The Foot & Ankle Weekly
Sep. 11, 2012

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and ACFAOM 2012 - Oct.11-14, Disney World
ACFAOM's 2012 Clinical Conference couldn't be happening at a better time! If you attend ACFAOM 2012, you also can celebrate culinary adventures at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. From tasty tapas and refreshing beverages to celebrity chef demonstrations and rock star performances, there's something to satisfy every taste and interest. This is the perfect opportunity to refine your palate and clinical skills in wonderful Disney World!

You can order Disney tickets before the conference or when you're already there! Disney provides exclusive After 2 p.m. and After 4 p.m. tickets to groups that are not available at the Park Ticket Windows which are perfect if you want to enjoy an evening exploring the Food & Wine Festival. They also offer pre-arrival savings on the multi-day tickets which include a complimentary bonus visit to one of seven other Disney Experiences.

Meanwhile, educational content at ACFAOM 2012 will cover office-based practice priorities in Wound Management, Medicine, Dermatology/Pathology, and Biomechanics using both didactic and hands-on workshop learning, and special sessions on the latest in Lasers and Imaging. Another new feature this year will be a 6-hr surgery track presented by ASPS. Register now!

For more information on the educational program click here. For information and tickets to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival at Disney World click here. And then click here for hotel accommodations at only $132/night (single/double).More

Meet Leonard Schwartz, DC - today at 9 p.m.
Dr. Leonard Schwartz will be the guest on today's Meet the Masters audio-conference (at 9 p.m. ET) with host, and former ACFAOM president, Dr. Bret Ribotsky. Dr. Schwartz is an experienced and well-known chiropractor who built one of the largest practices in Philadelphia. As an entrepreneur and marketing consultant, Dr. Schwartz has generated over $150 million for his clients worldwide and owns Pro 2 Pro Network, the largest professional-to-professional referral network in North America. To register for this FREE weekly, and unique, learning experience that will give you additional insights into the profession's past and future click here. More

Healthcare reform and the 'doctor shortage'
The New York Times
"Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen With Health Law," read the alarming headline of a recent article in The New York Times. The article cites a study by the authoritative Association of American Medical Colleges, according to which by 2025 the nation's demand for doctors active in patient care will be 916,000, while the projected supply is 785,400. The report thus anticipates a shortage of 130,600 patient-care doctors, of which about half represent primary-care physicians.More

Idiopathic toe walking: Insights on intervention
Lower Extremity Review
As researchers explore the possibility that idiopathic toe walking has an underlying neurologic cause, clinicians continue to refine treatment strategies to keep ITW patients off their toes. Orthotic devices play a key role, with lower-profile devices growing in popularity.More

Physician fee schedule proposal generates calls for changes
HealthLeaders Media
A proposed rule from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to set the Medicare physician fee schedule for 2013 drew more than 2,900 comments from a variety of stakeholders. While there was general support for many of the provisions in the 765-page proposed rule, the comments provide insight into the complicated fee structure that providers must contend with in the delivery of healthcare services to Medicare beneficiaries. The comment period ended Sept. 6.More

Transitioning from open wound to final footwear: Offloading the diabetic foot
Podiatry Today
Given the potential recurrence and complications with diabetic wounds, this author emphasizes the importance of adapting one's offloading strategy as the wound progresses to healing. Accordingly, he discusses keys to assessing the biomechanical risks of patients with diabetic foot ulcers and offers insights from the literature on effective offloading modalities.More

6 tips for marketing a practice outside social media
American Medical News
Online marketing strategies are important, but experts on marketing medical practices say it takes more than a virtual presence to persuade people to visit a particular physician and tell friends and family to do the same. Practices may have to use some good, old-fashioned paper, metal or plastic to get out various messages.More

High-tech heel pad tissue analysis: Orthotic implications
Lower Extremity Review
The use of technology to improve orthotic design is not limited to CAD-CAM applications, as demonstrated by University of Salford researchers in two presentations at the Orthotics Technology Forum. Daniel Parker, a doctoral student in the university's School of Health Sciences, and colleagues have developed a machine that replicates the forces that occur under the heel during the gait cycle and assesses tissue response to those forces.More

Correct faulty foot function with orthotics
The Freeport News
Walking and sports make lots of demands on our feet and ankles. These demands can lead to pain and stress that predispose to pain and injuries. Orthotics can help prevent this. An orthotic is a medical device used to support and align the foot. It serves to prevent, support or correct foot deformities. The word orthotic comes from the Greek word "ortho" which means to correct. More

Structural and biomechanical characteristics after early mobilization in an achilles tendon rupture model: Operative versus nonoperative treatment
Orthopedics Today
Acute Achilles tendon ruptures are common sports injuries; however, treatment remains a clinical challenge. Studies show a superior effect of early mobilization and full weight bearing on tendon healing and clinical outcome; however, few data exist on structural and biomechanical characteristics in the early healing phase. This study investigated the histological and biomechanical characteristics of early mobilization and full weight bearing in an Achilles tendon rupture model. More

Indexing severity of diabetic foot infection with 99mTc-white blood cell single photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography hybrid imaging
Diabetes Care
Management of diabetic foot infection (DFI) has been hampered by limited means of accurately classifying disease severity. New hybrid nuclear/computed tomography (CT) imaging techniques elucidate a combination of wound infection parameters not previously evaluated as outcome prognosticators. Our aim is to determine if a novel standardized hybrid image-based scoring system, Composite Severity Index (CSI), has prognostic value in DFI. More