Aug. 14, 2014

Call For Applications And Nominations — 2016 ACPA Montréal Convention Planning Team
In March 2016, ACPA — College Student Educators International will host its first Annual Convention outside of the United States in Montréal, Québec, Canada. The first international Convention represents a historic moment for the Association. This landmark occasion will require the love, dedication, and thoughtfulness of a diverse and talented convention team. We are currently searching to identify a new generation of leaders who are ready to create, inspire, and welcome thousands of attendees in Montréal for a convention that will live forever in the story of ACPA and our profession.More

Work Hard, Play Hard: Schools Introduce Video Game Design Programs
U.S. News University Connection
For many college students, video games provide an ideal way to unwind between classes or after a long day of studying. On the other hand, for some they are more of a passion than just an occasional hobby. Those with a supreme talent for design and a specific type of creativity may even have toyed with the idea of developing their own games. Bringing an idea to fruition and guiding it through the stages of production takes a lot more than spending hours with a console in hand, however. It demands a particular skill and knowledge set — one that can be nurtured through higher education.More

Video: July Leadership Meeting
How are we moving ACPA forward this summer? Watch our #ACPAjlm highlights to learn how we are planning for our future and creating community on our campuses and within the Association.More

Trends In Students Online — Not Such Digital Natives?
University World News
A study of trends in student digital use has confirmed the need for universities to deploy a range of tools in communicating with prospective students. Laura Bridgestock, author of the report just published by university rankings body QS, warned institutions not to "underestimate the importance of traditional communication methods even in the Web 3.0 era." Most students surveyed rated online and offline resources as equally important components of their research, but rather astonishingly in this digital area, many still preferred phone calls or even writing old-fashioned letters when communicating with universities.More

Work Hard, Play Hard: Schools Introduce Video Game Design Programs
U.S. News University Connection
For many college students, video games provide an ideal way to unwind between classes or after a long day of studying. More

Sleep Problems Have The Same Effects On Students' Grades As Drug Abuse, New Study Finds
PBS Newshour
Losing sleep can have the same effects on your grades as binge drinking and chronic marijuana use, according to a new study published in the journal Sleep.More

Here's What Procrastinators Are Doing Instead Of Schoolwork
The Huffington Post
Regardless of gender or age, you probably do your fair share of procrastinating if you're in school. A new study from StudyMode, an international network that provides students with online learning tools, breaks down who procrastinates and why. More

Register For The Higher Education Forum
Are universities truly preparing today's students for tomorrow's workforce? The Economist's Higher Education Forum will address the major challenges facing college and university leaders today, and ask what role private companies should have in improving the outlook for post-secondary schooling, its students, and the learning-to-earning pipeline in America and around the world. ACPA Members save $200 on registration for this event! Use code EMPEMACP.More

What International Students Should Understand About Stereotypes
U.S. News & World Report
One role of a university is to bring together the different aspects of science, culture and beliefs on a neutral field, to create a form of knowledge that informs life as we know it through the academic experience. Only by bringing together different people from different places and backgrounds is that achieved. We all build stereotypes from very early in life and studying as an international student at an American college or university will force you to confront your own preconceptions with reality. The beauty of being a student in the U.S. is being able to interact with this diversity during your school years and prove yourself right or wrong when it comes to your beliefs on different stereotypes. More

Read Member Of The Week Kelly Lough's Story And Share Yours!
I had the pleasure of attending my tenth Annual Convention in spring 2014 and my first July Leadership Meeting this month. I began my involvement as a graduate student and have worked my way through a variety of volunteer opportunities. For me, ACPA has reminded me of why I am in the field of student affairs. The professionals I have had the opportunity to grow with, be mentored by, and learn from have all impacted me in varying and special ways. Share Your Story.More

Selectivity And Graduation Rates
Inside Higher Ed
Educators continue to debate "undermatching" — the idea that many talented low-income students do not even apply to, let alone enroll at, the most competitive institutions to which they could gain admission. In the last two years, many prominent researchers have endorsed the undermatching thesis, which has attracted attention at the White House. But other researchers have published studies that have cast doubt on it. A paper being published today in American Educational Research Journal belongs in that latter group. The paper argues that, when similar groups of students are compared, whether one attends a more or less competitive college has next to no impact on graduation rates.More

Read College/University Member Spotlight Virginia Tech's Story
My own involvement in ACPA and that of my Virginia Tech colleagues has brought forth greater creativity in launching new initiatives, seizing opportunities, addressing challenges, and making the Virginia Tech experience one that prepares students for a purposeful and fulfilling life. We are using the ACPA/NASPA Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners in our performance management tool and annual evaluations to provide a framework for our professional development initiatives. Share Your Story.More

College Education Or College Degree?
The Huffington Post
What do students want in exchange for all of the money that they pay for college? Is it a degree or an education? Gather any group of college professors in any discipline in any part of the country, and most (if not all) have noticed a mindset affecting many college students in which they seem to value their degree more than their education. As an example of how this mindset manifests itself, college professors can almost certainly count on the following question being asked most every semester (usually by multiple students): "What grade do I need to earn on my next assessment in order to have a grade of X in the course?"More

Interactive Webinar: Healthy Minds Network
On August 14 from 3-4pm (ET), the Healthy Minds Network is hosting an interactive webinar for early career scholars (e.g., students, postdocs, junior faculty) who are developing research agendas related to adolescent and young adult mental health. This free webinar will be an opportunity to meet and have a discussion, via webcam, with senior scholars who have established successful research careers in the field. RSVP to