May. 23, 2013

Get To Know NIRSA: Leaders In Collegiate Recreation
In the spirit of continued collaboration beyond our recent co-located event in Las Vegas, NIRSA is offering complimentary memberships to ACPA members. The goal of the program is to introduce ACPA members to the various benefits of a NIRSA membership. This program started on May 20, 2013 and concludes December 31, 2013. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kendra Hall, NIRSA Membership Coordinator. Sign up. There is a similar program offered by ACPA to NIRSA members for the same duration.More

Study: College Women Binge Drink More Often Than Men
U.S. News & World Report
Female college students exceed government-suggested limits on weekly alcohol consumption more often than male students do, according to a new report by researchers at Harvard University. Men and women are starting on something of an uneven playing field. In 1990, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a division of the National Institutes of Health, suggested that men drink a maximum of four drinks daily and 14 drinks weekly. The guidelines for women suggest that they max out at three drinks a day and seven drinks a week.More

Register Now: ACPA Summer Career Central (SC2) In Washington, D.C.
Summer Career Central (SC2) is the newest recruitment opportunity for student affairs professionals hosted by ACPA and American University Housing and Dining Programs on June 6-7, 2013. This is the chance for employers and candidates to recruit, interview and make connections over job opportunities that have occurred since the spring recruitment season. As an employer, ACPA member registration is $200. This includes an interview table, a job posting, unlimited resume access, and breakfast and lunch for both days. Take advantage of this opportunity to post positions and shop for candidates prior to the start of the upcoming academic year. We look forward to helping you recruit the best candidates at SC2.More

Mutual Degree Recognition Key To Europe-Asia Student Mobility
University World News
Mutual recognition of degrees in Europe and Asia would help balance the flow of students between the two regions, a conference of education ministers from 38 European and Asian countries was told. Some 140 delegates — from 19 Asian and 27 European nations — were attending the fourth Asia-Europe education ministerial, known as ASEMME4, which was held at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from 12-14 May. They were joined by delegates from Australia, New Zealand and Russia.More

Study: College Women Binge Drink More Often Than Men
U.S. News & World Report
Female college students exceed government-suggested limits on weekly alcohol consumption more often than male students do, according to a new report by researchers at Harvard University.More

ADHD Drugs Like Adderall Becoming More Common On Campus
Most college students will turn to caffeinated beverages like coffee or energy drinks in order to stay up late and do some last-minute studying for final exams.More

10 Colleges Where The Most Students Study Abroad
U.S. News & World Report
Students who study abroad often cite it as one of the highlights of their college experience, and it is easy to see why. More

New ACPA Resource: Accreditation And The Role of the Student Affairs Educator
This monograph is a must-read for any student affairs administrator preparing for or entering an accreditation process. Because the focus of regional accreditation agencies has shifted to that of demonstrating student learning both inside and outside the classroom, student affairs professionals are increasingly being asked to participate in, and contribute to, the accreditation process of their institutions. As student affairs practitioners, we are uniquely poised to provide evidence of student learning in the co-curricular environment. This resource, entitled, Accreditation and the Role of the Student Affairs Educator, is available for download at no cost for ACPA members and for $9.95 USD for non-ACPA members. More

Register Today For The 7th Annual Residential Curriculum Institute (RCI)
The University of South Carolina and ACPA's Commissions for Housing and Residential Life and Assessment and Evaluation welcome you to Columbia, South Carolina starting October 20 through October 23 for this immersive professional development experience. Sessions offered at RCI are designed both for institutions new to the residential curriculum approach and for those with more advanced experience.More

Students Might Not Be 'Academically Adrift' After All, Study Finds
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Students show substantial gains in learning during college, as measured by a standardized test of critical thinking, according to two studies conducted by the creator of the test. While perhaps not a direct rebuke to Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, the blockbuster 2011 book that documented what its authors argued was meager learning on campuses, the studies, by the Council for Aid to Education, do offer a sunnier counternarrative.More

ACPA Foundation Research Grants Call For Proposals Deadline July 1, 2013
It is time to apply for an ACPA Foundation Research Grant! The ACPA Foundation is the fundraising organization for ACPA — College Student Educators International. Specifically, the Foundation seeks philanthropic support for ACPA initiatives involving research and scholarship, professional development and leadership programs for student affairs professionals in higher education. More

Cities, MOOCs, Global Networks
Inside Higher Ed
The last several days of higher ed media coverage have been rich with discussions about the tangle of global networks being formed. A case in point is this announcement, by Imperial College London and Zhejiang University, to collaborate on a new initiative in London's White City. Much like the Amsterdam's plans to establish a new university ('On Amsterdam's Plans to Establish a Third University'), and the Cornell-Technion experiment in New York City, these global networks are quite tightly configured and very urban-centered: they are being harnessed to create new spaces of knowledge production to creatively unsettle and hopefully strengthen city-region innovation systems.More