Mar. 22, 2012

Participate In The ACPA Town Hall On Twitter (#ACPAtownhall)
The centerpiece of ACPA is its members and your voice counts! The Assembly Town Hall is a time set aside at convention for open feedback, group dialogue, and sharing. All ACPA members are welcome to join ACPA leadership to learn about upcoming priorities and help shape the future of our association. This session will include interactive presentations, question and answer time, and real time polls. It will be occurring from 3-5 p.m. EDT March 26 in the Galt House Cochran and Addition Rooms. Not available, but still want to participate? Join us from 3-5 p.m. EDT and we will be live tweeting on the #acpatownhall hashtag. Tweet questions, feedback and participate in polls via Twitter.More

Directorate Chair Forms
Attention Commission and Standing Committee leaders! As convention approaches and your term as chair ends, don't forget to submit your Directorate Chair form to grant the incoming leader access to pertinent leadership information.More

Get Involved With The Task Force For Alumni Relations And Development
The Task Force for Alumni Relations and Development serves as an educational, informed committee dedicated to the advancement of alumni relations and development research, best practices, skill development, information sharing, and professional competencies. TFARD works to assist in positioning ACPA to be an informed voice on alumni relations and development and how these issues intersect with student affairs. All ACPA members are welcomed to be a part of the Task Force. For more information, contact Mark Forrest or Chris Scanlon. You can also follow TFARD on Twitter @acpaTFARD.More

Congress Urged To Act Fast On Student Loan Interest Rates
Freshman Tyler Dowden from Northern Arizona University has high aspirations for a career as a psychologist, but worries about his future have brought him to Washington with a petition for Congress not to raise interest rates on his Stafford student loans. "I don't feel that I can be successful with this overwhelming debt strangling me. I can't really breathe because whenever I look around, whenever I look at my future or try to make goals for my future, I really can't. I have to take my massive debt into consideration," Dowden said. He isn't alone. He is among nearly 8 million college students who could potentially have the interest rates on subsidized Stafford student loans nearly double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent if Congress doesn't act by July 1.More

Mobility In Student Conduct: Functionality And Benefits That Matter
The "post-PC" era is here: Desktop computers are increasingly being replaced by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Students already have made the change, now Student Affairs units need to follow. Pave Systems is at the forefront of mobile innovation for student conduct professionals. Pave's new JA MOBILE solution delivers a complete student-conduct management program at the tips of your fingers. The device's camera and microphone allow you to capture content directly to your Judicial Action 5 system quickly and securely with an intuitive ‘swipe’ on the touch screen. With JA MOBILE you can take your conduct process to the next level. Learn more about the revolution at or email

Register Now: Gallup Strengths In Education Conference
Gallup's annual Strengths in Education Conference will take place July 25-27 at the Gallup Riverfront Campus in Omaha, Neb. This conference is for staff and faculty at all levels who want strategies for driving engagement throughout your campus or school. The keynote speaker will be Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized expert on education, creativity, and innovation. The videos of his famous 2006 and 2010 talks to the prestigious TED Conference have been seen by an estimated 200 million people in over 150 countries. Register today for this opportunity to learn and exchange best practices in strengths-based development work here: Strengths in Education Conference.More

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Get A Job After College
At a recent Rochester Institute of Technology career fair, a father went with his son from table to table, handing the student's resume to recruiters and talking up the young man's talents. The son remained silent while the father worked the room. "I'm sure in the dad's mind he was being helpful," said Manny Contomanolis, RIT career services associate vice president. He wound up taking the older man aside and explaining he had to let the student advocate on his own behalf. The story is typical, Contomanolis and other college job placement office professionals said.More

The World's Most Reputable Universities
Harvard is the world's most reputable university, according to a new ranking just released by Times Higher Education, a London-based magazine. Its second annual reputation ranking, which identifies the top 100 universities in terms of academic prestige, is based on a global, invitation-only opinion poll carried out by Ipsos for Times Higher Education's rankings data supplier, Thomson Reuters. This year they received 17,554 responses from senior, published academics.More

Kathryn Hume: The Most Important Interview Question
Inside Higher Ed
What's the difference between an OK interview and a great interview? A recent job hunter made that difference crystal-clear to Kathryn Hume. He had Skype interviews with two liberal arts colleges. The first, he reported, did not quite come off, and he left it thinking "Maybe I'm just not right for liberal arts colleges." This discouraged him, but when another possibility surfaced several weeks later, he prepared for it single-mindedly.More