Airport Consulting Weekly
Jan. 14, 2010

Mixed signals on airport scanners
The New York Times
The Transportation Security Administration has promised not to store or transmit nude images of airline passengers made by whole-body scanners, but when it asked manufacturers to submit bids for such machines, it required that the scanners have exactly those capabilities, according to agency documents obtained in a lawsuit.More

Mind readers: The future of airport security?
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
A would-be terrorist tries to board a plane, bent on mass murder. As he walks through a security checkpoint, high-tech machines analyze his body language and read his mind. Screeners pull him aside. Tragedy is averted. As far-fetched as that sounds, systems that aim to get inside an evildoer's head are among the proposals floated by security experts thinking beyond X-ray machines and metal detectors.More

Florida airport gets commercial spaceport license
The sky's no longer the limit for Cecil Field airport in Jacksonville, Fla. The airport was awarded a federal license to fly commercial space vehicles being designed to ferry tourists, researchers and others beyond Earth's atmosphere.More

Officials: Third Vegas airport terminal half done
ABC News
McCarran International Airport officials say a $2.4 billion expansion project including the construction of a separate new terminal is about half done. U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., donned a hard hat and toured the Terminal 3 construction project with airport official Rosemary Vassiliadis.More

ADS-B goes live in the Gulf of Mexico
Flight Global
Houston air traffic controllers have begun using automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) technology to separate and manage aircraft flying over the Gulf of Mexico as nationwide rollout of the technology is expected in the USA by 2013.More

Bird-plane strike incidents may pass 10,000, a first
Fox News
Reports of airplanes hitting birds and other wildlife surged last year, including serious accidents such as birds crashing through cockpits and crippling engines in flight, according to an Associated Press analysis of new government data. More than a dozen states across two migration routes from Minnesota to Texas have seen the highest increases.More

NBAA Chief sees signs of upturn
Aviation Week
While a number of general aviation plane-makers are predicting further production cuts in 2010, National Business Aviation Association President and CEO Ed Bolen noted that production is only one factor in the overall general aviation economy, and other factors, such as flight operations, are showing encouraging signs. More

Do FAA hearings even matter?
Snohomish County News
Snohomish County residents poured in by the hundreds to tell the Federal Aviation Administration how adding commercial passenger service flights to Paine Field would affect them and to hear what their neighbors had to say. Nearly all of the about 100 speakers at two community meetings addressed aircraft noise, arguably the top concern of residents living near the airport.More

Free at the airport: Cookies, popcorn and toothbrushes
USA Today
It started with a smell. Larry Thompson arrived at Fort Wayne International Airport one day back in 1988, walked out the front door of the small terminal and took a deep breath. "Instead of smelling jet fuel," he remembers, "I smelled the cookies from the bakery across the street."More

Draft airport sustainability indicator standards available
Global Reporting Initiative
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is working with airports and their stakeholders to create sector-specific commentary on guidelines and additional airport sustainability performance indicators. This guidance for airports, which will be integrated into the GRI sustainability reporting framework, is being developed by an international, multi-stakeholder Working Group using a consensus seeking process. Comments on the first draft of indicators are being solicited from the public.More

Tibet to be location of highest airport in the world
The Guardian
China is to build the world's highest airport, at an altitude of 4,436 meters (14,500ft), in Tibet. The construction, at Nagqu, is likely to be a daunting task given the altitude and climate, with average temperatures staying below zero throughout the year.More

Paris airport to try scanners on U.S.-bound flights
USA Today
The French civil aviation authority says that body scanners will be used on an experimental basis at the country's busiest airport later this month on flights headed to the United States.More

Auckland Airport buys stake in Queensland airports
Auckland International Airport Ltd. New Zealand's largest, agreed to pay A$133 million ($123 million) for a stake in two airports in Australia's Queensland state to gain more from Asian travel. More

Join ACC Technical Committees for valuable industry insight
Participation in ACC Technical Committees provides valuable insight into the most pressing issues currently affecting airport development. Committees regularly convene via meetings and conference calls to discuss relevant issues, draft technical documents and help develop programs for ACC industry events. Recent committee calls have included briefings on issues such as new FAA requirements for GIS (Planning), the application of porous pavements at airports (Engineering), and updates on sustainability reporting practices at airports (Sustainability). Join an ACC committee today and become directly involved in the industry news that affects your business.More

FAA issues change 15 to AC 150/5300-13, airport design
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recently added to its website Change 15 to AC 150/5300-13, Airport Design. The consolidated version of complete AC 150/5300-13 (including Changes 1-15) also available. This advisory circular (AC) provides guidance and recommendations on the installation of airport visual aids. The Web site also offers a comprehensive listing of all changes made to the AC.More