Apr. 9, 2015

Join Us For The Symposium On The Recruitment & Retention Of Diverse Populations
Co-sponsored by Noel-Levitz and ACPA this convening is designed to helping today educators explore the latest strategies for enrolling and engaging a diverse student body. The symposium will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, April 13-15, 2015. Learn more and register here.More

Is Big Brother's Eye On Campus?
The Atlantic
At Georgia State University, algorithms alert advisers when a student falls behind in class. Course-planning tools tell students the classes and majors they're likely to complete, based on the performance of other students like them. When students swipe their ID cards to attend a tutoring or financial-literacy session, the university can send attendance data to advisers and staff. Colleges are analyzing all kinds of student data to figure out who needs extra support and when advisers and faculty should intervene. But as technology advances, and students' offline and online lives become more intertwined, data analytics—particularly, predictive analytics—may raise more ethical questions.More

ACPA Video On Demand
The ACPA 2015 Convention channel is now live. Look for low-cost sessions that meet the professional development needs of you, your students, or your staff. Also be sure to look for no-cost webinars sponsored by ACPA entity groups. Recently added topics include accountability, supervision and Title IX. ACPA Video On Demand.More

Student Financial Savvy Lacking
THE Journal
College students aren't as good at handling their finances as they think they are. Although they're more likely to have a credit card and a checking account than they were in 2012, they're also less likely to pay their credit bills on time or in full or to follow a budget. On top of that, they're more likely to have more than a single credit card and to carry larger balances and less likely to review their bills or credit history, let alone to save or invest even five percent of what they earn. Among four-year students, only 62 percent check their account balances; 12 percent don't because they're "too nervous." Additionally, 16 percent of student respondents live paycheck to paycheck and yet only 72 percent stop spending when their bank account balances were low.More

Programs For Veterans
Leadership from ACPA and the American Council on Education (ACE) recently met regarding supportive programs for Veterans on college campuses. A Toolkit for Veteran Friendly Institutions has been developed to assist schools in building effective programs for Veterans. To learn more, please visit here.More

Surveys Show Increase In Stress Among College Students
FIU News
The UCLA Higher Education Research Institute found that nationwide first-year-college students' sense of emotional well-being is at its lowest since 1985, when they first began the research. FIU students are also reporting the overwhelming pressure to succeed. In a study by the American College Health Association, FIU students said stress, anxiety, work and sleep difficulties were the top factors affecting their academic performance.More

Register Today For The Student Affairs Assessment Institute
The Student Affairs Assessment Institute is the premier professional development event for practitioners in the area of student affairs assessment and evaluation. New to this year's Institute is a pre-Institute program on Program Review, a process characterized by self-reflection and evaluation whereby one can critically assess all aspects of a department or functional unit. Register today to develop your assessment skills in this and other areas, and join keynote speaker Dr. Frank Shushock, JR. and a team of experienced faculty in Louisville, Kentucky this June!More

Student Spending Becoming Increasingly Reckless
USA Today
College students are becoming more confident and less competent when it comes to managing their personal finances, a new survey finds. The survey, which was conducted by financial aid company Higher One and education technology company EverFi, found that college students in 2014 were more likely to have and use more than one credit card than they were in 2012. The survey also found that those same students were far less likely to pay their credit card bills, make and stick to a budget, put money into savings, balance their checkbook or track their credit score.More

Less Than 5 Years In Student Affairs? Join Us At NPI In June!
Approximately half of ACPA members currently identify as entry-level professionals, and 40% have less than five years of experience in student affairs work. ACPA created the Phyllis L. Mable New Professionals Institute to address the knowledge and skills emerging professionals desire as they collectively serve thousands of students on a daily basis. Register today to join Jill Carnaghi, Peter Magolda, and the rest of our faculty in St. Louis in June!More

Can College Bans On Hard Liquor Be Effective?
Insider Higher Ed
The next few months could be a more lucrative time for bars in Hanover, N.H. The home of Dartmouth College is not especially known for its bar scene, with many students choosing instead to drink on campus at fraternity parties. When the spring term began on March 30, however, so did a new ban on hard liquor on campus, and the town's bars are now among the few places a student can drink a margarita without running afoul of the new policy. More

ACPA Partners With Expanding The Circle: Advancing LGBTQ Initiatives In Higher Education, From The Classroom To The Campus Quad For The 2015 Summer Institute
This program will take place June 10-13, 2015 in San Francisco. ACPA members are eligible for a $150 discount. Utilize the code ETCACPA to access this discount. This program is designed for academic deans and administrators, campus counselors, faculty and faculty development specialists, student affairs professionals, students, and non-profit professionals who seek to advance LGBTQ issues and concerns in higher education. Goals of the 2015 Summer Institute will include creating greater inclusion for all members of our campus communities, and enriching the quality of education and scholarship in higher education through national coalition-building. More information on the seminar can be found here.More

New SCMM Clearinghouse Initiative
The Standing Committee on Men & Masculinities leadership team is excited to announce that we have launched a new initiative in the form of a programmatic clearinghouse. The goal of this clearinghouse is to serve student affairs practitioners as a great resource to learn about men's programming happening across the country! If you (or your campus colleagues) coordinate any types of programs geared towards college men and their development, we encourage you to share details about these programs with us. Information collected will then be made available to members through our website. Contributions are appreciated and may be made here.More

Upcoming State Conferences
California College Personnel Association – 2015 California Institute — April 18, 2015 — 9 am – 5 pm — California College of the Arts, San Francisco, California —

Maryland College Personnel Association — Maryland Support Staff Conference — May 1, 2015 — 9 am – 4 pm — Loyola University Maryland, Columbia, Maryland —