An Inside Look: November 2010 Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise

Check out the November issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise® (MSSE), available online now. ACSM members can access the journal for free – simply log in at the ACSM website and click “My ACSM.”

MSSE Editor-in-Chief Andrew J. Young, Ph.D., FACSM offers his insights into the November issue:

“Apropos for football season in the US, the November MSSE® features a very interesting four-year study by Broglio et al. on the biomechanics of head impacts experienced by 78 high-school football players, with a view to better understand the etiology of sports concussion, and whether football-associated head impact poses a different risk on injury for high-school than older athletes. We also feature a report from a unique study by Rethorst et al. that may provide some preliminary insights regarding physiological mechanisms by which exercise mitigates symptoms of depression. Jakicic et al. investigate objectively measured (accelerometry) physical activity patterns and correlates of physical activity behavior in individuals with a chronic disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus.

“Lastly, I recently ran a citation analysis of all articles published in MSSE® over the first decade of the 21st century. Our top-referenced, original research article of that decade was Craig et al.’s, ‘International Physical Activity Questionnaire: 12-country Reliability and Validity,’ published in volume 35, issue 8, pages 1381–1395, 2003, which has been cited nearly 800 times since publication. Please take time to reread this article, which readers can access without charge from our website this month, and join me in congratulating those authors for this notable contribution to the science of physical activity and public health.”