Foot & Ankle Weekly
Oct. 25, 2011

Final call for ACFAOM 2011 - starts Thursday at 1 p.m., Disney World
This conference has everything you need to be a great clinician and successful practice owner. It features the latest in Biomechanics, Medicine, Wound Management, Dermatology, Pathology, Ultrasound, Billing & Coding, HIPAA and EHRs. Daily registration is available if you cannot attend the whole conference ($99 members and Federal Service, $149 non-members). The conference registration desk in the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek opens at 10 a.m. 21 CMEs. If you have any questions call 1-800-265-8263 Ext. 6536. More

Be part of history - attend the Dr. Barry Block roast on Friday in Orlando, Fla.
Joining MC Dr. Bret Ribotsky, host of "Meet the Masters," to roast Barry Block, DPM, JD, will be Drs. Warren Joseph, Bradley Bakotic, and Allen Jacobs with Drs. David Armstrong, Lawrence Harkless, and Glenn Gastwirth, among others, by video. This will take place on Friday, Oct. 28 at 6:15 p.m. to kick off the ACFAOM President's Reception. If you are not attending the ACFAOM conference but would like to attend the reception FREE, call ACFAOM at 1-800-265-8263 Ext. 6536. For full information about the conference click here.More

Have DPMs abandoned taping in their practice?
Podiatry Today
Dr. Patrick DeHeer writes, "It is disappointing to hear DPMs say they do not use taping in practice, especially when their reasoning is that they only do surgery. If someone does not use taping, I believe he or she is turning away from podiatric roots, which are based strongly in lower extremity biomechanics. The study of biomechanics and its relationship to pathologies and treatment make podiatric medicine unique."More

Gout patients' poor footwear may exacerbate pain
Family Practice News
Patients with gout tend to wear shoes that lack cushioning, provide minimal stability and motion control, limit gait efficiency, fit poorly, and show excessive wear, according to a report in the October issue of Arthritis Care & Research. Since all of these problems can exacerbate patients' pain and impairment, "We suggest that footwear should be considered in the management plan of patients with gout," said Keith Rome, Ph.D., professor of podiatry at Auckland (New Zealand) University of Technology, and his associates.More

Meet Drs. Joseph and Saxe - today at 9 p.m. ET
Warren Joseph, DPM, and Susan Saxe, MD, will be the guests on today's Meet the Masters audio-conference (at 9 p.m. ET) with host, and former ACFAOM president, Dr. Bret Ribotsky. This session will address the real world treatment of our patients who have infections. What we should know, and when we should refer, will be explored in detail. To register for this FREE weekly, and unique, learning experience that will give you additional insights into the profession's past and future click here. More

Plantar fasciitis affects more than you may think
Two million Americans suffer with plantar fasciitis. One out of ten people experience it in their lifetime, making it the most common cause of heel pain. So what can you do to not only treat it, but prevent it? We've got the answers. American Podiatric Medical Association for Walking suggests, our feet average 115,000 miles of it in our lifetime, but with overuse, our feet can develop heel pain often caused by plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the feet.More

Millions of women suffer from bunions and until now, the only way to cure them was through painful bone-crunching surgery
Daily Mail
For many years the only cure for sufferers of bunions – red, bony bumps at the base of the big toe – was a brutal operation. Look away now, those with sensitive dispositions, as it involved cutting open and detaching the toe joint, sawing off parts of the foot bones, and then piecing it all back together.More

Variability of movement in hips, knees linked to ankle stability
Individuals who experience more movement at the hips and knees may be less likely to suffer from chronic instability of the ankle, according to a recent study published in Clinical Biomechanics journal examining how people move their hip and knee joints before and after ankle sprains.More

Keeping O&P compliance in check
Lower Extremity Review
A recent paper suggests that a checklist system can help practitioners educate caregivers about orthotic device use in children with CP, which could improve compliance. But experts differ as to whether such checklists make sense in the complex world of O&P devices.More

Gait pattern alterations in older adults associated with type 2 diabetes in the absence of peripheral neuropathy - Results from the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging
Gait & Posture (subscriber only)
Diabetes may impact gait mechanics before onset of frank neuropathies and other associated threats to mobility. This study aims to characterize gait pattern alterations of type 2 diabetic adults without peripheral neuropathy during walking at maximum speed (fast-walking) as well as at self-selected speed (usual-walking).More