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Jun. 18, 2014

$4 million granted to study oral health of postmenopausal women
University at Buffalo researchers have received a major grant to conduct a prospective study of the oral microbiome and periodontitis in postmenopausal women. The study will investigate a critical gap in knowledge of the composition and role of the oral microbiome and will consider, in particular, the microbiome of the subgingival area beneath the gums and especially between the gums and the basal part of the crowns of the teeth. (May require free registration to view article).More

Coffee could lead to healthy teeth
Dentistry Today
There may be a newly discovered benefit to drinking coffee. Recent studies suggest that regularly drinking coffee keeps teeth healthy and clean. The information was determined by a team at the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.More

Immune system selectively disarmed by gum disease bacteria
Medical News Today
The human body is comprised of roughly 10 times more bacterial cells than human cells. In healthy people, these bacteria are typically harmless and often helpful, keeping disease-causing microbes at bay. But, when disturbances knock these bacterial populations out of balance, illnesses can arise.More

Researchers investigate stress as a potential cause of periodontal disease
Medical Xpress
We all know what contributes to gum disease — poor brushing, forgetting to floss, avoiding checkups, smoking. But what about a tough day at the office or dire financial straits? Surprisingly, the stress brought on by emotional struggles might have just as much to do with the disease, according to a review of the literature by three Tufts researchers.More

Guided bone regeneration treats dental implant lesions
Surgical Restorative
Oral implant surgery is complex and not without complications, one of which is an implant periapical lesion. If the lesion site becomes infected, it can lead to an abnormal growth, persistent inflammation and tenderness. However, a procedure that allows complete bone regeneration at the implant-related lesion site shows promise in treating the resulting bone defect and infection.More

Four supplements that dental professionals need to discuss with periodontal patients
Loma Linda University researchers ran a study a few years ago showing that a nutritional supplement alone, without any other dental treatment, significantly combatted the effects of periodontal disease, with less bleeding and smaller pocketing present. The nutritional supplements used in the study were grape seed extract, CoQ10, folic acid, and echinacea.More

New framework for monitoring oral cancer developed
Dental Tribune
A recently published study has suggested that evaluating shifts in the composition of the oral microbiome could be a new method for monitoring oral cancer development, progression and recurrence. The researchers believe that changes in the microbiome could be used as biomarkers for oral cancers or precancers in the future.More

$4 million granted to study oral health of postmenopausal women
University at Buffalo researchers have received a major grant to conduct a prospective study of the oral microbiome and periodontitis in postmenopausal women. (May require free registration to view article).More

New gum disease treatment to prevent and reverse complications involves key immune system component
Medical Daily
Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have discovered a potential new method for gum disease treatment, a new study reports. If successful, the treatment could prevent, halve, and even reverse the effects of the disease periodontitis.More

Dr. Anthony Youn: You don't want a jack-of-all-trades surgeon
I once worked with a plastic surgeon, let's call him Dr. Saul, who performed cleft lip and palate repairs, face-lifts, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and even complex repairs of tendons in the hands and fingers. His practice wasn't very busy, so he performed some of these procedures only once every few months. While the breadth of Saul's practice was impressive, I couldn't get over the question: How many different types of procedures can you trust one doctor to perform?More

Use a little leverage during periodontal instrumentation
Want to reduce the workload on your hands during instrumentation? This article reviews current basic techniques and presents new techniques that provide the best leverage and require the least effort and workload on your hands. Some very simple changes to your instrumentation techniques could make major improvements in how your hands feel at the end of a working day.More

Top 10 issues for dentists who will someday sell their practices
Dental Economics
Beware of the baby boomer bubble of those who graduated in the 1970s and 1980s. They have been hanging on, and they will eventually retire and increase the supply of dental practices on the market.More