Foot & Ankle Weekly
March 30, 2010

ACFAOM announces a call for abstracts for oral presentations
All abstracts selected for oral presentation on Sunday, August 29, at ACFAOM's 2010 Annual Clinical Conference at Disney World, will be published in The Foot, which has an international readership. The deadline for abstract submission is June 15. ACFAOM 2010 (Aug. 26-29) will be a concentrated learning experience for general practice podiatrists with a strong desire to enhance clinical skills, incorporate additional patient services, and bill for maximum reimbursement. A faculty of 20 national recognized experts has been assembled, and 25 CME credits can be earned. The program covers all aspects of comprehensive podiatric medical care, from wound management to applied biomechanics to basic surgical skills with afternoon "hands-on" workshops, plus special focus sessions on skin biopsy & plastic surgery techniques, diagnostic ultrasound, EMRs & HIPAA compliance, and billing & coding. For call for abstracts information click here. To view the preliminary program click here.More

Warding off muscle cramps as we age
National Public Radio
If you're over 65, you probably know what a "charley horse" is. You may have gotten them during strenuous exercise as a younger person. But in older age, muscle cramps can be unlike any you've ever had before. That's because like so many other things in our bodies, our muscles and nerves wear out and function less effectively as we age. More

Historic bill will change health care in the short term and long term for consumers and employers
The yearlong, often ugly journey toward health care reform reached a historic milestone, with the House approving legislation that would extend coverage to 32 million more Americans and impose new restrictions on the insurance industry.More

Orthopedic surgeons weigh in on joint care
The Seattle Times
Whether you're a weekend warrior or physically worn out by the end of the week, the aches and pains in the lower extremities catch up with millions of Americans every year. Some of the top minds and hands at repairing the damage met recently in New Orleans, to share what they know about hips, knees, ankles and replacement parts. Army medical researchers reported to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons what they found after studying four years of ankle sprains that were severe enough to bring the sufferer to an emergency room. More

Projected trends and opportunities for ASCs and surgical hospitals
Association of Corporate Counsel
In 2010, ASCs and surgical hospitals can expect to encounter numerous trends and opportunities, including consolidation in the industry, increases in multiple purchases and a growing number of physician-hospital joint ventures. Below is a brief discussion of trends and opportunities in the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and surgical hospital industries during 2010. More

Technological advances in sports medicine
Express Healthcare
With different sports finally gaining the desired recognition in India and people getting increasingly concerned about their health and fitness quotient, the sports medicine specialty also seem to have dropped the veil of anonymity. The Government of India has also been actively supporting various developments and allocated a budget of Rs 11 billion for the year 2008-09. More

Panel: Knee, ankle injury higher on turf
An NFL panel found that certain serious knee and ankle injuries happen more often in games played on the most popular brand of artificial turf than on grass. The league's Injury and Safety Panel is presenting its study at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons in New Orleans. The report examined the 2002-08 NFL seasons, comparing games played on grass to those on FieldTurf. It found that the rate of anterior cruciate ligament injuries was 88 percent higher in FieldTurf games -- a conclusion the manufacturer of the synthetic field hotly disputes.More

Taking a closer look at the impact of wound bioburden
Podiatry Today
Bioburden can have an adverse effect on the environment of the chronic wound and may lead to infection and delayed healing. Accordingly, this author examines the literature on wound bioburden and offers insights on the use of antimicroibial wound dressings and larvae therapy to target biofilms. Chronic skin ulcerations of the lower extremities affect millions of patients in the United States and impose a tremendous medical, psychosocial and financial impact. Chronic ulcerations may be secondary to a myriad of etiologies, including pressure, metabolic, trauma, venous, arterial and diabetic neuropathy.More

Obese kids suffer more leg, foot injuries: study
Obese children are at increased risk for leg and foot injuries, a new study finds. Researchers looked at 23,000 children, ages 3 to 14. The one-sixth of the children who were obese had more leg, foot and ankle injuries than healthy weight children. More

Clinical guidelines: Beware, what are suggestions will become mandates
Orthopedics Today
Orthopedic surgeons are trying to incorporate "evidence-based medicine" at the same time they are trying to understand this concept. For the current practitioner, it is a blend of his or her interpretation of the existing applicable literature, clinical experience and what is presented at scientific meetings. A more rigid definition of it is clinical practice that "systematically finds, appraises, and uses the most current and valid research findings as the basis for clinical decisions." More

Orthopedic surgeons Dr. Michael Greller and Dr. Alan Nasar of AOSMI, Freehold and Monroe, N.J., performed first custom-fit knee replacement surgery in northeast U.S.
Press Release
Dr. Michael J. Greller, a board-certified and a fellowship-trained sports medicine orthopedic surgeon at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Institute (AOSMI), Freehold and Monroe townships, New Jersey, performed the very first "custom-fit knee" replacement surgery ever in the northeast (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut) this January, using patient specific instrumentation (PSI) manufactured by Zimmer, a leader in orthopedic reconstructive products.More