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Jun. 13, 2012

Gum disease linked to knee pain
United Press International
People who ignore gum disease may end up having knew trouble, U.S. researchers discovered. Dr. Nabil Bissada of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland said bacteria might link the mouth and the knee.More

Are your gums swollen?
Deccan Herald
Gingivitis is the inflammation or swelling of gums around the teeth caused by bacteria found in dental plaque. Healthy gums are firmly attached to the teeth and the underlying bone. Healthy gums are pale pink, brown or grey in color or mottled. Those with gingivitis will show inflamed, red and swollen gums. The gums will bleed easily and be tender. Mild gingivitis causes little or no pain and you might not even notice it. But if left unchecked, it can become severe. In some people, gingivitis develops into periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss.More

Got plaque? It may be linked with early cancer death
Brushing and flossing are a must for keeping plaque off your teeth and gums. But having a healthy mouth may have other benefits: it could also help lower your risk of dying of cancer. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute and the University of Helsinki report in the British Medical Journal Open that people with high levels of dental plaque were 80 percent more likely to die prematurely of cancer during a 24-year study period than people with little plaque.More

Study finds dental implants may cause damage
Researchers from King's College London are warning that cases of permanent nerve damage caused by dental implants could increase if steps are not taken to address risks and prevent injury. They conducted a case review of dental implant patients who were referred to a specialist nerve injury clinic at King's College Hospital, part of King's Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre. They found that patient consent and information, preoperative planning, and appropriate postoperative referral were inadequate in this patient group. (May require free registration to view article.)More

The correct technique of brushing teeth
Dental Health Magazine
In the fight against plaque and dental disease, proper brushing technique is very important. There are a few important things to remember for brushing your teeth correctly.More

US lawmakers propose sweeping dental reforms
The lack of oral health services for poor, elderly, and rural Americans has been haunting U.S. Sen. Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., for years. On June 7, in hopes of addressing the issue once and for all, he introduced what he called "the most comprehensive dental care legislation in American history." "Tens of millions of Americans are unable to access affordable dental care, and they suffer as a result of that," said Sanders, announcing the introduction of the Comprehensive Dental Reform Act of 2012 during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol. (May require free registration to view article.)More

Dental plans: Why Americans are paying more for less
ABC News
With all the attention paid to affordable healthcare, experts say standard dental coverage has changed little over the last 20 years while leading to greater out-of-pocket costs for consumers. As with the rising costs of overall healthcare, many times only the wealthiest have access to important dental care. Dr. Paul Glassman, professor of dental practice and director of community oral health at University of the Pacific, said dental benefits and the cap on dental health plan benefits have not changed much in the past 20 years. But the cost of dental care has increased "dramatically."More

Virginia board: Dental assistants can't use high-speed tools
A proposal in Virginia to allow a new category of dental personnel, the dental assistant II, to use high-speed rotary instruments has been turned down by the state Board of Dentistry. The proposal, put forward by Denice Burnette, CDA, EFDA, the only DAII working in Virginia, prompted heated debate among the dental community, with opponents calling it a threat to patient safety. (May require free registration to view article.)More

1 in 2 Austrians suffers from periodontitis
Medical Xpress
Around 1 in 2 middle-age Austrians suffers from periodontitis, a disease that can lead to irreversible damage of the periodontium and, as a result, increase the risk of secondary complications such as diabetes or cardiovascular conditions.More

Dental implants change lives, beyond the physical
Our Colorado News
Dr. Vidhya Sampath writes, "The first time I met Jill, it seemed to me that she had lost her smile. In my business of creating beautiful smiles, this was most heart wrenching. Jill had lost all her teeth to ill habits, poor oral hygiene and gum disease, at a mere age of 36. She was only 42 when she came to my office. In those six years, Jill had gotten dentures but her quality of life had changed dramatically."More

Design student develops first dental MP3 player
Dental Tribune International
A young artist has developed a device that combines a digital music player with mouthpiece jewelry known as a grill, usually associated with the hip-hop and rap culture. It is worn like a retainer over the teeth and transmits sound using bone conduction hearing instead of earphones. The innovative device, called Play-A-Grill, works similarly to a cochlear implant, which is surgically implanted to provide people who are deaf or severely hearing impaired with a sense of sound.More