Feb. 12, 2015

Free Two Year College Webinar — Next Thursday!
ACPA's Commission for Two Year Colleges and Phi Theta Kappa presents The Connection Between Student Organizations, CCSSE Benchmarks, and Student Engagement in the Two–Year College. This presentation will explore the ways student organizations can foster active and collaborative co-curricular learning, student-faculty interaction, student effort, support for learners, and connections to community college campuses. Each of these benchmarks, identified by the Community College Survey of Student Success (CCSSE), has a significant impact on student learning and engagement and can augment classroom curricula and development of soft skills most sought by employers. Click here to register today. More

College Freshmen Socialize Less, Feel Depressed More
U.S. News & World Report
College freshmen are spending less time socializing with friends and partying, and more time interacting through online social networks and studying. Perhaps as a result, students' emotional health has dropped to an all-time low, according to a survey by the University of California-Los Angeles. "When we look at the fact that students are spending more time studying and less time socializing, they're not having a way to release some of that stress," says Kevin Eagan, an assistant professor in residence at UCLA and lead author of a report on the survey's findings. "Those two factors combined may be contributing to added levels of feeling overwhelmed or feeling depressed as they come into college."More

ACPA Annual Membership Survey Is In Your Inbox!
ACPA's annual membership survey assists us in keeping clear and updated data about our members, so we may help guide information and opportunities to you based on your individual career and goals. Please look for the membership survey in your email inbox, dated yesterday, February 11, 2015. More

Are College Students Partying Less?
The Atlantic
If you've ever seen "Animal House," you'll likely recall one of the film's most iconic scenes: "Bluto," a seventh-year college student and member of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity (GPA: 0.0), offering some words of wisdom to a nervous pledge. "My advice to you is to start drinking heavily," he says, giving the quivering pledge, "Flounder," a six-pack of beer. "Better listen to him, Flounder," another frat brother, "Otter," sternly adds. "He’s in pre-med." Bluto and Flounder perform their secret fraternity handshake and then tweet shrilly like birds.More

Register For The International Student Affairs Study Tour: Ireland And The United Kingdom
ACPA is working together with sister associations, faculty from Miami University (Ohio), and partners in Ireland and the United Kingdom to produce an international study tour focused on student affairs. This is an educational tour of very distinct regions—Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, and Scotland—to develop an understanding of the structure and practice of higher education in the region and gain insight into the issues and strategic directions for higher education and student services/affairs in this historic region. The registration deadline is February 18. More

13 Things Mentally Strong College Students Don't Do
The Huffington Post
We often hear advice like, "Think positive and everything will work out," or "Just keep trying because something better will come along." While such words of wisdom certainly have merit, these well-meaning suggestions aren't enough to guarantee success. All the positive thinking you can muster won't help you ace that exam if you haven't been going to class. And you can keep trying all you want, but if you show up to every job interview convinced you'll never get hired, you might never land the job of your dreams. Becoming better isn't about always about adding more good habits to your routine. Instead, reaching your full potential often means getting rid of the bad habits that are holding you back. More

Employers & Job Seekers: Last Chance To Register For ACPA's Virtual Career Fair
Please join us for our first ever Student Affairs Virtual Career Fair on February 17, 2015. This is a convenient way for employers and candidates to interact and discuss new openings before meeting face-to-face. Sign up today! More

Survey Suggests Students' Intent To Transfer Could Threaten Some Colleges Under Proposed Ratings System
A college rating system proposed by the U.S. Department of Education could hurt many broad-access and minority-serving colleges and universities given that those institutions are enrolling more students who may ultimately graduate from a different college or university, data from a national student survey shows. According to UCLA's annual CIRP Freshman Survey, more than one-quarter of incoming freshmen at such colleges plan to transfer to another institution. More

Next Gen Undergraduate Conference Registration
Do you work with undergraduates who have interest in student affairs/higher education work? Register them to attend the Next Generation Conference held in conjunction with the ACPA Annual Convention. The registration fee of $125 provides access to both the full Convention and Next Gen. Learn more information and register today!More

For College Students, Being A 'Good Samaritan' Can Be Complicated
USA Today
Emily Holland didn't expect she would have to make a lifesaving phone call her second weekend at George Washington University, but when her friend got alcohol poisoning, she was faced with a difficult decision. "There were concerns before we made the call about whether to make the call," says Holland, now a senior. "Then there's that idea where you don't want to get you and your friends in trouble for something."More

NODA Catalyst Grant Call For Proposals
The Catalyst Grant is designed to catalyze new research that will advance both knowledge and best practices in orientation, transition, and retention. Prospective research studies, pilot studies, exploratory research projects (qualitative and quantitative), as well as assessment-based best practices (as defined by Upcraft and Schuh, 2002) that may be generalized will be considered for this award. In the 2014-15, up to six catalyst grants (two $1,000 grants and four $500 grants) will be awarded to emerging OTR researchers. All grant recipients will also receive the registration fee for one annual NODA Conference or regional conference and a year’s membership to the association. Grant funds may be used to support professional development, researcher(s) stipend, and project expenses. All funds (100%) must be used to support the proposed project.

Prospective grant recipients must electronically submit applications by February 16, 2015. Grant recipients will be notified by March 30, 2015, given priority consideration for an educational session presentation at the annual NODA Conference, and recognized during the annual conference. Recipients will also be asked to submit a manuscript about the selected research to the NODA Review, Journal of College Orientation and Transition (JCOT), or submit a conference proposal for a regional NODA conference or NODAC within one year of receipt of the grant. Publication and/or conference proposal acceptance are not guaranteed.More

How Professors Can Bolster Inquiry In College Using K-12 Tech Tricks
Coverage of technology in higher education often stops at whether Massive Open Online Courses can be an effective way to educate hundreds of thousands of students cheaply, or focuses on the newest app to help students track their classes and homework. Much of the technology marketed to universities targets administrative tasks, things like registering students or sites like Blackboard and Moodle that make it easy for students to check assignments and download readings.More

LGBTQ Summer Academy: Discount Rate For The Campus Pride Professional Academy For LGBTQ Advisors This Summer 2015
Do you enjoy advising LGBT college students, but wish you could be more equipped and the most effective with the best information, tools and resources? Campus Pride has the skill-building retreat just for you — the LGBTQ Professional Academy for Advisors (aka Advisor BOOTCAMP).The five day retreat is in coordination with Camp Pride and brings together LGBTQ student advisors and higher education staff who support LGBTQ youth from around the country. At the academy, you will have the opportunity to learn new knowledge, enhance your skills as well as collaborate with others who share your passion for advising and creating safer, more welcoming communities. The academy is for you if you want a summer professional enrichment on LGBTQ issues and concerns. Until May 1, 2015, you can receive an early discount off the registration. Go online to or email

ACPA Appears At The 36th Annual National Conference On Law And Higher Education
ACPA Video on Demand crew, Dr. Cindi Love and Tim Arth are at the Annual National Conference on Law and Higher Education this week. Dr. Love is speaking with Stetson University University of Law panelists, law professors Peter Lake and Charlie Rose. More