Jul. 24, 2014

From the ACPA President:
Reflections on Intent and Impact

I have spent the last several days reflecting about ACPA. The July Leadership Meeting (JLM) was an amazing few days with ACPA leaders. We were energized, unified, and positive about our Association's vision. We focused on concepts of leading, amplifying, mobilizing, and partnering (LAMP), and I sensed a true excitement about our future.

We also talked about the importance of our core values, including equity and inclusion, and we participated in a two-hour training and development program about social justice, specifically for the bias incident response protocol. Ironically, when we were all participating in this program, we did not know that very soon our actions would communicate institutional racism to our members and the external community. Although no one intended harm, that was the impact.More

Video: Dr. Diana Natalicio: #ACPArethink Presidential Symposium
Dr. Diana Natalicio currently serves as the president at The University of Texas at El Paso. Watch Natalicio discuss the transformational power of higher education.More

Avoiding Roommate Shock, Online
The New York Times
Before Daniel Stompor arrived on campus last fall for his first year at Northwestern University, he went on Facebook, looking for a roommate. Although Northwestern, in Evanston, Ill., has traditionally assigned roommates to incoming students, the school recently started offering another option: a matching app on Facebook, called RoomSync, that lets students search for and select their own roomies. Mr. Stompor, who is from the Chicago area, decided to try it.More

Webinar: Interfaith, Diversity, And Student Affairs
The Commission for Spirituality, Faith, Religion & Meaning is co-sponsoring a webinar with Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), "Interfaith, Diversity, and Student Affairs", on July 30! This interactive webinar will focus on the role student affairs educators can play in promoting interfaith cooperation as a way to transform the campus diversity landscape. Our session will be based on the most common questions and concerns from ACPA members and shine a light on some of the most effective, high impact practices being used on campuses today.To learn more and to sign-up, please visit We can't wait to engage with you on this topic! More

How To Boost Your University Up The Rankings
University World News
The recent publication by Thomson Reuters of the list of Highly Cited Researchers and their institutions provides data much more interesting than simply knowing who are the most cited and which institutions hire them. More

Sleep Problems Have The Same Effects On Students' Grades As Drug Abuse, New Study Finds
PBS Newshour
Losing sleep can have the same effects on your grades as binge drinking and chronic marijuana use, according to a new study published in the journal Sleep.More

Here's What Procrastinators Are Doing Instead Of Schoolwork
The Huffington Post
Regardless of gender or age, you probably do your fair share of procrastinating if you're in school. A new study from StudyMode, an international network that provides students with online learning tools, breaks down who procrastinates and why. More

A Swivel Chair: The Most Important Classroom Technology?
U.S. News & World Report
What if the key to boosting student engagement was as simple as swapping out desks and chairs and rearranging the layout of a classroom? The most important classroom technology nowadays is not a classroom projector, laptop or tablet — it's the swivel chair, according to one environment and behavior researcher. New research from the education-focused branch of the furniture and design company Steelcase Inc. shows more intentionally designed classrooms are positively correlated to student engagement, which can in turn improve student success. More

Read Member Of The Week Maria Tomaino's Story
ACPA has been there for me from the beginning. From a graduate student to a mid-level professional, I have grown through the organization and created a network that grows stronger and more significant, both personally and professionally, each year. As a career services administrator, it is vitally important that I am affiliated with a higher education organization that recognizes career services as a knowledge community. Share Your Story.More

How To Boost Your University Up The Rankings
University World News
The recent publication by Thomson Reuters of the list of Highly Cited Researchers and their institutions provides data much more interesting than simply knowing who are the most cited and which institutions hire them. By providing data on secondary affiliations, the list inadvertently confirms the traffic in institutional affiliations used to boost institutions' places in world university rankings.More

Share Your College Or University's ACPA Story
Did you know? When you submit your college or university's ACPA story, you could win 5 complimentary registrations to our Annual Convention in Tampa! Get the details and share your story.More

Alcohol In College: Campus Security More Likely To Warn Students Who Commit Booze-Related Offenses Than Punish Them
Medical Daily
Alcohol availability, unstructured time, limited interactions with parents or other adults, as well as several other factors have influenced alcohol abuse and binge drinking among college students, which seems to be the norm on most campuses. A recent study published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research has revealed that law enforcement officials and campus security at major colleges in the United States tend to hold back from writing citations over alcohol-related offenses.More

Leadership Educators Institute Call For Programs
The LEI planning committee is seeking proposals that effectively link student affairs practice to the values of leadership education. Presenters will be asked to identify the intended audience for their session: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Additionally, the conference planning committee will select programs based upon each program’s relationship to the conference themes and learning outcomes. Program Proposals are due July 31, 2014, and individuals will be notified of program status by September 1, 2014. Submit your program today!More

ACPA Gift Store
Our online gift store, brought to you by My Favorite Student, is your place to buy everything you need! We offer ACPA-branded apparel and accessories, gift baskets, care packages, flowers, and even cologne. When you shop in our gift store, a portion of the sales is donated to ACPA to support your colleagues' professional development and sustain the profession. Shop now!More