Jul. 11, 2013

ACPA Opposes Indiana Law Barring Same-Sex Marriage License Application and Wedding Ceremony
The Indiana State Legislature recently approved a reform to the state's criminal code effective July 1, 2014, that punishes same-sex couples who apply for marriage licenses and all officials who perform same-sex nuptials. This outrageous act is disrespectful, mean spirited, and contrary to ACPA's core values. Read a statement from ACPA leaders.More

Google: College Students Have The Technology, So Where Is The Change?
EdTech Magazine
Technology is ubiquitous, and Google has the data to prove it. According to their 2012 survey "Digital & the New College Experience," 74 percent of college students own smartphones, and 86 percent have supplemented their courses with free online resources. Many of those students — 47 percent, to be exact — share digital learning materials on social media sites at least weekly. The college landscape has changed dramatically in the past few years, and this survey unearthed some fascinating data.More

Proposals For The ACPA Higher Education Webinar Series
These live streaming Webcasts are designed to provide quality and convenient learning for college student educators, including faculty and graduate students. Each Webinar is 60-90 minutes in length. ACPA seeks proposals on a variety of cutting edge and timely topics in higher education in general, and student affairs in particular. The priority deadline for Webinar presenter proposals for the 2013-2014 academic year is July 12, 2013. Gather some colleagues today and start working on your Webinar proposal! Click here for more information about the ACPA Higher Education Webinar Series and the link to the proposal form.More

Speakers For 7th Annual ACPA Residential Curriculum Institute
We are proud to announce our full slate of speakers for the 7th Annual Residential Curriculum Institute in Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Terrell Strayhorn will serve as the Opening Keynote Speaker, followed by Dr. Jennifer Keup, and our closing keynote speaker, Dr. Marcia Baxter-Magolda. To view the schedule-at-a-glance and register for the event, visit here. Early bird rates are in effect through September 19, 2013.More

OECD More Engaged Than Ever With Higher Education
University World News
The OECD agrees wholeheartedly that "higher education has never been more important to countries worldwide. Furthermore, academic institutions and systems are increasingly affected by global trends that require comparative analysis and international debate and can benefit from an analysis of 'best practice' worldwide." But we are rather mystified by Professor Philip G Altbach's commentary, published on 29 June, on the role of the OECD in higher education — which simply doesn't reflect reality.More

Google: College Students Have The Technology, So Where Is The Change?
EdTech Magazine
Technology is ubiquitous, and Google has the data to prove it. According to their 2012 survey "Digital & the New College Experience," 74 percent of college students own smartphones, and 86 percent have supplemented their courses with free online resources. More

Study: Millennials Prefer Traditional Classrooms Over Online Ones
Students are warming up to virtual education, but according to a new study, they still believe it's easier to learn in a traditional classroom. More

Study: College Women Binge Drink More Often Than Men
U.S. News & World Report
Female college students exceed government-suggested limits on weekly alcohol consumption more often than male students do, according to a new report by researchers at Harvard University. More

Virginia Tech Selected As Host Institute (RCI) For 2014 Residential Curriculum Institute
Virginia Tech will serve as the host institution for the 8th Annual Residential Curriculum Institute (RCI) in October 2014. Official dates and details will be posted as they become available. For details on this year's RCI in Columbia, South Carolina, please go here.More

Study: Campuses Lack Mobile And BYOD Policies, Despite Concerns
eCampus News
Three quarters of university chief information officers say that the importance of mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) has increased in the last year, but just as many say their institutions have no BYOD policies in place, according to a report by Education Dive. The report, which was underwritten by Sprint Higher Education Solutions, was based on a survey of 50 CIOs from around the United States and examined the policies, obstacles and successes of universities adopting mobile devices on their campuses.More

Call For Chapter Proposals
"Intersectionality and Higher Education: Theory, Research, and Practice" explores the uses and functions of intersectionality in higher education. Topics may include: (a) intersecting identities of privilege and oppression; (b) socio-historical factors impacting inequalities as they pertain to intersectionality; (c) programs and initiatives that have been designed to combat issues of intersecting oppressions; and, (d) theoretical work exploring policies and practices that exacerbate or privilege intersecting identities. The volume is in development for Lexington Books. Authors are invited to submit a 2-3 page proposals by 7/22/2013. Submissions can be forwarded to Donald Mitchell, Jr., Ph.D., Grand Valley State University, at:

Math, Science Popular Until Students Realize They're Hard
The Wall Street Journal
Math and science majors are popular until students realize what they're getting themselves into, according to new research. In a working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, researchers Ralph Stinebrickner of Berea College and Todd R. Stinebrickner of the University of Western Ontario say that college students are fleeing from math, physics, chemistry and the like after dipping into some classes.More

University Of Vermont's Legal Issues In Higher Education Conference
Register now for the University of Vermont's Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference and save! The early bird deadline for this year's Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference will expire July 15, 2013. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from expert higher education professionals. Sessions will cover current student affairs issues, SaVE Act, Title II, athletics, campus safety, plus two affinity sessions have been added to increase networking opportunities.More

Trying To Influence The Mums
Inside Higher Ed
In days past, parents in Britain were often uninterested bystanders when it came to decisions about where their children would go to university. Now they are so important that student recruitment advertising is targeting them directly. Online forum and social media network the Student Room has partnered with Mumsnet, the online forum for parents, to allow universities to aim advertising directly at parents and their children at the same time.More