May. 15, 2014

Apply to be the #ACPA16 Convention Chair in Montréal
Apply to serve as the 2016 Convention Chair as we head to Montréal, Canada! The opportunity to lead our Annual Convention planning efforts in collaboration with the International Office team is a great opportunity to serve the profession and shape the convention experience for all those who attend. We are looking for passionate candidates who have experience leading volunteer teams and building relationships with members and Association leaders. Submit your application today! Applications are due Friday, June 13.More

Students And Stimulants: Risky Business On College Campuses
By: Jason Poquette
It's finals time, and college kids are looking for any approach that will give them the edge they need on their final exams and papers. But according to a recent study, some students are consuming more than copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks to push the limits of their studying stamina. Prescription stimulant medications, such as Ritalin or Adderall, are being misused for their potential benefit to improve focus during cram sessions. As a pharmacist, I find these facts concerning, though not surprising.More

New Professionals, Meet Us In St. Louis!
Join Peter Magolda and Jill Carnaghi at Washington University in St. Louis this June for a once-in-a-lifetime professional development experience for a #newSApro! The Phyllis L. Mable New Professionals Institute is designed for individuals with 0-4 years of experience in student affairs/services. This valuable professional development experience INCLUDES housing and most meals. Register today for $595.More

Tackling Test Anxiety May Help Kids In Other Areas
Psych Central
Showing students how to cope with test anxiety might also help them handle built-up angst and concerns about other issues, according to a new study. Conducted by Carl Weems, Ph.D., of the University of New Orleans, the study shows that anxiety intervention programs that focus on academic matters fit into the school routine, and do not carry the same stigma among youth as general anxiety programs.More

Apply To Host The 2015 Conference On College Men!
The Conference on College Men brings together the most diverse and talented educators in the field of men and masculinities research and practice and has become the premier venue to explore and examine issues related to men and masculinities in higher education. As particular populations of college men continue to struggle in their postsecondary transitions and engagement, the Conference on College Men will challenge attendees to critically reflect upon how their own identification and expression of gender influences their work with college and university students while providing the most recent scholarship and services in the field. Apply to host today! Applications are due Friday, May 30, by 5:00 pm EDT.More

Frequently Asked Questions About Federal Campus Crime Statistics
U.S. News & World Report
Recently, the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights released a list of 55 "higher education institutions under investigation for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints." More

10 Universities With The Largest Undergraduate Populations
U.S. News & World Report
Going to college may be increasingly expensive, but the cost hasn't deterred thousands of students from enrolling. Between 1992 and 1998, undergraduate enrollment was stable, but it increased by 37 percent between 2000 and 2010, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.More

How College Health Centers Help Students Succeed
Psychology Today
Of all the dramatic changes in higher education in recent years, one that goes largely unnoticed is the tremendous growth in the mission, services, and facilities of health centers. More

College Students' Unhealthy Habits Can Mark Their Future
HealthDay News
College students tend to have unhealthy lifestyles that could increase their risk of cancer and other health problems later in life, a new study warns. Black and Native American students are especially at risk, according to Northwestern University researchers, who analyzed data gathered from more than 30,000 college students nationwide in 2010. The study found that 95 percent of college students don't eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables (at least five servings a day), and more than 60 percent don't get the recommended levels of weekly physical activity — at least three vigorous workouts of 20 minutes minimum or five moderate workouts of 30 minutes minimum.More

Keynote Speakers For #ACPA15
Who do YOU want to see as our #ACPA15 keynote speakers? Share your suggestions on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #acpa15 or email suggestions to Scott Brown, 2015 Speakers Chair. More

Frequently Asked Questions About Federal Campus Crime Statistics
U.S. News & World Report
Recently, the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights released a list of 55 "higher education institutions under investigation for possible violations of federal law over the handling of sexual violence and harassment complaints." This marked the first time a comprehensive list of schools being investigated for possible violations of Title IX — a law that prohibits gender discrimination at institutions that receive federal funding — has been made publicly available. More

#ACPAGrow Mentoring Opportunities—Next Cohort Deadline June 12, 2014
#ACPAGrow ensures mentoring and career development can occur beyond our own institutions with others across the country and the world. More importantly, it provides the opportunity to set aside time to reflect and discuss with colleagues in meaningful ways. Contribute to the profession and consider serving as a mentor or a protégé for ACPAGrow's next cohort and commit only a few months of conversation, dialogue and learning! Conversations occur every two weeks for approximately thirty minutes and are supported through a series of discussion prompts surrounding professional and career development, lessons learned, and understanding campus culture. Get the full details about the #ACPAGrow career mentoring program and apply online. Email questions to

New Global University Ranking Launched—U-Multirank
University World News
The latest major global university ranking, U-Multirank, was launched in Brussels. With more than 850 higher education institutions of various types from 70 countries compared over 30 indicators — and 5,000 study programmes and 60,000 students surveyed — Europe's answer to the "big three" rankings says it is also the world's biggest. U-Multirank stresses that it not a typical ranking. It takes a user-driven, multi-dimensional approach comparing different kinds of institutions across a range of activities and grading them from A for "very good" to E for "weak," rather than producing a global top 100 universities based on composite scores.More

Is Your College/University A Member Of ACPA?
Exciting new benefits have been added to this year's College/University Membership! We have expanded our complimentary individual memberships, continue to offer a complimentary webinar, and to be featured on our website. Find more information about the current benefits of a College/University membership here.More

ACPA Gift Store
Our online gift store, brought to you by My Favorite Student, is the go-to place to purchase items for a recent graduate! We offer ACPA branded gear, gift baskets, care packages, flowers, and even cologne. When you shop in our gift store, a portion of the sales is donated to ACPA to support your colleagues' professional development and sustain the profession. Shop now!More