ADAA 24/7 News Brief
Jan. 22, 2013

Autism spectrum disorder; New dental X-ray recommendations
Dentistry IQ
Autism is much more prevalent than most would think. One out of six children is identified with a developmental disorder and/or behavioral problem, and approximately 1-in-88 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Developmental disorders have subtle signs and may be easily missed. Early signs of autism are often present before 18 months. ASD includes Autistic Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, and PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). More

Use of a water flosser for interdental cleaning
Inside Dental Assisting
Interdental cleaning is an important part of a patient's personal oral care regimen. Water flossers, also known as oral irrigators or dental water jets, can play a vital, effective role in interdental hygiene. Evidence has shown a significant reduction in plaque biofilm from tooth surfaces and the reduction of subgingival pathogenic bacteria from pockets as deep as 6 mm with the use of water flossing. In addition, water flossers have been shown to reduce gingivitis, bleeding, probing pocket depth, host inflammatory mediators, and calculus. Educating patients on the use of a water flosser as part of their oral hygiene routine can be a valuable tool in maintaining oral health.More

Dimensions in imaging
Dental imaging rises to a new level with the use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). This exciting advancement provides 3-D views of head and neck anatomy that enable accurate diagnoses, more efficient workflows, and better treatment planning. CBCT images contain vast amounts of data that can be maneuvered with software tools for more in-depth viewing of an area and to see things that don’t show up in conventional 2-D images. More

Modern dentistry for patients with dental phobia
Dental Health Magazine
The key to successfully coping with dental phobia nowadays, is to choose a modern dental office equipped with all the latest standard equipment and an ultra welcoming environment. Plenty of dentists regard dental phobia with utmost seriousness and they know that if their practice offers all the comfort to the patient, the clientele circle will become larger and larger. More

Study: More US dentists opt for electronic record-keeping
More U.S. dentists are incorporating electronic dental records (EDRs) into their practices, creating new opportunities to utilize EDR data in evidence-based research projects, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association. However, relatively little is known so far about what clinical patient information practitioners keep on their computers and how they utilize it. More

Reports measure post-recession dental economy
American Dental Association
National dental spending estimates from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services suggest the dental economy is gaining traction. But an association analysis indicates that per capita dental spending has remained flat since 2008. More

How reliable is health information online? Pew study sheds light
Looking up your health symptoms on the Internet can be a traumatizing experience. Some websites are riddled with incomplete or inaccurate guidance, leaving you feeling like death is around the corner. Meanwhile, drug companies pitch you with online ads for prescriptions before you've even seen a doctor. So how reliable is the information on the Web for those self-diagnosing their health? More

The new needle free dental device
Dental Health Magazine
Anesthesia is needed for a wide array of dental treatments such as cavity fillings or extractions. These people prefer to live on with complications until they end up in the emergency room, just for the sake of avoiding the painful sting. Luckily, now a new device has been brought to the market, which is needle free. It is called Injex and it is the new tool which delivers anesthetic to your gums without any needles. More

Gum disease during pregnancy may stem from higher estrogen levels
Dentistry Today
There may be a clear reason why there as an increase in gum disease risk for pregnant women: higher estrogen levels. A research team recently concluded that women are at increased risk of gum disease when estrogen levels are raised. Regardless of trimester, the study found pregnant women are at a higher risk for gum disease based on estrogen levels. More

Silver, gold, or platinum?
Dental Economics
With another New Year upon us, it's important for us to assess whether to hold silver, gold, or platinum. In this case, it is simply an easy way to think about retirement plan strategies. 2013 will bring about significant tax law changes, yet retirement plans should retain their store-of-value status. IRA-based plans, such as SIMPLE IRAs and SEPs, simply are not in the precious metals category. Instead, they belong more in the "Fool's Gold" classification of retirement savings plans. This is because of limits on deductions, expensive staff costs, and rapid vesting associated with IRA-based plans More

Screening for solutions
American Dental Association
There's a distinct story to be told about the health of dental professionals, and the American Dental Association Health Screening Program has been taking note of it for many years at Annual Session. The program has yielded value for dentistry and beyond. "The HSP is the oldest longitudinal study on the occupational health and safety of the dental team and includes the investigation of potential hazards such as HIV, hepatitis B and mercury," said Dr. Greg Zeller, senior director, ADA Research and Laboratories, Division of Science.More

Using snail teeth to improve solar cells and batteries
An assistant professor at the University of California, Riverside's Bourns College of Engineering is using the teeth of a marine snail found off the coast of California to create less costly and more efficient nanoscale materials to improve solar cells and lithium-ion batteries.More

Study: Bleaching changes teeth at molecular level
There has been a steady proliferation of whitening products for dentists and consumers, with some in-office products containing high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. In a recent study, Brazilian researchers set out to bolster the lack of published data regarding how bleaching can impact the mechanical properties of dental tissues. They took a molecular-level approach and found that high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can have a dramatic impact on dental hard and soft pulp tissue. More

3 ways blogging can benefit your dental practice
Goldin Peiser & Peiser LLP
While blogging may take a little extra time and effort, the results can be extremely beneficial to your dental practice. It gives you the opportunity to educate patients away from the office and prove your expertise to prospects looking for a new dentist. Here are several other benefits of running a blog.More