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Dec. 11, 2013

5 ways to preserve your teeth as you age
For all intents and purposes, we really get only one shot to take care of our teeth. The good news is, science and research have taken a front seat in dental education, making today's dentist savvy on "prevention" dentistry rather than the "drill, fill and bill" mentality of decades ago. Things like adhesive dentistry, recalcification and dental implants have given dentists more options. But for many patients, it's a lot of information to process. Here are five ways you can ensure that you hang on to your teeth as you age.More

My adventures in gum grafting
The Huffington Post
Lisa Kozoriz writes, "I had been studying my gums on a regular basis noting how it wouldn't be too much longer until I could see the roots of my canine teeth. This alarmed me. What also alarmed me was the fact that I could not afford to do a damn thing about it. I let nature take it course until I started my deeply discounted tour of dental drama at a university orthodontic program."More

6 reasons to love cranberries
A compound discovered in cranberries, proanthocyanidine, prevents plaque formation on teeth and so mouthwashes containing it are being developed to prevent periodontal disease.More

Dental abscesses can spell big trouble for sufferers
The Patriot News
Dental abscesses are a common problem nationwide. Studies show that dental abscesses result in hundreds of thousands of visits to the emergency departments every year, with many of those patients being admitted to the hospital for treatment.More

Periodontal tissue differentiation of stem cells expected to enhance axonal growth for nerve injury repair
Surgical Restorative
Research recently published in Neural Regeneration Research is especially exciting because it exhibits, yet again, the mouth-body connection. The concept of PDL stem cells having the same ability as Schwann cells to enhance axonal growth for nerve injury repair is a great advance forward in regenerative technologies since cells from teeth are easily obtained.More

A randomized controlled trial of pre-conception treatment for periodontal disease to improve periodontal status during pregnancy and birth outcomes
7thSpace Interactive
Evidence has suggested that periodontal disease is associated with an increased risk of various adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes. However, several large clinical randomized controlled trials failed to demonstrate periodontal therapy during pregnancy reduced the incidence of adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes.More

New candy eats 'bad' bacteria in the mouth, benefiting teeth
Medical News Today
Our mouths are a delicate balance of good and bad bacteria. When we clean our teeth, the aim is to knock out cavity-causing bacteria, while allowing beneficial oral bacteria to thrive. Now, researchers have developed a sugar-free candy, which contains dead bacteria that bind to bad bacteria, potentially reducing cavities.More

Could poor dental health signal a faltering mind?
HealthDay News via U.S. News & World Report
Tooth loss and bleeding gums might be a sign of declining thinking skills among the middle-aged, a new study contends.More

How 'good cholesterol' stops inflammation
High cholesterol levels are seen as a cause of dangerous deposits in the bloodstream, which lead to hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). As a consequence, thrombosis, strokes, and heart attacks can develop, which are among the leading causes of death in Western society. Low-density lipoprotein is commonly referred to as the "bad cholesterol," because it promotes atherosclerosis. In contrast, the "good cholesterol," high-density lipoprotein, helps transport excess cholesterol out of the bloodstream and can counteract an inflammatory reaction in damaged vessel walls.More

Where's dental in the state health exchange?
Bremerton Patriot
According to a new survey, almost all adults in Washington believe that oral health is important to their overall health. These views are supported by medical, dental and public health experts who confirm that good oral health is an essential part of being healthy and fit. Despite the proven connection between oral health and overall health, the Affordable Care Act doesn't include dental care for adults. However, Washington state is considering adding adult dental coverage to the exchange in 2015.More

Acupuncture could help in the dentist's chair
Acupuncture may provide relief for dental patients who reflexively gag during procedures like teeth impressions, according to Italian researchers. Up to 20 percent of the U.S. population has severe anxiety at the dentist's office. People who cannot help their gag reflex may unintentionally deprive themselves of the best dental care, write Giuseppa Bilello and Antonella Fregapane, both from the University of Palermo in Sicily, Italy.More

Nanotubes can help improve dental implants
The Daily Mining Gazette
According to Michigan Technological University Assistant Professor of Medical Engineering Tolou Shokuhfar, there is a problem with the current state of bone implants, whether it be for dental or orthopedic: Sometimes they fail.More

Dental implant maker faces sanctions for destroying evidence in patent infringement case
Implant Direct Manufacturing will face sanctions for destroying evidence in a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Zest IP Holdings, a federal magistrate judge ruled. Zest sued Implant Direct in March 2010, alleging infringement of two patents covering "Dental attachment assembly," trademark infringement, false advertising and unfair competition on the part of Implant Direct, its former distributor, according to court documents.More

Recycling dental office precious scrap metal
The use of precious metals — gold, silver, platinum, and palladium — in dental restorations has been decreasing in recent years with the advancement of technology. However, because many restorations with metal placed over the past decades have now reached their life expectancy and need replacing, they are being removed from the patients' mouths by dentists.More