Jul. 26, 2012

Ohio Higher Education Panel Recommends Banning All Tobacco On Campuses
The Associated Press via The Oklahoman
Ohio higher education officials unanimously voted to urge the state's public campuses to ban all sales and use of tobacco products, including smoking outdoors. The Ohio Board of Regents' resolution comes after a review showed such policies bring health benefits to smokers and nonsmokers and cut costs for education institutions, Chairman James Tuschman said. He said Ohio can set an example because it often serves as a test market for new tobacco products aimed at young people. At least seven public colleges or universities in Ohio currently have tobacco bans, including Miami University, Hocking College, and the health science campus of the University of Toledo.More

New Menu Structure Coming Soon To ACPA Web Site
In an effort to improve the overall functionality of the association's Web site, ACPA is developing a new menu structure with a focus on improved organization and aesthetics. Stayed tuned in the coming months as the new menus will be pushed out.More

Rick Mann: What Can We Learn From University Of Virginia?
The Huffington Post
For those who follow higher education in America, it seems at times that over the last month all eyes have been on the University of Virginia and the controversy regarding the resignation of their president. As early as last week, the lead item on Inside Higher Ed featured the UVA story and discussed the broader topic of faculty voice. For those who don't follow college and university life that closely, there are still lessons to be learned. Are colleges and universities a business, a nonprofit, an educational enterprise, or a public trust? In some ways, they are all of the above.More

The National Center For Transgender Equality Seeks Input
National Center for Transgender Equality
The National Center for Transgender Equality is working on introducing the Transgender On-campus Nondiscrimination Information Project and needs your help. The TONI Project is an online resource for trans people to share information about policies and practices at colleges and universities across the county. Prospective students can use TONI to explore the schools to which they are applying, and current students and allies can discover new ideas to transform their campuses.More

More California Colleges Contract With Debit Card Firm Criticized For Fees
California Watch
Nearly half of California's community colleges and a handful of other higher education institutions now disburse student financial aid on debit cards through contracts with Higher One, a financial firm that has garnered increasing scrutiny for charging multiple fees, aggressive marketing tactics and privacy concerns. At least 52 California Community Colleges use the company. The Department of Education has announced that it is planning to establish a negotiated rulemaking committee that will look in part at whether college students should have more choice about whether to accept debit cards or banking services through contracted providers, "particularly in view of the costs and fees associated with the use of those cards and services."More

Register Now: Public Launch Of PolicyDirect
Please join the Institute for Higher Education Policy and Lumina Foundation as they launch PolicyDirect — a new online resource containing summaries of seminal postsecondary education research for a policy-focused audience. PolicyDirect is a one-stop, easy-to-use resource for an analysis of leading-edge research that highlights crucial findings on important higher education issues such as college preparation, financial aid, student success and productivity.More

Seton Hall University To Provide Smartphones To Freshman Class
U.S. News & World Report
The sight of cellphones during a lecture typically has been a source of frustration for many college professors attempting to teach students who may have more interest in their mobile devices than the lesson plans. But one university is hoping a new effort to leverage smartphones will better engage students inside and outside of the classroom. Seton Hall University in New Jersey has launched its new initiative during summer orientation by providing smartphones and pre-paid cellphone plans to its incoming freshman class.More

Seabrook House Shares Online Resource
Seabrook House
The purpose of Treatment is Hope, a free online resource from Seabrook House, is to send a simple message to those suffering from the disease of addiction: Recovery is possible. Addiction is a disease that takes a major physical, spiritual and psychological toll on individuals and families. Yet, more than half of those who suffer from addiction don't get the treatment they need. Some common reasons are denial, unwillingness to stop using, financial constraints, work, school or family obligations, doubt that they can be helped, and a fear of the stigma against addiction treatment.More

Gary Shilling: Higher Education Needs A Financing Overhaul
This hat cost me $110K." That was the message a 2012 graduate displayed on her mortarboard at her university commencement. The recent flare-up over huge student-loan balances, especially among jobless recent college graduates, is exposing deep flaws in the way higher education is financed. Historically, the U.S. has always emphasized education as the route to financial success. In much of Europe, the link between education and economic achievement has never been as deeply ingrained. This U.S. zeal for schooling has been so vigorous that it has blurred the distinction between education (the development of the mind and the thinking process) and training (the preparation for a job or career).More