AAPS Pharmaceutical Career News
Nov. 14, 2014

Thank You for Attending the 2014 AAPS Career Fair!

Thank you to those who were able to attend the AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition in San Diego and stopped by the AAPS Career Fair. We had a very productive three days! In fact, with the pre-conference alert system, AAPSCareers Live, in place again this year, the participating employers were able to set up quite a few interviews prior to the fair. This new alert system also offered our candidates the opportunity to post and flag their résumé, so all participating employers posting a position on our Career Center had the opportunity to search candidate résumés prior to the Annual Meeting.

New this year, we also provided a variety of mini-sessions inside our Career Fair with timely topics including: International Students Working in the US: How to Improve Soft Skills, Self Assessments, Creating a LinkedIn Profile and much more. In addition, we doubled our résumé review offerings and plan to increase the capacity even more at next year’s annual meeting, which will be held on Oct. 25–29, 2015, in Orlando, Florida.

If you attended as a job seeker, please feel free to send me an email with your thoughts, ideas and feedback. I am delighted to note that I received word that a few of the employers may soon extend a job offer to candidates they met at the Career Fair. If you would like to share your story, I am excited to hear about it! My email is: FolkK@aaps.org. Thank you!

We also want to thank our 2014 AAPS Career Fair Employer Participants for making this year’s Career Fair a great success: Amway, AstraZeneca, Catalent Pharma Solutions, Celegene, Certara, DPT Laboratories, Ltd., Gilead Sciences, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Perrigo Company, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Sullivan University, U.S. Food & Drug Administration and Western New England University. More

What's Your Earning Power?

Pharmaceutical scientists can work in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academia, and federal and state government agencies. Each workplace has its own pros and cons, but earning potential is often a major factor in choosing a career path.

Each year, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) surveys its members to gather salary and employment trend data. In addition, AAPS' online salary calculator shows the earning power of AAPS members within various geographic and demographic situations. This is a great tool with many uses, including:

Read more about evaluating your earning power on the Career Success webpage of the AAPS Career Center.More

For A New Graduate Interested In A Drug R&D Job, Is Biotech Better Than Big Pharma?
Author John LaMattina writes: This is a question that I often get asked when I am speaking at a university or participating in a panel discussion on drug R&D. It is not an easy question to answer. Many feel that Big Pharma’s day has passed. Indeed, many headlines in recent years have focused on the contraction of the industry through mergers and acquisitions. Interesting data from an EP Vantage report confirm this.More

How To Break Into The Rapidly Growing Digital Health Space
By the end of Q1 of 2014, digital health investments topped $1.35 billion, more than double what they were the year before (quarter over quarter). It’s an incredible time to be in this space. Now, whenever my company posts a new job requisite for a stellar performer to be a part of our growing team at MyHealthTeams, two things happen: First, we are inundated with resumes from stand-out candidates. Second, I get pinged by those in my professional network who want to ‘pick my brain’ about breaking into digital health.More

Six Traits That Make Up A Likable Leader
By Christina Nava
As a leader, you set the mood of the company you're in charge of. Whether a workplace environment is a positive or negative one depends on how you handle employees, clients and issues that arise. So when there's a problem, do you keep your calm and try to handle it? Or do you let your temper flare and track down whoever is responsible so you can handle them? Which reaction do you think a likable leader will have?More

Hot Spots for Biotech Jobs Outside the US, 2014 Edition
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
GEN provides a listing of regions in seven countries outside the U.S. that hold promise for securing a biopharma job based on the size of their clusters of research universities, businesses, and nonprofit research institutes, as well as the locations of job openings posted on the websites of eight pharma and biotech corporate giants — Amgen, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Novartis, Pfizer, Roche — as well as the employment website LinkedIn, based on GEN visits to those websites Oct. 17–23.More

Why Are So Few Blockbuster Drugs Invented Today?
The New York Times
In the fall of 1999, a young chemical engineer named Todd Zion left his job at Eastman Kodak to enroll in the Ph.D. program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While looking for a subject to research, Zion noticed a grant proposal, never funded, that another graduate student had written on the subject of drug delivery. One possibility mentioned in the proposal was the development of a kind of insulin that would automatically respond to changes in blood-sugar levels, becoming active only when needed to maintain healthy levels around the clock.More

Learning From A Presentation Or Interview Post-Mortem
By Hank Boyer
Following the completion of a sales presentation or job interview, a best practice is to perform a meeting post-mortem. While the most important perspective will be the assessment your interviewers and customers make, it is highly instructive to objectively and candidly evaluate how you did during each meeting.More

Pharmaceuticals Industry Facing Fundamental Change
BBC News
Pharmaceuticals is an extraordinarily profitable business. The most profitable, in fact, looking at figures for last year. But for how much longer is the question occupying the minds not just of big pharma executives, but of health professionals and governments the world over. There are already signs of trouble ahead — thousands of job losses and widespread consolidation are hardly characteristics of an industry in rude health.More

Career Advice Key to Post-Growth Development
Chief Learning Officer
After the rapid-fire approval and launch of several new drugs starting in 2003, biotech company Genentech Inc. quickly ramped up operations. Dramatic growth created many opportunities for employees at the South San Francisco, California, firm to move into new positions, but once the growth rate returned to normal, employees voiced concern: Would there still be opportunities available for them to develop?More

Grant To Provide Veterans With Pharmaceutical Opportunities
The Battalion Online
Texas A&M’s National Center for Therapeutic Manufacturing is shifting gears to introduce the biopharmaceutical industry to a whole new group of students — military veterans. A new program called Military Veterans Manufacturing Vaccines, MVMV, will provide training for veterans to be manufacturing technicians for Texas’ growing biopharmaceutical industry. The program aims to provide veterans with a comprehensive education and get their foot in the door of the manufacturing industry.More