ADAA 24/7 News Brief
Mar. 24, 2015

Nominations open for infection control leadership awards
The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP), the advocate for The Safest Dental Visit™, is seeking nominations for three leadership awards, which will be presented during the OSAP Annual Infection Control Symposium in Baltimore, on May 28-30. The awards are the Crawford Award for lifetime achievement in the field of dental infection control, the Schaefer Award for superior service and contributions to OSAP, and the Emerging Leaders Award for new infection control ambassadors. Individuals can nominate themselves or another person. The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 24. Additional information is available at

Dental assistants, you have the power!
Dental Products Report
Kevin Henry, Group Editorial Director, writes: "After talking to some of the dental assistants after my presentation, I walked away from [the] session reminded once again of the power of the assistant. You, my friends, have power. You have the power to help a nervous patient make it through that dental procedure. You have the power to make your dental practice a better business and better place to work through your ideas, suggestions, and actions. You have the power to influence which products are used in the practice and the impact they have on patients and the practice's bottom line."More

A dental assistant's worst nightmare
Time and time again patients' dental lab cases just vanish – simply disappear from the office. This problem almost always occurs the day the patient is scheduled to arrive, and the disappearance leaves the entire staff scrambling and in complete chaos at the last minute, while they search for the lab case.More

From a dental assistant's perspective: Things I wish I could go back and tell my 19-year-old self
Dental Practice Management
At the age of 19, when I began my career in dentistry, I thought that when I became "old" (like 40), I would have to quit assisting. I thought to myself that since I've never heard of an "old" assistant, I would have to move to the front desk, writes Tija Hunter, director of the Dental Careers Institute and a member of the American Dental Assistants Association. Boy was I wrong! More

Emergency dental visits go up 64 percent day after St Patrick's
Yes, it may seem like an extreme stereotype to assume that people get drunk on St. Patrick's Day, to the point that they'd be in bar fights and knock each other's teeth out, causing them to have to go to the dentist the next day. But it's true. Oh yes, it's true.More

What to know about your dental practice and the NCAA basketball tournament bracket
Dental Products Report
It's March and there seems to be a lot of madness in the air, right? Here are some thoughts about how the tournament can be a boost for your team and practice. More

The link between hair disorders and susceptibility to dental caries
Medical News Today
Hair and teeth are ectodermal appendages that share common developmental mechanisms. However, the major structural components making up hair and teeth are very distinct. The hair shaft is essentially made of keratin filaments that are highly cross-linked. Tooth enamel matrix is primarily composed of enamel proteins (amelogenin, ameloblastin) that are degraded and replaced by minerals during enamel maturation. More

Cold sores — Not a trivial matter
Dental Mastermind Group
As an oral healthcare professional, you have probably seen your share of oral herpes (cold sores/fever blisters). Your patients are upset by the physical discomfort and, at times, are distraught by the social embarrassment. Many turn to you for answers and relief. As their doctor, you want to help. It is uniquely gratifying and rewarding when advances in medicine and pharmacology coincide to make that possible.More