AASPA Newsline
Dec. 3, 2013

Google Glass enables surgeons to consult remotely
When surgeon Brent Ponce wore Google Glass during a shoulder replacement, the ghostly hand of a remote collaborator coached him along. Brent Ponce wasn't the first surgeon to bring Google Glass into the operating room, but he may have been the first to use it as a truly collaborative tool.More

Researchers discover promising new approach for colorectal cancer treatment
Scientists and surgeons at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre have discovered a promising new approach to treating colorectal cancer by disarming the gene that drives self-renewal in stem cells that are the root cause of disease, resistance to treatment and relapse. Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the Western world.More

Study finds fewer IBD patients require surgery
Global News
When Myrna Fink was first diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease almost 40 years ago, her treatment options were limited. "There was really only steroids, anti-inflammatories to keep the inflammation at bay and surgery," Fink recalls. Over the years, she has had surgery three times for her Crohn's disease.More

Study IDs risks for ureteral injury from robotic prostatectomy
Renal and Urology News
Preoperative evaluation and surgical planning can help prevent ureteral injuries during robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy, according to investigators who have identified characteristics that put patients at risk for this complication.More

New robotic technology removes diseased gallbladders through belly button
Lodi News
Then one day last summer on his way to the bank, he said he experienced the same pain along with sweating so profusely his shirt was sticking to his skin. The 61-year-old thought he was has having a heart attack. He turned the car around and went home, and his wife took him to the Lodi Memorial Hospital emergency room.More

2 were arrested with surgically altering fingerprints of illegal immigrants
A Dominican doctor and his assistant were arrested this past weekend in Peabody on federal charges of conspiring to surgically alter the identities of deported illegal immigrants via their fingerprints. The arrests stemmed from an investigation by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations office in Boston. More

Has robotic surgery caught up with thoracoscopic surgery?
Medscape (free subscription)
The number of robotic pulmonary resections appears to be increasing significantly, and robotic-assisted lung surgery may be an appropriate alternative to video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS), according to an article published online Oct. 3...More

Surgeons get practice using brains made on 3-D printers
Live Science
How much practice would you want your brain surgeon to have? Probably a lot — and the more specific that practice is to your particular brain, the better. Now, by combining models of brains made on 3-D printers and images of simulated surgery, faculty at the University of Florida are making sure their surgeons get just this kind of training.More

Orthopedic surgeons with occupational injuries receive limited resources
Science World Report
Orthopedic surgeons who sustain injuries in their career have very few resources to fall back upon, according to a latest study. The study claims that nearly half of the orthopedic surgeons sustain at least one injury during their entire career and most often the resources available to them are limited. This is the first study to reveal that a great many surgeons get injured on the job during their careers. These are often termed as occupational injuries.More

No surgery for acute appendicitis?
Modern Medicine
You may not need to operate on every child with acute appendicitis. New research suggests that antibiotics and inpatient observation may be all that are required. For decades we've believed that surgery is the only appropriate management of acute appendicitis in children.More

Lasers deemed highly effective treatment for excessive scars
Science Codex
Current laser therapy approaches are effective for treating excessive scars resulting from abnormal wound healing, concludes a special topic paper in the December issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.More

Esophageal cancer surgery — 'poor outcomes' with certain symptoms
Medical News Today
A new study published in the journal Cancer reveals that patients suffering from esophageal cancer may experience different "clusters" of symptoms months after surgery, and that patients with certain clusters may be at increased risk of death from the disease. Esophageal cancer is defined as cancer of the esophagus, also known as the gullet or food pipe.More