Sports Medicine Bulletin
Nov. 17, 2009

Annual Meeting, EIM World Congress Preview Program Available

One registration, two great meetings! The 2010 ACSM Annual Meeting and inaugural World Congress on Exercise is Medicine™ will feature scientific and practical information on a wide variety of topics in sports medicine and exercise science, from physical activity to biomechanics to rehabilitation.

A printed copy of the preview program will soon arrive in ACSM members’ mailboxes, but start planning your sessions now with the online version. Registration for both meetings (Baltimore, June 1-5, 2010) is included for one fee.More

Board of Trustees Meeting Sets Course for 2010

The ACSM Board of Trustees met on Saturday, Nov. 7, at the College’s National Center in Indianapolis. The Board reviewed ACSM programs, initiatives and objectives, and made strides on the strategic goals of the College. Priorities for 2010 include enhanced Web technology, expanded international outreach, increased membership recruitment and student involvement, and continued policy leadership in health and science, among several others.

Accomplishments from 2009 and action items from the Board of Trustees meeting will be published in an upcoming issue of SMB.More

International Members: Apply for ACSM Travel, Research Awards

Attend the ACSM Annual Meeting or learn new technical skills in a foreign country with ACSM’s international awards! International award programs available in 2010 include:

International Student Award
Award recipients receive $1,000 to assist with travel costs for attending ACSM's 2010 Annual Meeting.

Oded Bar-Or International Scholar Award
The award provides subsidized airfare and lodging, a living stipend and medical insurance for a scholar to learn new research techniques in a foreign country. Scholars from outside of the United States and Canada may travel to an institution in the United States or Canada, and U.S. or Canadian scholars may travel to an institution outside of their home countries. The award also provides registration and housing for the 2010 ACSM Annual Meeting.

International Clinical Scholar Award
This award promotes the acquisition of technical expertise and/or knowledge by clinical professionals from outside Canada or the United States. The award provides subsidized airfare and lodging, a living stipend, and medical insurance for the visit as well as registration and housing for the 2010 ACSM Annual Meeting.

The application deadline for all three awards is Feb. 1, 2010. Applications, including detailed award guidelines, may be accessed on the ACSM Web site at For more information, contact

Policy Corner: Healthy People 2020: Helping Define U.S. Goals

As a crucial part of the scientific and physical activity community, ACSM members are encouraged to help shape the direction of the Healthy People 2020 objectives. Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year, national objectives for promoting health and preventing disease. Healthy People 2020 will reflect assessments of major risks to health and wellness, changing public health priorities, and emerging issues related to our nation's health preparedness and prevention. Those wishing to comment may submit online through Dec. 31. Responses may comment on existing objectives or propose new ones. Former ACSM President Angela Smith, M.D., FACSM, recently gave testimony at a public meeting on the objectives. ACSM members can use Dr. Smith's remarks to formulate their own comments for the HP 2020 online objectives.More

Physical Activity Public Service Announcements Available

Need an easy way to spread the word about the benefits of physical activity? Public service announcements developed by ACSM, in conjunction with more than 30 other health-related organizations, make it easy.

Simply visit to access the PSAs, which come in various sizes to suit your organization’s or university’s newsletter or journal. Take the PSAs to conferences for easy handouts, give them to clients or patients, and send them to your print media contacts.

A second set of PSAs specifically geared toward Congress is available, too, to send to your local elected officials, encouraging them to include physical activity in health care reform.More

Reminder! ACSM Grant Funding Opportunities

Current ACSM members are eligible for a variety of funding opportunities through the ACSM Foundation Research Grant Program. Research grants are available to both experienced professionals and graduate students in a variety of areas, from space physiology to epidemiology.

Click here for the grant notification and listing, and visit to apply. E-mail Michael Dell, ACSM research assistant, at for questions or more information.More

What Science is Discovering About Exercise and Depression
U.S. News & World Report
It's always on the to-do list for disease prevention and overall good health, but regular physical activity appears to have antidepressant qualities, too. While questions remain, the picture on exercise and depression is becoming clearer: Getting up and moving seems to help people get on top of a bout of depression or keep a recurrence at bay.More

Hits to Head Pressuring the N.H.L. to Change
The New York Times
With a rash of head injuries sidelining a number of N.H.L. players, including the Rangers’ captain, Chris Drury, the league’s general managers, in a change of position, said they would study measures to eliminate blindside hits to the head and shoulder hits to the head.More