Feb. 2, 2012

Obama Unveils Plan To Control College Costs
President Barack Obama unveiled a new college affordability plan, proposing to further expand student financial aid while providing more assistance to schools that hold tuition down and cutting aid to those that do not. Appearing before a raucous student crowd in Michigan — a potentially critical swing state this election year — Obama outlined plans to boost total federal spending on Perkins loans from $1 billion to $8 billion. He also announced plans to push for the creation of a $1 billion competition encouraging states to contain public tuition rates, among other things.More

Disney Youth Education Series College Edition Presents Disney's Leadership Excellence: The Inside Track at Epcot
Help your students discover practical tools and strategies that will promote effective problem-solving, decision-making, and managerial skills in their future careers. During this three hour educational experience, participants will learn and practice leadership strategies and participate in a discussion with a Disney leader. Click here to learn more about this value-priced field study available to college student groups of 10 or more participants.More

Small School, Big Dreams And SCVNGR Challenges Ahead
SCVNGR is a Google-funded mobile game about going places, doing challenges, and earning points. More than 400 schools use SCVNGR to help students engage with their campus in a fun way via their cell phones. Learn how La Roche College in Pittsburgh has incorporated SCVNGR into its campus visit program.More

SCLGBTA Paul Hart Scholarship Fund
The Paul Hart Scholarship Fund, administered by ACPA — College Student Educators International, was established in 1995 to provide scholarships for ACPA members who are either living with HIV/AIDS, or have a family member, dependent, partner, spouse, or child living with HIV/AIDS so that they may attend the Annual Convention. Scholarship funds are made available from Paul Hart's estate, and donations are received year-round. Scholarships are made to those individuals who would not be able to attend the Annual Convention without such financial assistance.More

Indiana University To Follow Purdue In Safety Accreditation
Purdue Exponent
Indiana University's police department is looking to follow two Big Ten university role models, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Purdue, to receive accreditation for its campus safety policies. Purdue is accredited by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administration, because its general orders, which are the written guidelines of its practices, are noted as some of the best by police departments around the world. Purdue Police Chief John Cox said the accreditation assures students that they are protected by officers who are trained with the utmost standards.More

Register Now: Maryland Student Affairs Conference
This conference is about you! Be energized and enhance your strengths by attending the 37th Annual Maryland Student Affairs Conference (College Park, Md.) and explore inspiration, impact, and innovation. Through your individual contributions and collaboration with others, you serve students, learn from varied experiences, and add value to campus communities. In the age of social media and emerging technologies, it is imperative to consider new ways of thinking about "how" you work and explore new opportunities to collaborate across departments and across campuses.More

The Center For Collegiate Mental Health Releases Annual Report
This report summarizes 2010-2011 data contributed by 97 counseling centers on more than 74,000 students in treatment. In so doing, the CCMH membership have set a very high bar for describing mental health trends in higher education and provided the counseling center field with a description that is robust, reliable, and resonant. As you share this report with your staff and colleagues, please keep in mind that the report describes "near-population" level statistics at participating counseling centers (as compared to surveys with a high nonresponse rate).More

Students Bear More College Costs, Increase Focus On Studies
Education Week (Subscription)
At the same time students are paying more of their own share of college costs, many are becoming more serious about their studies, a new survey shows. The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2011 is a survey of more than 200,000 incoming first-time, full-time college students at four-year institutions and is conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute as part of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program at UCLA's Graduate School of Education & Information Studies.More

Doubling The Interest Rates On Student Loans Could Actually Be A Good Thing
Business Insider
Right now, the interest rate on federal subsidized student loans is 3.4 percent, but if lawmakers don't vote to extend the cap, it'll jump to 6.8 percent after this year. That this will increase the burden on college graduates paying off loan debt is a no-brainer, but one expert says it might help them in the long run. "Maybe the increase will cause students and their families to re-examine how much debt they are taking on," says Joseph Orsolini of College Aid Planners. "Too many students are taking on too much debt." He's got a point.More