This Week in Perio
Apr. 22, 2015

Rheumatoid arthritis may be triggered by mouth bacteria
Rheumatoid arthritis onset is linked to periodontitis, according to findings presented at the 93rd General Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston performed joint and dental examinations on patients, determined Porphyromonas gingivalis antibodies and examined inflammatory microenvironments in early and chronic RA patients in order to determine if there is an association between periodontitis and RA.More

'Plaque bank' launches a new model for noninvasive disease prediction, treatment
University of Toronto - Faculty of Dentistry via Medical Xpress
Scraped from the gums, teeth and tongue in the form of plaque, the researchers behind Canada's first plaque bank are betting that the bacterial content of plaque will open up a new frontier of medicine. By collecting and analyzing plaque samples gathered from the fecund bacterial environment of the mouth, researchers at the newly formed Oral Microbiome and Metagenomics Research Lab at the Faculty of Dentistry argue that plaque can be used can be used to predict, identify and even treat disease.More

Systemic link to kidney disease and pneumonia
Recent research has linked periodontal disease to heart attacks in kidney disease patients. Treating periodontal disease in patients with chronic kidney disease might considerably lessen their risk of fatal heart disease. According to a press release from Aston University, over 10 percent of the adult population has CKD, which may be connected to chronic inflammatory conditions. More

Why ACA plans don't include dental coverage
The Philadelphia Inquirer
In some ways, health insurance is like car insurance. Both are designed to protect you from the financial risk of repair associated with body damage. But unlike a car insurance policy that comes with bumper-to-bumper protection, nongroup health insurance doesn't cover your grille. Dental insurance has always been a separate purchase from medical health insurance. More

Survey reveals Americans view dental care as 'nice to have'; would repair their cars over their teeth
A recent survey conducted by ORC International and commissioned by Aspen Dental unveiled that oral health in America is more of a "nice to have" rather than a "must do." Nearly 2 in 5 American adults say they have limited or plan to limit dental care due to their financial situation, a number that has increased by nearly 8 percent during the last two years.More

Quarter of patients misuse opioids for pain management
About 1 in 4 patients misuse opioids prescribed for chronic pain, according to a new systematic review. Dentists are in a prime position to help prevent such prescription drug abuse by educating patients about drug misuse. The review, which is published in the journal Pain, found that the rate of misuse for prescribed opioids to treat chronic pain is around 25 percent and the rate of opioid addiction is around 10 percent. More

The unsung hero of health: Tongue scraping
Yahoo Health
These days traditional Hindu ayurvedic practices carry a lot of clout among the legions of DIY natural beauty lovers. But, unless you're penning or perusing beauty blogs all day, you may have missed the memo on the miraculous at-home ayurvedic remedy to banish morning breath: tongue scraping. More

Doctors warn about dangers of DIY dentistry
There are a lot of DIY videos out there for various projects, but there's one topic that has raised some questions. There are YouTube videos on DIY dentistry. Videos have surfaced showing how to straighten teeth with elastic bands or wires and experts are calling it a prescription for disaster. More

Could broccoli hold the key to head and neck cancer prevention?
Medical News Today
Vegetables such as broccoli are mainly recognized as being healthful on account of their vitamins and fiber content. However, a new study suggests that broccoli sprout extract could also be protective against head and neck cancer.More

How eating on the go is ruining your teeth
Daily Mail
A busy working week can take its toll on our lives, leaving little time to plan our meals. From breakfast at the desk to the midafternoon slump, the temptation to take short cuts and grab the nearest pick-me-up is too much to resist. With so many products claiming to be "healthy," it can be a real struggle to know what to pick from the shelves of your nearest high street shop. More

Small things that make a big difference in your dental practice
Have you noticed a decline in the number of new patients? Or perhaps you have some patients who are not returning for routine hygiene appointments or restorative treatment. While you’re busy trying to figure out a new marketing tactic to bring in new patients, you could be overlooking some crucial areas. The way you communicate with your patients, your office environment and your team's attitude can all affect your practice much more than you may think.More