congress and signed into law by President Obama includes many provisions aimed at the nation's oral health. The bill guarantees oral health coverage for children and allows for resources to extend oral disease prevention measures in every state. Over time, the bill's provisions could help to increase access to care for all ages. According to the bill, oral health care for children younger than age 21 must be included in any essential benefit package offered by a health insurance exchange.More

Experts: Dental costs outpacing middle America
Are implants becoming unaffordable for the average American? Do sealants really work? What is the standard of care for patients on bisphosphonates? These are just some of the audience questions fielded by Dr. Gordon Christensen and a panel of experts at the Chicago Dental Society's recent Midwinter Meeting in their session, "Controversies in Dentistry, 2010." (May require free registration to view article.)More

How dental care will be changed by health care reform
Dental Office Magazine
Health reform will offer major changes in the arena of dental care; the bill that has been offered by the U.S. Congress for health care reform will have a lasting effect on the field of dentistry and the type of dental care that people receive. There promises to be a huge expansion of coverage for individuals in need of dental care when health reform is initiated. The health care reform bill looks very promising for people who have long awaited adequate coverage for their dental needs.More

California court dismisses Listerine lawsuit
A Los Angeles court has dismissed a class action lawsuit challenging Listerine's claim that its mouthwash is "as effective as floss" when used regularly. The suit, originally filed in 2005, alleged false advertising and fraudulent business practices, and was brought on behalf of anyone who purchased Listerine in California from June 2004 through January 2005. The litigation stemmed from Listerine TV commercials that declared, "It's clinically proven. A quick, easy rinse with Listerine Antiseptic twice a day is actually as effective as floss." (May require free registration to view article.)More

Small businesses: Big employers but small retirement plans
The Christian Science Monitor
The SBA Office of Advocacy released two reports March 25 related to retirement planning in small businesses. The first report, written by SBA economist Jules Lichtenstein, looks at planning by small business owners for their own retirement. The author's results offer substantial evidence for concern that business owners are not saving enough and that their retirement savings may be inadequate. Some of the findings include the following.More

Thoughts on waiting, anticipating, decelerating
Augusta Free Press
I'm sitting here in the waiting room. I'm not good at doing this, especially if I reflect too long and hard on reasons for my waiting in the first place. My teeth slowly decided they had paid their dues and started to bid adieu. I was long aware that my trusty food processors were in jeopardy but deferred repeated warnings from my dentist. The primary reason: lack of funds for the necessary surgical procedures.More

Are you ready for coaching?
About a decade ago, my personal coach told me that for a coaching relationship to be successful, it required a competent coach AND a competent client. Without taking that personally, I've observed during the past decade what happens when a client is not truly ready and willing to be coached, and I believe there are some important distinctions to consider when deciding whether working with a coach -- either me or someone else -- is right for you now. (May require free registration to view article.)More

Dental vacations: Save money, increase risk, do your homework
Connecticut Watchdog
Because of lousy teeth from childhood on, Anna Baker was facing a difficult decision as an adult: get dentures or spend more than $50,000 for implants. But after seeing a story on CNN about a woman who saved thousands of dollars by going overseas for dental work, Baker decided to look into that alternative. She tracked down the woman, talked with friends, did Internet research and decided to go to Argentina in 2008. In two visits, Baker, an executive assistant, had all her teeth replaced with implants at a cost of $26,000, including flights, hotel, meals and the dental treatment.More