Feb. 16, 2012

Universities Bring Occupy Movement Into The Classroom
USA Today
The Occupy movement is starting to set up camp in university course catalogs, syllabuses and classrooms. There are new course offerings and a new focus in older ones. Professor Jeff Edwards, who is teaching "Occupy Everywhere" at Roosevelt University in Chicago this semester, says a third of the political science majors there are enrolled in the course. In his view, the Occupy movement, which started in September near New York City's Wall Street as a protest against economic inequality, is having enough of an impact on American culture to stand alone in its own course.More

ACPA Convention Roommate Matching Service
The Standing Committee has recently received several requests to provide a system for individuals attending convention to find roommates. If you are looking for a roommate please add your information here: ACPA12 Roommate Interest. After completing the form, you can access the spreadsheet with all of the responses. This provides you the opportunity to network with other attendees and find the best convention 2012 roommate(s)! The spreadsheet can be found here: ACPA12 Roommate Responses.More

Have You Built Your ACPA Convention Itinerary?
The ACPA Convention online itinerary builder is now live. Learn how you can start building your personalized itinerary.More

Students Value Internships, Even Without Pay
U.S News & World Report
Today, many students and professionals agree that internships are an important part of the higher education experience. In fact, Robert Shindell, director of content and resource development for Intern Bridge, a college recruiting research and consulting firm, believes internships are essential. "College students need internship experience to be competitive in the job market when they graduate," Shindell said in a news release. "Internships also provide a rich source of potential talent for companies. It is a win-win situation for all involved." Although internships are important for students to gain valuable experience, the cost of these opportunities remains a hot topic in academia.More

Gallup Strengths In Education Resources
The Gallup Strengths in Education Conference: The Impact of Strength on Hope and Wellbeing hosted with Mason Leads, The Center for Consciousness and Transformation, and the Colonial Academic Alliance in partnership with ACPA, brought together hundreds of educators in Fairfax, Va., last week. The conference provided excellent insight into a strengths-based approach to education and shared new research using strengths and well-being. Resources related to strengths are available at

Campus Safety Resources Available
Margolis Healy and Associates LLC is a professional services firm specializing in campus safety, security, and regulatory compliance for higher education. With more than 15 years each of providing consulting services to clients in the education, public and private sectors, Dr. Gary J. Margolis and Steven J. Healy have positioned MHA as a leading professional services firm for safety and security needs at universities and colleges. For information on compliance and safety publications and webinars, visit

9 Ways Students Can Use Social Media To Boost Their Careers
If you're a Generation X-er or older, you likely use social media to cut it in the real world. You may also use social networks for personal reasons, but it's always with the understanding that you're a professional. But newer generations of college graduates began their social media experience as a very personal one. And the shift to using social media for career development may seem optional. But it's a necessary evil at the very least, and can actually be quite beneficial to your future at the very best. Mashable highlights a few things students should consider when starting to use social media professionally.More

ACPA Economic Recovery Assistance
The ACPA Economic Recovery Membership Assistance Program offers active and lapsed members with job loss the opportunity to continue their member benefits at a reduced rate. This program includes member savings on publications and registration costs to attend professional development events and annual conventions for networking opportunities.More

Register Now: 2012 Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) Conference
The CMRS conference brings together scholars from a variety of disciplines nationwide. Recognizing that the diverse disciplines that have nurtured Mixed Race Studies have fostered different approaches to the field, the 2012 CMRS conference is devoted to the general theme "What is Critical Mixed Race Studies?"More

College Study: Workers Less Professional
The York Dispatch via Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Young adults these days. As new professional employees, they spend too much time distracted as they talk with their thumbs, socialize on Facebook and browse the Internet. These behaviors probably aren't limited to entry-level employees in most offices, but the younger group was the subject of a third annual study on professionalism from the Center for Professional Excellence at York College in York, Pa. Recently released results of the 2011 study showed about a third of human resource respondents and 36.5 percent of managers believe new employees have less professionalism than five years ago.More