The Foot & Ankle Weekly
Mar. 5, 2013

ACFAOM Name Change Survey
As you now know, our affiliated certifying board has recently adopted a new name - the American Board of Podiatric Medicine (or ABPM), previously known as the American Board of Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine (or ABPOPPM).

ACFAOM's Board of Directors would like input from those of you who are members of the College on whether a name change for ACFAOM would be appropriate. So we are asking that you take just a minute of your time to complete our short survey exploring the possibilities of a name change. You should have received an email with a link to the survey yesterday, March 4. As always, your input is valued highly and always appreciated. The survey deadline is this Friday, March 8.

If you are interested in joining ACFAOM, or want to learn more about the organization, visit our website at Or click here to join now. More

Meet Edwin Wolf, DPM - today at 9 p.m. ET
Dr. Edwin Wolf will be the guest on today's Meet the Masters audio-conference (at 9 p.m. ET) with host, and former ACFAOM president, Dr. Bret Ribotsky. Dr. Wolf is the National Residency Development Facilitator for the American Association of Colleges of Podiatric Medicine, and Chairman of the Written Examination Committee of the American Board of Podiatric Medicine (ABPM). He is founder of Podiatric Surgical Associates in New York City and is on staff at Beth Israel Hospital and the Center for Specialty Care. To register for this FREE weekly, and unique, learning experience that will give you additional insights into the profession's past and future click here.More

'Sequester' cuts to hit healthcare hard
Los Angeles Times
As the Obama administration begins to implement $85 billion in cuts to federal spending this year, no part of the budget other than defense will take a bigger hit than healthcare. And the so-called sequester appears likely to have a disproportionate effect on areas of the health system already hobbled by years of retrenchment or underfunding, including public health and medical research. More

Pregnant feet swelling causes permanent foot size increase
Medical Daily
Feet swelling while pregnant? It's a common problem for women during pregnancy, but new research brings the bad news that larger shoes may be necessary long after delivery. Pregnant feet swelling can cause a permanent change in foot size and shape.More

Ankle instability treatment focuses on postural control
Lower Extremity Review
Interventions to improve postural control in patients with functional ankle instability include strength training, balance training, taping, bracing, and foot orthoses, but further research is needed to determine which therapeutic approaches work best in which patients.More

Assessing alternatives to first MTP joint fusion
Lower Extremity Review
Arthrodesis remains effective for most patients with end-stage hallux rigidus, but finding an alternative that allows more range of motion can be challenging. Faced with disappointing arthroplasty outcomes, surgeons have had to get creative.More

Shoe orthoses reduced diabetes-related amputations
Orthotics Business News
Long-term use of shoe orthoses significantly reduced diabetes-related amputations, according to study results recently presented at the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics World Congress in Hyderabad, India.More

Footwear properties and football injuries
Lower Extremity Review
Excessive rotational traction that occurs at the interface between the shoe and the playing surface, as well as shoe properties such as rotational stiffness, may have the potential to influence the high incidence of lower extremity injuries in athletes.More

Physician liability: When an overdose brings a lawsuit
American Medical News
The story sounded all too familiar to medical liability defense attorney Catherine J. Flynn. A patient taking prescription drugs had attempted suicide. The family blamed his physician.More

High heels and exercise can be a painful experience
The Dallas Morning News
Wearing high heels can be painful. But exercising in high heels can be ridiculous. A Los Angeles based studio has "heightened" the hype around the all-high-heel work out trademarked by a celebrity instructor finalist from "So You Think You Can Dance." More

A pocket-sized disposable device for testing the integrity of sensation in the outpatient setting
Diabetic Medicine
This study aims to compare the Ipswich Touch Test and the VibraTip with the Neuropathy Disability Score and the vibration perception threshold for detecting the 'at‐risk' foot.More