Jan. 22, 2015

Introducing: ACPA's Video On Demand Platform
ACPA is proud to introduce you to ACPA Video On Demand—a digital platform designed to engage thought leadership, to demonstrate best practices, to amplify the voices of scholars and members, to mobilize our communities of practice and to increase partnerships with key influencers in higher education. More

Well-Prepared In Their Own Eyes
Inside Higher Ed
It turns out that college students are being well-prepared for their future careers — at least in their own minds. Ask employers, and it's a very different picture. The Association of American Colleges and Universities asked groups of employers and college students a series of similar questions about career preparation. They could be scary reading for many students and the college educators who are trying to prepare them for careers. AACU is releasing the survey results today, in advance of the annual meeting at which the group will mark its centennial.More

#ACPA15 Convention — Online Registration Discounted Rate Deadline Approaching
We are quickly approaching the ACPA 2015 Tampa Convention. ACPA's Annual Convention is a wonderful opportunity to engage continually in transformative practice and innovative approaches that are sure to benefit your learning and the learning, development, and growth of your students. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect and collaborate with other student affairs professionals! You can still register for the convention at a discounted online rate if you register before February 6, 2015. Click here to find out more and to register today!More

What Do International Students Do After Graduating?
University World News
Britain has one of the world's most detailed higher education data offerings, with especially effective national-level data on early graduate outcomes through the Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey. Among major global higher education providers, only Australia has anything comparable as an integrated national view of the outcomes of graduates. Outcomes data through the survey for U.K. graduates are well publicized and are easily obtained from a range of sources, such as "What Do Graduates Do?."More

Pre-Convention Colloquia At #ACPA15
Pre-Convention Colloquia will take place on Wednesday, March 4 and Thursday, March 5. These workshops are designed for a more in-depth learning experience prior to the official kickoff of the 2015 Annual Convention in Tampa. We are hosting a wide variety of sessions ranging from sustainability and eco-justice to leading student affairs in two-year college settings. If you've already registered for the Annual Convention and would like to add one of these workshops, please email or call 1.202.835.2272. More

Master The College Video Admissions Interview With These Tips
U.S. News & World Report
An increasing number of colleges and universities are turning to video communications services like Skype to conduct interviews with prospective students. Video interviews combine the convenience of a telephone conversation with the face-to-face experience of an in-person discussion. If you will be participating in a video interview this year, check out these ways to help you wow the admissions representative.More

Employers & Job Seekers: Check Out ACPA's Virtual Career Fair
Please join us for our first ever Student Affairs Virtual Career Fair on February 17, 2015. This is a convenient way for employers and candidates to interact and discuss new openings before meeting face-to-face. Registration is free for all candidates, and for all employers who post positions with Career Central at Convention by January 23. Sign up today! More

Reverse Culture Shock Impacts Students Returning From Abroad
USA Today
Rachel Glanz was set on getting a car for her senior year at Duke University. But after spending the semester in Copenhagen, the idea of using anything other than a bike to get around now seems ridiculous in her mind. "They think its absurd that we have families with more than one car. You just don't need them. Every single woman bikes to work in her suit and high heels," Glanz says. Glanz's epiphany is an example of a study abroad side-effect known as "reverse culture shock." While study abroad advisers warn students about the shock they'll experience living in a new country, they often forget to mention the difficult transition that students face as they adjust to life when they return to school.More

ACPA Foundation Diamond Honoree Class
It's time for ACPA members to support the research, scholarship and professional development of our field by celebrating the ACPA Foundation Diamond Honoree Class of 2015! We encourage all ACPA members to visit the Diamond Honoree website to meet the Class of 2015 and make donations in their honor. All donors will be invited to a special reception at the ACPA 2015 Convention in Tampa, FL. Questions about the Diamond Honoree Program can be directed to Dr. Keith Humphrey at

Have You Ever Wanted To See Your College Admissions Record?
Find Out How

Have you ever wanted to know what's in your college admissions file, but never thought you'd find out since it's kept on lock down like the nation's secrets lie within it? Well, now you can read it all thanks to the Fountain Hopper for shedding light on the process of requesting those super-secret documents. The ability to view your confidential files is nothing new, really. Actually, the ability to do so has been available to students for 40 years. Students can gain access to this information as a result of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, but it's not something that many students, both past and present, were unaware of until recently.More

Next Gen Undergraduate Conference Registration
Do you work with undergraduates who have interest in student affairs/higher education work? Register them to attend the Next Generation Conference held in conjunction with the ACPA Annual Convention. The registration fee of $125 provides access to both the full Convention and Next Gen. Learn more information and register today!More

Give Back. Volunteer At #ACPA15
At the Annual Convention, you will find members like YOU helping colleagues to their seat at opening general session, finding their way to the next educational session, or offering suggestions on where to grab a bite to eat. Several of our volunteers have offered testimonials of their experiences with volunteering at the Annual Convention. To view these testimonials and to sign up as a volunteer at #ACPA15, please click here.More

Helping The Poor In Education: The Power Of A Simple Nudge
The New York Times
Researchers are testing texting programs to use as behavioral "nudges", so that students enroll and stay college. One texting program showed promise when community college students were sent text reminders to fill out aid applications.More

Early Bird Registration For Lead365 National Conference Ends In Less Than Two Weeks
Early Bird Registration for the Lead365 National Conference ends February 2. This program will take place March 12th-14th in Orlando, Florida. ACPA along with NASPA, NACA, and NCLP is endorsing the Lead365 National Conference in its mission to develop collegiate leaders and those professionals, graduate students and leadership educators dedicated to their success.More

CSI Webinar—"Less Work For You: Structuring Student Learning Using The CAS Learning And Development Outcomes"
It's a new year and a new webinar for the CSI! In this webinar on Monday, January 26th at 1:00pm EST we will discuss the CAS Learning and Development Outcomes and how practitioners can use the outcome domains to structure program and learning outcomes. Dr. Laura Dean, the President of Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS), and Alex C. Lange, the Vice-Chair of Research, will discuss how to make your life easier in creating student learning outcomes and offer practical applications of the document. Register for this event.More

SCGSNP Webinar—"Accountability And Expectations: How To Manage Non-Supervisees"
Wednesday, January 28th at 3:00pm EST
Supervision itself can be challenging, but holding folks accountable who do not report to you, are older than you and/or are at a higher experience level than you can be tough! Join us to learn 8 strategies that you can implement TODAY to enhance your working relationships. This presentation will be given by Dr. Ann Marie Klotz, Dean of Campus Life at the New York Institute of Technology. Register for this event.More

CTYC Webinar—"The Connection Between Student Organizations, CSSE Benchmarks, And Student Engagement In The Two-Year College"
Thursday, February 19th at 1:00pm EST.
ACPA's Commission for the Two Year College and Phi Theta Kappa presents an interactive webinar on student success and the connections between student organizations, CCSSE benchmarks, and student engagement. Register today.More

Free Panel Discussion: Student Affairs Trends We Are Watching In 2015
February 9, 2015 at 1:00pm EST.
To kick off 2015, ACPA and our educational partner Academic Impressions have convened a panel of forward-thinking student affairs practitioners to learn what policy, technology, and student learning trends they are watching for 2015. Panelists include incoming ACPA President Dr. Gavin Henning and Tony Doody from Rutgers University. Space is limited. Register for this free webcast today!More