May. 9, 2013

Application To Chair The ACPA 2015 Tampa Convention
The role of the Convention Chair is one of the higher profile positions within ACPA. Generally appointed no less than 18 months before the convention date, the Convention Chair will work directly with ACPA leadership and International Office staff to implement a meaningful and educational convention, appoint a team of practitioners, faculty and graduate students that can fulfill the responsibilities required of a convention planning team, manage the regular challenges associated with planning a large and complex event, and maintain an accurate account of expenditures and schedule. Interested ACPA members should complete the online application below and submit their resumes directly, no later than May 15, 2013.More

Students Prefer To Take 'Important' Courses Face To Face
eCampus News
The independent nature of online courses has seemingly driven community college students to sign up for less challenging classes online while taking tough classes in a traditional classroom. While prior studies have shown that many community college students struggled in Web-based courses, new research published by the Community College Research Center in New York shows that even as two-year schools have grown their various online offerings, students are hesitant to take "important" classes outside the face-to-face teaching and learning environment.More

Take Advantage Of ACPA Career Services
ACPA is dedicated to providing high quality career and placement services for all levels of college student educators. Through its professional development offerings, mentoring program, and job search tools, ACPA offers everything you need to advance in your career. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.More

Students Prefer To Take 'Important' Courses Face To Face
eCampus News
The independent nature of online courses has seemingly driven community college students to sign up for less challenging classes online while taking tough classes in a traditional classroom.More

Research: Social Media Has Negative Impact On Academic Performance
eCampus News
Perusing Facebook, sending rapid-fire text messages, and tweeting back and forth with friends and celebrities alike might not be the best academic strategy, it turns out.More

ADHD Drugs Like Adderall Becoming More Common On Campus
Most college students will turn to caffeinated beverages like coffee or energy drinks in order to stay up late and do some last-minute studying for final exams.More

Big Changes In Student Mobility Needed, Says LERU
University World News
Europe's top research universities are pushing for more structured forms of student mobility, to build on the achievements of the Erasmus exchange program, which they say is reaching its limits. Newer forms of "networked" and "embedded" student mobility are needed. These forms of student mobility will be costly and will possibly require difficult decisions and commitments from institutions, governments and the European Commission, says the League of European Research Universities, or LERU, which represents the top 21 research-intensive universities in Europe.More

Professional Academy For LGBT Advisors
Do you enjoy advising LGBT college students, but wish you could be more equipped and the most effective with the best information, tools and resources? Campus Pride has the skill-building retreat just for you — the LGBT Professional Academy for Advisors (aka Advisor BOOTCAMP). The five day retreat is in coordination with Camp Pride and brings together LGBT student advisors and higher education staff who support LGBT youth from around the country. At the academy, you will have the opportunity to learn new knowledge, enhance your skills as well as collaborate with others who share your passion for advising and creating safer, more welcoming communities. The academy is for you if you want a summer professional enrichment on LGBT issues and concerns. Scholarships and early discount rates available until May 29, 2013. For more information email.More

Using Technology To Fight Cheating In Online Education
Los Angeles Times
While Jennifer Clay was at home taking an online exam for her business law class, a proctor a few hundred miles away was watching her every move. Using a webcam mounted in Clay's Los Angeles apartment, the monitor in Phoenix tracked how frequently her eyes shifted from the computer screen and listened for the telltale sounds of a possible helper in the room. Her computer browser was locked — remotely — to prevent Internet searches, and her typing pattern was analyzed to make sure she was who she said she was: Did she enter her password with the same rhythm as she had in the past? Or was she slowing down?More

ACPA Wellness Challenge: 2013-2014 Survey
Are you interested in getting involved with ACPA? Are you passionate about Wellness? The ACPA Commission for Wellness is currently recruiting members to join the ACPA Wellness Challenge Committee. The focus of the Wellness Challenge is to create a supportive online community for members of ACPA to work toward greater levels of wellness. If you are interested in joining our team, please fill out this survey.More

U.S. Orders New Visa Reviews For Arriving Students
The Boston Globe
The Homeland Security Department ordered border agents "effective immediately" to verify that every international student who arrives in the U.S. has a valid student visa, according to an internal memorandum obtained by The Associated Press. The new procedure is the government's first security change directly related to the Boston bombings. The order from a senior official at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, David J. Murphy, was circulated and came one day after the Obama administration acknowledged that a student from Kazakhstan accused of hiding evidence for one of the Boston bombing suspects was allowed to return to the U.S. in January without a valid student visa. More