AAPS Pharmaceutical Career News
May. 13, 2016

Building a Consulting Business: A Practitioner's Perspective

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry, like other industries, is undergoing constant changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, cost containment, and outsourcing with accompanied staff relocation and layoffs. Hence, self-employment is becoming an attractive proposition: starting a new business, either an R&D company or a service organization that includes consulting.

When considering starting a consulting business, a number of questions arise, such as, (1) What is the right time during your career to start a consulting business? (2) How do you incorporate the business? (3) What are the key requirements/success criteria for building a sustainable business? and (4) How can you maximize value by offering diverse consulting services?

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Career Focus: Epidemiology in Pharma And Biotech
3BL Media
When you think of epidemiology, you may picture a team of health professionals working to track an outbreak of infection. But an entirely different kind of scientific sleuthing is done within pharma and biotech companies. Amgen Scholar alumnus Anne Beaubrun, an epidemiologist within Amgen’s Center for Observational Research in Thousand Oaks, California, analyzes reams of data to track the safety and effectiveness of the company’s drugs before or after they are brought to market. The latter responsibility comprises ‘post-market surveillance’ and is particularly exciting because it covers millions of data points as one tracks real-world use of a therapeutic.More

Supreme Court Patent Case Has Major Implications For Drugmakers
04/22/16, Modern Healthcare
The pharmaceutical industry is closely watching a case that went before the U.S. Supreme Court over who should potentially have the upper hand in many patent battles between generic and brand-name drug makers. The case, Cuozzo Speed Technologies v. Lee comes as scrutiny over drug prices builds. The industry group Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America wants the justices to reverse a lower court's decision that it says could make it more difficult for them to invest in developing new drugs.More

Why Now Is The Time For Pharma To Expand Into Africa
05/01/16, Life Science Leader
Africa’s status as one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the world has transformed the continent from a focus of corporate social responsibility to a potential major profit center for the global pharmaceutical industry. In a world of slowing and stagnating markets, Africa represents the last geographic frontier where genuinely high growth is still achievable, said Tania Holt, principal in McKinsey and Company’s Johannesburg, South Africa, office.More

Shortages Of Essential Emergency Care Drugs Increase, Study Finds
05/03/16, Kaiser Health News
At some hospitals, posters on the wall in the emergency department list the drugs that are in short supply or unavailable, along with recommended alternatives. The low-tech visual aid can save time with critically ill patients, allowing doctors to focus on caring for them rather than doing research on the fly, said Dr. Jesse Pines, a professor of emergency medicine and director of the Office for Clinical Practice Innovation at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, who has studied the problems with shortages.More

Can We Find New Uses For Old Drugs?
04/26/16, STAT
Humans have been “repurposing” for centuries. Today we turn old churches into museums, schoolhouses into condos, old tires into artificial turf, and plastic bottles into dress pants. Drugs have become a new and exciting target for this activity. Two high-profile examples in the drug world are sildenafil and minoxidil. Both began as medications for cardiovascular issues. But along the way, it became clear that they did other things even better.More

What To Do When You Need Career Advice
Navigating the business world takes work. It’s hard for beginners and seasoned veterans alike, as your career evolves. So it’s no surprise, that those who have become the most successful in their field were smart enough to seek out a mentor to help foster their development as a professional. Mentors can be someone who provides counsel, offers feedback on ideas, and sometimes most importantly, just listens. You may get lucky enough to stumble upon a mentor, but in most cases it takes a little more energy.More

The Heart of the Matter 8: Trends With Benefits
As the industry’s reliance on outsourced services has grown, so too has the recognition that a good agency can offer alternative, but equally stimulating, benefits to working in-house at a pharmaceutical company. With the best agencies providing robust pathways for career development and genuine opportunities for personal growth, an agency role is no longer just a gateway into pharma. In fact increasingly, the traffic is coming the other way. It’s a growing trend — and for those that make the journey, it has real benefits.More

Improve Your Resume by Turning Bullet Points into Stories
Harvard Business Review
You’re searching for a new job. Updating your LinkedIn profile and résumé. Describing your accomplishments in two- to three-line bullet points that start with powerful action verbs and end with quantifiable results. You know the standard advice. But for the most part, recruiters aren’t calling. And on the rare occasions when you do land an interview, you stumble over questions about what you’d bring to the hiring company and why you’re the perfect fit. So how can you make your résumé, profile, and interview more effective?More

3-D Printing Can Save Drug Manufacturers Time And Money Says UK Expert
04/26/16, In-Pharma Technologist
3-D printing can make drug production simpler and cheaper according to a U.K. expert who says using it for commercial production is about “numbering up” not scaling up.More