The Foot & Ankle Weekly
Dec. 24, 2013

Happy Holidays
The American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine (ACFAOM) extends its warmest wishes to you and your family for a wonder holiday season and a personally and professionally successful 2014. This is a period of reflecting on the year gone by (way too fast!) and the challenges facing us next year. Thanks for being a loyal reader of Foot & Ankle Weekly in 2013. If you are not yet a member of ACFAOM, we invite you to join us to help assure that podiatric biomechanics and medicine in its fullest scope remains the base of contemporary podiatric practice in 2014. Please visit our website at to learn more about the College. More

EHRs, care coordination, telemonitoring help to rein in diabetes complications
Government Health IT
A new report issued by the Western New York Beacon Community Project shows that the combined use of electronic health records, care coordination and health information technology can lower the rate of hospitalizations for diabetic patients– in this case, by 26 percent within a three-year period. More

Doctor shortage hasn't hurt Medicare yet
Most retirees or would-be retirees have heard the stories–about doctors who no longer accept Medicare patients, or who have opted out of the program entirely. But a new study indicates that fears about not having access to healthcare in later life are largely overstated.More

How safe are heels for growing girls?
On a sweaty summer morning, Lorraine Luzon walks to her modeling class in killer three-inch stilettos. As she teeters down the street, remembering the tips she learned on how to walk in high heels, people stare—and not always in a good way. Lorraine is only 9 years old.More

Health app certification program halted
By Pamela Lewis Dolan
Happtique launched as a place physicians could go to find trusted apps, vetted for their credibility, privacy and security standards, that could be "prescribed" to patients. But just days after the first class of certified mobile apps was announced, the certification program was halted when an outside app developer and blogger found it to be significantly flawed, raising concerns about the thoroughness of the vetting and certification process.More

Plantar plate repair: New approach to metatarsalgia
Lower Extremity Review
Plantar plate pathology in conjunction with metatarsalgia occurs more often than is commonly appreciated, but can be addressed using a combined procedure that involves a dorsal approach to anatomic plantar plate repair and metatarsal realignment.More

Corporate asset protection: Shielding your practice from lawsuits, threats
By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Jason M. O'Dell, MS, CWM
Given today’s litigious society, where successful podiatric practices are lawsuit targets from competitors, the government, clients, patients and even employees, implementing a business protection plan is crucial. Unfortunately, most podiatrists and practices are not well protected and leave key assets, cash flows and even the owner’s interest in the business exposed. In this article, the first of two parts, we will explain common pitfalls and suggest tactics for better protecting all aspects of the business or practice.More

Tissues made of cells from foreskin of circumcised babies speed diabetic wound healing
The World-Herald
Patients with diabetic foot wounds increasingly receive healing products that stem from an unusual source: foreskin from circumcised babies. The products, brand-named Dermagraft and Apligraf, are made of cells extracted from the foreskin and cultured to produce billions of similar cells. The healing products bear no resemblance to foreskin, which is simply the source of the cells, proteins and other agents that reside in the thin, plastic-looking strips placed on the wounds.More

Treating dystrophic hallux nails in a 6-year-old boy
Podiatry Today
A 6-year-old male who likes to play sports presents with painful great toenails that have been present in the current condition since birth. They are painful in various shoes. His mother has taken him to other physicians who stated that the condition is not caused by nail fungus but they have offered no other solution. The patient has no pertinent past medical or birth history, no medications and no history of this on any other digit.More

Medical practice super groups, are they for you?
Physician's Practice
Practices today are facing challenges such as lower earnings, more complex regulations, higher costs, obligations to create higher-quality care and produce better outcomes, all while they see other colleagues merge or become acquired by local hospitals or healthcare systems. So at least once a week I get an inquiry from a physician asking, "Should I sell my practice?"More

Effect of thong style flip-flops on children's barefoot walking and jogging kinematics
Journal of Foot and Ankle Research
Thong style flip-flops are a popular form of footwear for children. Health professionals relate the wearing of thongs to foot pathology and deformity despite the lack of quantitative evidence to support or refute the benefits or disadvantages of children wearing thongs. The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of thong footwear on children’s barefoot three dimensional foot kinematics during walking and jogging.More