Jul. 18, 2013

U.S. Capitol Hill Update
With the doubling of interest rates on new student loans as of July 1, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill before the July 4th recess that would shift the student loan interest rates to be tied to the Treasury Bond rates as opposed to Congress setting it on a yearly basis. The U.S. Senate has been in tough negotiations on their version of the bill, which would extend the current rates for one year with the goal of overhauling the entire program with the U.S. federal government's Higher Education Reauthorization Act.More

Tobacco Free College Campuses Blog
Approximately 18.9 percent of young adults in the U.S. between the ages of 18-24 smoke. And as documented by the 2012 U.S. Surgeon General's Report, almost no one starts smoking after age 25. Progression from occasional to daily smoking frequently occurs during the first years following high school. Thus, tobacco prevention and cessation efforts should include young adults, making college and university campuses a critical target.More

2014 Veteran Symposium Call For Programs
The Veteran Symposium for Higher Education program committee is now accepting program proposals for the 2014 Veteran Symposium to be held in Louisville, Kentucky on February 23-25. Special consideration will be given to research and innovative programs that focus on: academic support, career services, counseling and health services, campus housing, orientation and mentoring, retention efforts, and women veterans. Evaluation of proposals will begin immediately. Proposals should be submitted on or before August 1, 2013. Complete the program proposal submission form. The Veteran Symposium for Higher Education is a program supported by ACPA — College Student Educators International, other higher education associations, and the University of Louisville. For more information about the symposium go to

European Commission Launches New Internationalization Strategy
University World News
In an effort to bolster Europe's position in international higher education, the European Commission has launched a new strategy for the internationalization of higher education. It promises stronger policy support and financial incentives, and calls on countries to use immigration rules to enhance rather than create obstacles to mobility.More

Student Moms Demand Flexible Scheduling For College Classes
Business Administration Information
One out of three student moms feel their colleges do not currently offer enough scheduling flexibility, according to a survey sponsored by the online-based Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University. More

Google: College Students Have The Technology, So Where Is The Change?
EdTech Magazine
Technology is ubiquitous, and Google has the data to prove it. According to their 2012 survey "Digital & the New College Experience," 74 percent of college students own smartphones, and 86 percent have supplemented their courses with free online resources.More

Study: College Women Binge Drink More Often Than Men
U.S. News & World Report
Female college students exceed government-suggested limits on weekly alcohol consumption more often than male students do, according to a new report by researchers at Harvard University. Men and women are starting on something of an uneven playing field.More

ACPA Dues Increase Effective July 1, 2013
Like other associations, ACPA must periodically review its operating costs and the anticipated work ahead for our vision for higher and tertiary education. As we prepare for the 90th Anniversary of ACPA in 2014 and plan the implementation of the six strategic priorities that will guide the association's activities, we instituted a dues increase that will support executing these priorities in a timely and effective manner. Dues revenue allows us to continue to enhance your professional effectiveness through our top-notch learning, knowledge, and networking opportunities, as well as provide quality products, programs, and services to you. Thank you for your continued support. More

High Achievers Pick Colleges Farther From Home
USA Today
The smarter your kid, the farther from home he or she may go to college. The higher students score on a standardized college entrance exam, the more distance they may put between home and their college choice, a new study shows. A similar link exists between the education level of the student's parents: The more educated the parents, the farther from home their son or daughter tends to venture, the study finds.More

Registration For The Inaugural Institute For Aspiring SSAOs Is Open
ACPA is proud to offer this new and exciting professional development event September 15 - September 17 at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida, for those who are considering a Senior Student Affairs Officer (SSAO) role as a future career goal. The ACPA Institute for Aspiring SSAOs: Exploring Underrepresented Identities and Career Paths will explore ways in which our diverse backgrounds (such as gender identity and presentation, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and physical/cognitive qualities) impact our move to and experience within an SSAO role. More

Student Activists Demand Stronger Punishment For Colleges That Fail To Address Sexual Assault
Dozens of students rallied outside the U.S. Department of Education headquarters on Monday morning, many of them wearing their college T-shirts, to deliver a petition with nearly 120,000 signatures demanding that the Department hold colleges accountable in preventing sexual violence on their campuses, as required by federal law. The "ED Act Now" rally and petition asked for increased and stricter enforcement of Title IX, a 1972 law prohibiting gender-based discrimination that requires any college receiving federal funding to ensure equal access to education, free from sexual harassment and assault. Survivors and other activists in the ED Act Now movement are demanding strong, enforced sanctions for colleges found non-compliant under the law. Several of them met with department officials after the rally to discuss the petition's demands.More

July E-Series, Assisting Communities Following Natural Disasters Webcast
When a natural disaster strikes, many of our immediate reactions are to offer assistance in some way. However, determining what is needed, what is possible, the best way to proceed, and who to incorporate can often be a difficult process. Join the Commission for Student Involvement as we host our first E-Series of the 2013 summer featuring discussions and recommendations by panelists focusing on how universities can best respond to natural disasters when they strike. Panelists will include Dr. Wahnee Sherman, former Director of the Community Service Center at the University of Alabama, and Nicholaus Rauk, Director of Volunteer Outreach for Volunteer Louisiana. To participate in the Webcast, please register online here. If you have any questions contact Alicia Erwin, Vice Chair for Programs at This Webcast is free and open to anyone, regardless of professional association membership.More

Student Moms Demand Flexible Scheduling For College Classes
Business Administration Information
One out of three student moms feel their colleges do not currently offer enough scheduling flexibility, according to a survey sponsored by the online-based Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University. Nearly 80 percent of the mothers surveyed cited flexible scheduling as the top variable to the success of their college education. The survey asked 500 student mothers questions relating to their college education experience.More

Opportunities For Authorship On The Role Of Developmental Education
The Commission for Student Development in the Two Year College is interested in producing a white paper on the role of developmental or remedial education. We are looking for members who are interested in authoring a paper on this important subject. If you would like more information about this opportunity please e-mail Patty Munsch at