The Foot & Ankle Weekly
Jul. 21, 2015

Special invitation to attend ACFAOM's Annual Clinical Conference @ The National
If you have already registered for APMA's "The National," you are invited to attend ACFAOM's 2015 Annual Clinical Conference on July 22. During this 1-day pre-conference (8 CECHs) you will be an engaged and active participant in the whole learning process. The content will be "Case Based, Evidence Based, and Office Based." The faculty members will act as coaches and encourage participants to discuss their own ideas about the cases presented. No long tedious lectures. Adult learning at its best!

The response to this NEW form of podiatric CME at ACFAOM's annual conference last year was extremely positive. "A better way to learn" said one participant. "Why don't we have more educational programs like this" said another. The morning session will focus on:

The conference is FREE to ACFAOM and FPMA members, and non-members are welcome for a very nominal fee of $99. Sponsored breakfast (Bako), lunch (Langer) and reception (BioMedix) included. To add this option to your current registration, use the paper registration form available here.More

What is the evidence for chemical thromboprophylaxis in foot and ankle surgery? Systematic review of the English literature
The Foot
Venous thromboembolism is a well-documented complication following lower limb trauma and surgery. The incidence of VTE in hip and knee surgery has been well studied, whereas the incidence in foot and ankle surgery is less clear. There is debate as to which cases require prophylaxis and what is the most effective means by which this is achieved. We performed a systematic review of the published English literature on VTE prophylaxis in foot and ankle surgery using MEDLINE, EMBASE, CINHAL, Cochrane Library, without date restrictions up to December 2012. From 988 citations, 25 papers fulfilled the inclusion criteria.More

Patients with foot, ankle complaints likely have limited musculoskeletal health literacy
Orthopedics Today
Nearly one-third of patients who presented to an academic medical center with foot and ankle-related complaints lacked the necessary musculoskeletal heath literacy required to make informed decisions regarding their care, according to data presented at the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society Annual Meeting. "Limited musculoskeletal literacy is a problem. In the general literature, it has been shown to be the most important factor in a patient's health," Jason Tartaglione, MD, said.More

Studies cite benefits of tavaborole for onychomycosis
Podiatry Today
Two recent phase III studies point to a new topical agent as an effective treatment option for onychomycosis. The studies, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, focused on the use of tavaborole (Kerydin, PharmaDerm) for adults with distal subungual onychomycosis affecting 20 to 60 percent of a great toenail. By a 2:1 ratio, patients received either tavaborole or a vehicle treatment once a day for 48 weeks. More

Metatarsus adductus increases risk of hallux valgus deformity
Orthopedics Today
Metatarsus adductus may increase the risk of the radiographic recurrence of hallux valgus deformity regardless of the surgical procedure performed, according to data presented at the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society Annual Meeting. "The presence of metatarsal adductus increases the risk of radiographic recurrence of deformity by two times. You need to unmask the degree of deformity that truly exists at the first metatarsal space. You have to realign the lesser metatarsal either proximally, distally or both to prevent the recurrence of the deformity," Amiethab Aiyer, MD, said.More

Running shoe reveal: Study links max cushioning, higher load
Lower Extremity Review
Researchers from the Spaulding National Running Center at the Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, have found that running in highly cushioned shoes is not associated with lower impact forces than conventional running shoes. Instead, the investigators found highly cushioned shoes result in a significantly higher vertical average load rate and vertical instantaneous loading rate, both of which have been associated with overuse injuries such as tibial stress fractures and plantar fasciitis. More

Orthopedic boot gathers real-time information on broken feet
Suffering from an ankle sprain or broken foot is hard enough. Adding to that burden is making sure that you're taking the right steps toward a full recovery. But how would you know exactly if you're following the doctor's orders to the tee? A team of University of Delaware undergrads designed SmartBoot, an orthopedic walking boot with built-in sensors that allows your doctor to monitor your recovery closely.More

Mystery and fantasy: Physicians branch out as fiction writers
By Christina Thielst
In the last few years, I've received several fictional books written by physicians. This has caused me to pause and wonder about when exactly these guys have the time to write stories. I've known many physicians throughout my long career, and I had never thought of them as authors for the masses. But perhaps I should have recognized this potential outlet for the stressors they experience as they sharpen their skills and care for others every day.More