Dec. 8, 2011

On Campuses, The Income Gap Widens At The Top
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Within the world of private higher education, there are a handful of college presidents who earn considerably more than professors on their campuses, or gobble up a notable share of their institutions' budgetary pie, a Chronicle analysis has found. There are also significant pay gaps among presidents, 36 of whom earned more than $1 million in 2009.More

ACPA, Gallup, George Mason University, And The Colonial Athletic Association Partner To Host The Strengths In Education Conference
Strengths Quest
Strengths-based development begins during a student's formative years and expands through work in high school, college, and beyond. From research to practical classroom application, the world of strengths unlocks a pathway to student hope and well being. At Gallup Strengths in Education Conference, you'll learn strategies for using strengths at your school and on your campus. Join us as we explore this exciting journey.More

Mary Johnson: Financial Literacy For The College Student
The Huffington Post
A college degree is and will continue to be a major key to economic security, social mobility and prosperity for millions of Americans. But as college costs continue to rise and family income remains stagnant at best, attaining that goal requires an increasingly significant investment of financial resources. College loans have provided a vital lifeline for most students and families, but affordability remains a top concern. It's time for a shared commitment to rebalance this equation.More

Council For The Advancement Of Standards (CAS) Consultants Available
Are you beginning a CAS review and would like some advice? The Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) has a list of consultants that have used the standards and are available to provide assistance. Visit the site for the list of consultants. Any fees are set by individual consultants depending on the extent of assistance provided.More

Introducing NCSL Commons — 75 Hours Of Online Training, On Demand At One Low Price!
NCSL Commons
Whether you are looking to find leadership training for your students or professional development opportunities for yourself, NCSL Commons offers you the tools you and your students need. With more than 75 hours of training on student leadership and student affairs topics to choose from, you are sure to find the development program you need, when you need it.More

Register Now: Maryland Student Affairs Conference (MSAC)
This conference is about you! To energize ourselves and enhance our strengths, the 37th Annual Maryland Student Affairs Conference (College Park, Maryland) will explore inspiration, impact, and innovation. As student affairs staff, we each bring skills, talents, and commitment to our work. Through our individual contributions and our collaboration with others, we serve students, learn from our varied experiences, and add value to our campus community. In the age of social media and emerging technologies, we must consider new ways of thinking about our work. We must continue to inspire ourselves and others. We must find new opportunities to collaborate across departments and across campuses.More

The 10th Annual Depression On College Campuses Conference March 7-8, 2012
University of Michigan
Many protective factors can help individuals at risk of depressive illnesses to maintain wellness and prevent relapse, including resilience, social connections, mindfulness, and positive thinking. How can we reframe the campus mental health mission to include prevention of depression through a focus on student strengths? Join us for the 10th Annual Depression on College Campuses Conference to learn about new research findings and innovative strategies to help college campuses integrate prevention, resilience, and positive mental health into their ongoing efforts for students. The conference will feature a choice of intensive three-hour workshops in addition to keynote presentations, panel discussions, and concurrent sessions. Registration is FREE for all students from any campus. Registration fee for nonstudents is $130 before February 1, and $145 after February 1.More

Recent Appointments
Keith Humphrey, Dean of Students & Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.

Eslyn Jones, Vice President, Student Affairs for the College of the Bahamas.

Chris Moody, Assistant Vice President of Campus Life at the American University (Washington, D.C.).

Thomas Wallace, Vice President, Student Affairs, California State University-Bakersfield.More

Call For Manuscripts: CSPA-NYS Journal Of Student Affairs
Manuscripts are being accepted for research, reflection on Envisioning the Future, and best practices. One does not need to be in New York State to submit to the journal. The next issue will publish in April, and submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. Read the November issue now.More

Report: Keys To College Students' Success Often Overlooked
Los Angeles Times
Colleges should examine a wider set of social, economic and personal characteristics to determine how they can help students remain in school and graduate, a new report has found. An early visit to college, clubs and other activities help students graduate earlier than others, and, researchers say, a sense of belonging also helps.More

College Administrators Worry Use Of Prescription Stimulants Increasing
The Washington Post
For more than two decades, college students have illegally taken prescription stimulants such as Ritalin and Adderall to stay awake and hyper-focused while studying. As sales of medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder soar, administrators worry that illegal use also is increasing.More