The Foot & Ankle Weekly
Jun. 24, 2014

Meet Drs. Stephen Albert, Kathy Satterfield and Javier Cavazos - today at 9 p.m. ET
Drs. Stephen Albert, Kathy Satterfield and Javier Cavazos will be the guests on today's Meet the Masters audio-conference (at 9 p.m. ET) with host, and former ACFAOM president, Dr. Bret Ribotsky. They will be discussing the new form of CME unveiled at the ACFAOM 2014 meeting in Alexandria, Virginia. To register for this FREE weekly, and unique, learning experience that will give you additional insights into the profession's past and future click here. The call in number is 712.432.0075 and the access code is 870876#.More

Evidence-based use of metatarsal pads
Lower Extremity Review
Plantar pressure analysis studies are demonstrating the effectiveness of met pads for forefoot offloading and helping clinicians determine which patients are most likely to benefit from different pad designs and placement strategies.More

Keys to managing common pediatric foot fractures
Podiatry Today
The treatment of foot fractures presents specific challenges in pediatric patients. Accordingly, this author presents a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and treating calcaneal fractures, stress fractures, metatarsal fractures and other common injuries in this patient population.More

Why you should treat your feet the way you treat your face
The Huffington Post
It's finally time for our tootsies to see the light after months of hibernation. With your first pedicure of the season likely booked and your open-toed shoes poised for the occasion, your feet are ready for some serious TLC. But Dr. Suzanne Levine, celebrity podiatrist and author of "My Feet Are Killing Me," says a pedicure here and there isn't enough when it comes to foot care. Not only can the salon treatment be dangerous, but Levine stresses we really should be pampering our body's foundation more often.More

How runners can keep their feet happy
The Washington Post
Mile after mile they stand — or, rather, move — between us and the pavement, absorbing tremendous force and impact. Yet often it’s not until runners suffer from blisters, pain, swelling or, worse yet, stress fractures that we start paying attention to our Herculean workhorses: our feet. To keep our feet healthy, several local foot and ankle specialists say, we need to give them a little attention before they become a problem.More

Illinois governor signs bill to restore Medicaid dental, podiatry cuts
The Associated Press via The State Journal-Register
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a law that would restore some Medicaid cuts the state made in 2012 and could give Illinois access to about $2.4 billion in federal money over the next few years. The new law seeks about $400 million in federal matching funds for the approximately 349,000 new Medicaid sign-ups in Illinois under the Affordable Care Act expansion. The other money would come from extending the state's hospital assessment programs over four years. Illinois hospitals pay a tax to the state for federal Medicaid matching funds and that money gets redistributed to health care providers.More

Physicians feel reform's tight scrutiny
Thanks to healthcare reform, there are now more eyes on how doctors treat their patients and more opinions on how they should be treating them. But one physician leader says the pressure doesn't necessarily mean that doctors have to be on the defensive.More

Choosing the right running shoes
Memorial Day kicked off the summer season, and that means more outdoor activities. Whether it's running, biking or walking, selecting the proper athletic shoes for your activities can have a significant impact on preventing injuries. Dr. Bruce Williams, sports medicine and gait analysis podiatrist at the Weil Foot & Ankle Institute, says athletic shoes should be specific to the activity and individual feet as well.More

Pedicures look pretty, but are they safe?
Toronto Star
With sandal season finally upon us the instinct to pretty up your cracked heels, leathery soles and unpainted toes is a natural one. And with the proliferation of inexpensive nail bars in recent years, pedicures are financially within reach for a lot of people. But if you luxuriate in the foot soaking and secretly relish the callus shaving part of a pedicure, what follows is advice you won’t want to read.More

Budget busting US obesity costs climb past $300 billion a year
The Fiscal Times
Until now, Americans have been losing the battle of the bulge. More than a third of all adults and 17 percent of young people are obese, according to the experts, and many of them have been consigned to troubled lives with obesity-related health problems such as type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and stroke, hypertension, arthritis and even cancer. Without major government and private intervention and a sea change in many Americans' unhealthy eating habits, the adult obesity rate could reach 50 percent by 2030, according to one study.More

3 money policies to rethink at your medical practice
Medical Economics
The process of handling cash and checks has been streamlined by modern banking methods. Using current technology brings efficiency, reduces some of the control risks related to cash and checks, and helps keep the patient responsibility portion of your accounts receivable in check. Consider these three functions in your practice.More

Platelet-rich plasma efficacy versus corticosteroid injection treatment for chronic severe plantar fasciitis
Foot & Ankle International
Chronic plantar fasciitis is a common orthopedic condition that can prove difficult to successfully treat. In this study, autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a concentrated bioactive blood component rich in cytokines and growth factors, was compared to traditional cortisone injection in the treatment of chronic cases of plantar fasciitis resistant to traditional nonoperative management.More