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May. 30, 2012

How to get your teeth travel-ready
When you're browsing through travel websites, dental care probably isn't the first thing on your mind. It will be, though, if you end up with tooth pain that keeps you from enjoying the vacation you spent all that time and money arranging. A painful toothache or other dental emergency far from home and your regular dentist can be a traveler's nightmare.More

Do dental hygienists know enough about implants?
Dental hygienists are interested in learning more about dental implants whether or not their dental hygiene education included content on implants, according to a study published in the Journal of Dental Hygiene by researchers from the department of dental hygiene at Georgia Health Sciences University. Researchers distributed a survey to dental hygienists attending an annual national continuing education course. Participants voluntarily completed and submitted their survey before the end of the first day of the three-day course. (May require free subscription to view article.)More

How does dental health relate to overall health?
Oral health affects the entire body. Perhaps of the greatest significance is periodontal disease, which can both contribute to and be caused by systemic inflammation. Periodontitis often begins with gingivitis and leads to destruction of ligaments and bone surrounding the teeth and ultimately tooth loss. Periodontitis generally involves the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria, which feed on plaque or other toxins in the mouth, possibly including metals released from amalgam fillings.More

Dental health: Treatments in pipeline
Mail Today via MSN
The following are a few dental procedures that promise a dazzling smile.More

The periodontal connection
Chiropractic Economics
You may already know that poor dental health has been linked to various health risks such as heart disease. But did you know that chiropractors can assist patients with an evidence-based approach to treating gingivitis and periodontal disease? There is a supplement that many chiropractors already have been using with great success for its anti-inflammatory and fish-oil-like affect for addressing arthritis and various aches and pains. This same supplement has specifically been researched for its value in treating periodontal disease.More

Want a better smile? Eat this
Want a better smile and cavity-free teeth? Brushing and flossing are merely the beginning. Turns out there are a host of incredible edibles that fight bacteria, attack plaque and build enamel with every bite, says Wendy Bazilian, a registered dietitian and author of The Superfoods Rx Diet. The following are her surprising foods for a camera-ready smile.More

Report: Smokers have bad teeth
A new report shows smokers go to the dentist less often than non-smokers. The Centers for Disease Control looked at survey responses from more than 16,000 adults. More than a third of smokers had at least three dental problems ranging from stained teeth to gum disease.More

Jane Pak: Differentiated dentists
The Huffington Post
My general rule when asked for expert advice is to go to experts as I define them to be. If you look around, you will find many purported experts on many things such as witnessing, flame throwing and even consulting (which seems redundant, but I suppose you could consult without being an actual expert in a field). I believe that I possess unique insights and am a keen observer of how great businesses succeed and why not so great businesses fail, but I know that when a prominent dental professional organization asks me to impart wisdom as a small business expert, I should, as a matter of professional courtesy, check in with those in that field who happen to be experts in their craft (dentistry) and are successful as business owners.More