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Nov. 1, 2011

Dr. Barry Block was well roasted - and honored - at ACFAOM 2011
Last Friday, Oct. 28, Barry Block, DPM, JD, was precisely 'skewered' by MC Dr. Bret Ribotsky, host of "Meet the Masters," and perfectly 'cooked' by Drs. Warren Joseph and Bradley Bakotic live, and by Drs. David Armstrong, Ollie Foster, Glenn Gastwirth, Harry Goldsmith, Eric Hubbard, Jon Purdy, Lee Rogers, and Ross Taubman by video. This special 'roast' kicked off the ACFAOM President's Reception at ACFAOM 2011 in Orlando. After getting his own back on his tormentors, Dr. Block was awarded the ACFAOM Lifetime Achievement Award for his more than 30 years of unique and lasting contributions to podiatric medicine, through his extensive writing, editing, publishing and educational efforts that have enhanced the standing, spurred the growth, and stimulated the evolution of podiatric medicine as a major health profession in the United States and around the world. As an added bonus he was also made an Honorary Member of ACFAOM. He had earned it! The whole event was video recorded and will be available on the websites of ACFAOM and Meet the Masters very soon.More

Can the medial plantar artery flap be beneficial for diabetic heel ulcers?
Podiatry Today
The diabetic ulcer, particularly involving the heel, remains a challenge for the foot surgeon. When these ulcers occur in the neuropathic patient with adequate circulation, the medial plantar artery flap can serve as a useful tool for the management of these defects.More

Meet Dr. Nicholas Sol - today at 9 p.m. ET
Nicholas Sol, DPM, CPed, will be the guest on today's Meet the Masters audio-conference (at 9 p.m. ET) with host, and former ACFAOM president, Dr. Bret Ribotsky. Dr. Sol graduated from OCPM in 1985 and practices in Colorado Springs, Colo. He is one of the profession's most successful thinkers as it applies to practice, and more than ten years ago he opened a full gait lab in his private office. Dr. Sol has published in journals and a textbook about whiplash injuries, holds one patent and trademark, and has lectured across the U.S. and Europe about biomechanics and gait. Currently, he is focusing on diagnosing and treating peripheral neuropathy. To register for this FREE weekly, and unique, learning experience that will give you additional insights into the profession's past and future click here. More

3 exercises to prevent plantar fasciitis in athletes
Yahoo Sports
Plantar fasciitis is a serious medical condition that affects many athletes, including soccer or football players. Plantar fasciitis is a piece of tissue that is responsible for connecting the toes to the heel bone, and this fibrous tissue can become torn during physical activity. There are a lot of exercises that an athlete can do to prevent plantar fasciitis, which can also be used to rehabilitate the connective tissue once it is injured.More

Study: 40 percent of women in heels fall
Fashion Etc.
Twisted ankles come with the territory when you're wearing spindly stilettos - just ask the handful of models who take a tumble on the runway each season. A new study shows that more than 40 percent of women who wear heels have had some sort of shoe-related accident, most often falling over.More

Prefabricated foot orthoses improve some balance measures but not all
Lower Extremity Review
A study from Northern Illinois University mirrors the conflicting evidence regarding foot orthoses and balance, finding that prefabricated orthoses significantly improved some but not all postural control measures in healthy volunteers. Hamid Bateni, Ph.D., an assistant professor of physical therapy at NIU, and colleagues analyzed postural control variables in 12 healthy young adults as they stood as quietly as possible on a force platform with and without prefabricated foot orthoses.More

Hospitals see wound care as growing specialty
Hartford Business
A wave of wound care centers are opening around Connecticut as hospitals look to expand into a service line that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as a result of the state's aging population and higher incidence of patients with diabetes and other chronic illnesses.More

Increases in gait speed with brace use vary in Charcot-Marie-Tooth patients
Lower Extremity Review
Patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease respond to the same custom ankle foot orthosis (AFO) in very different ways, according to research from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas presented in September at the annual AOPA meeting. Investigators assessed eight CMT patients wearing a custom AFO made of multiple layers of bidirectional carbon and Kevlar, with a rigid heel and forefoot and struts to allow the patient to lean into the brace. All patients had worn the AFO for at least 10 weeks.More

Stopping gossip at your medical practice
Medical practices, specialty clinics, hospitals and hospices are fighting a pesky virus: gossip. Trash talk, potty-mouth, he said/she said - these are only a few of the terms that are commonly used to describe plain old malevolence. While health care professionals are pre-wired to focus on wellness, not weakness, putting an end to gossip in your practice will improve the emotional health of not only your practice, but your staff and the patients who rely on them.More

Evaluation of the pressure-redistributing properties of prefabricated foot orthoses in older people after at least 12 months of wear
PubMed (subscriber only)
Foot problems are highly prevalent in older people. To treat such problems in this age-group prefabricated ('off-the-shelf') foot orthoses are frequently prescribed. However, such devices are susceptible to material compression and deformation, which may reduce their effectiveness over time. Therefore, the aim of this study was to compare the pressure-redistributing properties of new prefabricated orthoses to orthoses worn for at least 12 months.More